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Obama Has To Face His Foreign Policy Failures

With the clear and open bias of Candy Crowley in Tuesday night’s debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama, foreign policy is growing ever stronger as a relevant issue in this election. I couldObama's Foreign Policy go on and on about Obama’s failures in foreign policy, but there is really no need. The moderator opened up a door big enough to drive a Mack truck through when she sided with Obama and told Mitt Romney he was wrong by pointing out Obama’s failure to call the attacks in Libya what they were, acts of terror. Crowley is still not admitting she was completely wrong. She has tried to say Romney chose the wrong way and the wrong words with which to attack the President. In so doing, she set up the last debate, which just so happens to be on foreign policy, as the time and the place where Mitt Romney will drop the hammer of truth down on Obama’s head and put this election in the bag.

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I’m not one for making a lot of predictions and I obviously have no expertise in politics or the games thereof, but I believe the second presidential debate leaves the door wide open for Mitt Romney to clearly and concisely point out exactly how big of a failure President Obama has been on foreign policy. There is ample proof of that failure. Much of that proof has already been discussed on this blog. It has been a policy of appeasement and of refusing to call a spade a spade. Terrorism has been sidelined, for fear of alienating certain groups in the Middle East. The Arab Spring was touted as a huge success, but that success isn’t panning out. Some countries receive our support in their struggles for democracy, some do not. There is no rhyme or reason apparent in whatever foreign policy the Obama administration seems to be following.

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Going past that, the attacks in Libya that took the lives of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans is the most glaring example of failure in the foreign policy of Barack Obama. To say the ball was dropped is more than a little understating the facts. What about the cover up that has been undertaken to do just that, cover up that the ball was dropped and as a result, Americans are dead? For weeks, the entire Obama administration, from the President on down, has refused to admit the truth. Belatedly, they are coming around, but only after having to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to that place.

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The last debate is clear opportunity for Mitt Romney to point all of this out, in clear and stark terms, in front of millions of Americans who will surely be watching the debate. As bad as it was for Candy Crowley to interject herself into the debate and tell Romney he was mistaken, we may need to send her a thank you card for setting this up. The issue is not going away and for those of you who may have believed, at one point, that Mitt Romney was unwilling to go after Obama the way he needed to, take a look the first two debates. Clearly, he had no hesitation in doing so and I see nothing changing in the last debate. Candy Crowley has set this up to be a slam dunk for Romney and I fully expect him to take advantage and tell the truth about Obama’s foreign policy, for all of America to hear.

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  • Pottermaul

    I hope Mitt nails him to the wall with a factual time line of what was said and by whom in Libyagate. Obama never called it a terrorist attack, just because he said the words “terror attack” – If he did it was walked back by the White House at least 10 times.

    And if he DID call it a terror attack, then WHY all the lies about the video tape?

    Makes no sense. We have a snake oil salesman for a President, and we are tired of him pulling the wool over out eyes.

    Forward! From four years of hope & change to four more years of “cope with the pain”

    • Given the way Romney has performed in the first two debates, I believe there is a better than fair chance that he will do the same in the last debate. If he can highlight how the President has covered up what happened in Libya, it should do wonders for his campaign.

  • I have always believed the Obama administration knew this attack was coming and, for whatever reason, chose to let it happen. After the death of Stevens and three other Americans they had to cover up the fact it was allowed to happen. The reason I believe this is the blame being placed on the video. From my perspective, blaming the video happened way, way too fast for someone in the administration to not have prepared that tactic -before- the attack. No one knew of this video until the administration started blaming it for everything that happened. How did they knew about the video when no one else did? It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    We’ll probably never know the full truth of the events that transpired, but there is more than enough there for Romney to blast Obama on his foreign policy failures. The Benghazi and Cairo events being so fresh in people’s minds should only underscore Obama’s failures when they’re talked about for 90 minutes next Monday evening. It’s just another nail in Obama’s campaign coffin that the foreign policy debate will be the last one. Romney’s got a golden opportunity here and from what I’ve seen in the first two debates I fully expect him to exploit it to the fullest.

    • I can’t say they knew the attack was coming, but I do believe they ignored the obvious signs and requests for increased security. They can pass the buck and the blame to some nameless State Department employee, but that doesn’t take away from at least the appearance of a lack of concern for our people overseas.

  • If this issue comes up on Monday Romney has to do a better job of attacking Obama. He didn’t mention Ambassador Rice going on 5 Sunday talk shows blaming the attack on that anti-Islam video. He didn’t mention Obama’s UN speech, in which he blamed a riot caused by that video not terrorism. When Obama stamps his feet about Romney politicizing the issue, Romney needs to point out all of these things and flat out say ‘Mr. President you misled the American people.’ Otherwise this is all a wash and it won’t matter for Romney.

    • I think Romney was headed in the right direction and would have waded into the waters you mention, but he was cut off at the knees by Crowley’s inserting herself into the debate. He was caught off guard and really didn’t know how to proceed.

  • Obama makes so many hypocritical statements on foreign policy. But the one that galls me most is he “ended” the Iraq war. Maybe my Alzheimer’s is in high-gear, but my recollection is that Bush (love him or hate him) ended the war with the “surge” followed by a withdrawal announcement. The implementation timetable announced by Bush simply extended (as it must have for an orderly withdrawal) into the Obama administration. Obama INHERITED the Iraq withdrawal; he did not create it.

    It’s unpopular now to give Bush credit for anything (he made his mistakes, but did many great things during his administration), so I doubt Romney will make a point of it. But it’s true nonetheless.

  • Obama and Axelrod and friends must be feeling like cornered rats. That makes them dangerous. We can not underestimate how low Obama will stoop to win reelection. I suspect by Monday Obama will have invented a story to diffuse the Benghazi issue to some extent. I also believe Obama is going to try to paint Romney as a warmonger and tell people that if Romney is elected he will take us to war. Romney can not afford to be over confident in this last debate.

  • Agree as well, but watch for the bizarre questions .to attempt to discredit Romney.

  • If President Obama gets the credit for killing bin Laden, he gets the blame for Ambassador Stevens’ murder.

  • Even though Obama said at the most recent debate that the buck stops with him I don’t see him actually reflecting this belief in his presidency. For Obama to admit failure he would have to acknowledge that he, himself, has been pursuing an agenda that has not been successful and thus, he is a failure.

    Good luck on that one!

    After all… ignore the pleas of Iranians begging for Obama and he does nothing but in Libya he sends in missiles and drones.


  • Steve Dennis

    Romney was just about to dismantle Obama for his lies on Libya when Candy stepped in an saved him, this threw Romney off his game and he was flustered and he lost his chance. But the debate on Monday is all about foreign policy and Candy actually helped to bring this issue to the forefront, I expect to see ROmney better prepared to hammer Obama on this.
    But there is one thing I worry about; it is rumored that Obama’s October surprise it going to go down on Monday before the debate, and I think it might just be a drone strike on the man who they are holding responsible for the Libya attack. This would change the dynamics of the debate and Romney might not have enough time to counter it.

  • Dragonconservative

    I’m thoroughly sick of the Obama administration trying to duck responsibility for his inadequacy as a leader in both foreign and domestic policies, Libya being the prime example of his failure in foreign policy.

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