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Obama Attacks Mitt Romney On Taxes, Again

After Mitt Romney released his tax returns, or the enough information to let the American public know he was telling the truth about his taxes, one would think that would be it. That assumption would be a mistake. Barack Obama is running another ad that attacks Romney on his taxes. Obviously, I do not agree with the President on his continued attacks on Romney for a non-issue. Mitt Romney has proven he has paid his taxes, even if it isn’t all the information the Obama campaign wanted him to release. What really gets me about this new ad is how it tries to portray Romney as trashing Americans who do not pay federal income taxes.

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They are using the words he spoke that were released last week, surreptitiously recorded at a fund-raiser. There was nothing wrong with what Romney said. He has explained he was talking about campaign strategy, not how he would conduct his administration, if elected.

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(Business Insider)The ad, titled “No Taxes,” opens with a clip from the video, as a narrator explains that Romney “attacked 47% of Americans who pay no income tax — including veterans, elderly, the disabled,” before asking “Doesn’t the President have to worry about everyone?”

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It then takes the attack one step further by tying Romney’s comments to the candidate’s personal tax returns, pointing out that the Romneys paid an effective rate of 14.1 percent on their tax returns in 2011, and that the Republican nominee still refuses to release additional tax returns.

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“Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, Romney should come clean on his,” the ad concludes.

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I could embed the video of the ad, but I choose not to. It’s easy enough to find on the Internet, if you want to watch it. I have, and I believe it is a completely dishonest line of attack on Mitt Romney. For months, we have heard the Obama campaign, and its surrogates, harp that Romney should release his tax returns. They have questioned him and called him a liar. Romney’s response to that waMitt Romney - Barack Obamas that he would release only a certain amount of information. His reasoning was that no matter what he released, it would not be enough to satisfy the Obama campaign. In light of the information he has released, as well as this new attack ad from the Obama campaign, those words sound a little prophetic.

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To those of you who thought we would move past this part of the campaign, once Mitt Romney released his tax information, you can forget that happening. Barack Obama thinks he has a winning strategy in his attempts to paint Romney as a rich white guy who doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes and who cares nothing for the rest of us peons. That may be an over dramatization, but it is exactly what Obama is trying to do. It is also exactly what I believed he would continue to do, no matter how much information Romney released.

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There is now 43 days until we vote on November 6. We can expect it to only get crazier, as we draw closer to one of the most important elections any of us will see in our lifetime. I suggest we all buckle up.

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  • When you have no record to run on and nothing positive to offer, you throw mud.

    Why can’t more people see what a failure President Obama has been?

    • I wish I had the answer to that question.

  • He’s hiding something! I’m sure of it!

  • Team Obama is grasping at straws. From their point of view, making Romney out to be a one percenter and out of touch with regular Americans is their only hope. Will it work? I don’t think so; but a lot has changed since I last lived in the States.

    • They must think they have a winning strategy, in trying to paint Romney as a mean white guy who hasn’t paid enough taxes. Otherwise, you would think they would change their line of attack.

  • Steve Dennis

    Everybody knows who Romney was talking about and it wasn’t the military or the disabled, this ad seems to be an outright lie and distortion of Romney’s words. It doesn’t matter what Romney releases for records it will never be enough for the left.

    • The truth doesn’t seem to matter to the Obama campaign. They have no problem distorting what Romney said and trying to turn it against him.

  • Dragonconservative

    I think the ad will work against the Obama campaign. To attack Romney on his tax returns immediately after he released one year’s worth of tax returns is simply bad strategy.

    • I hope and pray you are right. I’m hoping this wakes more people up to the tactics and the philosophy of the Obama campaign.