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Obama Approves Direct Funding For Hamas

Hat tip has to go to Spellchek for this little tidbit of information. In all of his infinite wisdom and glory, President Barack Obama has waived restrictions placed on the direct funding of the Palestinian Authority. If you remember, this is the group that is run by Hamas. Going further back in your memory, you will recall Hamas is the terrorist organization that has refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. In fact, their charter calls for the destruction of Israel.

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SUBJECT: Waiver of Restriction on Providing Funds to the Palestinian Authority

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By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 7040(b) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2012 (Division I, Public Law 112-74) (the “Act”) as carried forward by the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013 (Public Law 112-175) (the “CR”), I hereby certify that it is important to the national security interests of the United States to waive the provisions of section 7040(a) of the Act as carried forward by the CR, in order to provide funds appropriated to carry out chapter 4 of part II of the Foreign Assistance Act, as amended, to the Palestinian Authority.

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You are directed to transmit this determination to the Congress, with a report pursuant to section 7040(d) of the Act as carried forward by the CR, and to publish this determination in the Federal Register.

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If you will look at the date of the press release on the White House website, you will find it was Friday. The Obama administration is so open and transparent that they make sure these things are released at the end of the week and the news cycle.

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The previous occupant of the White House didn’t like the idea of funding Hamas. So much so that he declared it would not happen until Hamas met certain requirements. Here is what President George W. Bush had to say about it in 2006.

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United States said it would not provide aid to an authority governed by Hamas until the group renounces violence, recognizes Israel and agrees to abide by existing agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

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President Obama evidently does not hold the same fears about what our money will be used for, after it is funneled to the terrorists as foreign aid. I can not help but ask for a clarification of what he means when he says “it is important to the national security interests of the United States” to waive the restrictions. Exactly whose national interests is he trying to protect? Since it can’t be ours and it’s no secret he is no big fan of Israel, it must be Hamas he is trying to help.

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If you had doubts where Obama places his priorities, this should put them to rest. I’m sure Hamas will welcome these funds with great joy and gratitude and put them to good use. Rockets are expensive.

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  • Jim at Asylum Watch

    Could this be a back door means of instigating a war i the Middle East? Could be!

    • At this point, I am no longer surprised at anything Obama does, or why he does it.

  • Larry, you know that I have always, since he came on the scene, accused Obama of being a supporter of Islam and Jihad, covert support, but support none the less… We are seeing the demise of this USA due to the ignorance of Obama and his deep seated love of Islam… America needs to wake up, and soon..

    • I haven’t trusted Obama since day one, but I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. That insanity of mine has waned since he first took office and as we head into his second term, it has completely vanished. I do not believe he has the best interests of America in mind. What bothers me more than anything is how blind so many Americans seem to be to what he is doing.

  • Another Friday document dump, I hadn’t seen this anywhere else Larry. Good find! This man is no friend of Israel and I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by this because he did once say when the winds shift he would stand with the Muslims and he also said the future must not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam.This is a very dangerous man and I don’t like the direction he is taking us

    • I found it at Spellchek and couldn’t believe what I was reading. The Bible says the mouth will speak out of the abundance of the heart. We are learning more and more of what Obama’s true desires are for America and the rest of the world. What I see troubles me greatly.

  • Add this to Brennan’s JSOC operations that probably led to 9/11 attack on #Benghazi (see Webb & Murphy’s new book coming out on Benghazi) & Brennan’s time in Saudi Arabia that led him to love Al-Quds (Jerusalem to the Islamic world) — plus the Saudi prince helping POTUS get into Harvard — not to mention POTUS’ own statement that, when the chips were down, he’d side with the Muslim world, you get an odd and alarming picture for liberty-loving Americans.

    • An alarming picture, indeed. We are seeing Obama’s true colors coming to light. No longer can he claim to be a moderate.

      Thanks for commenting on Political Realities.

  • Before and during WWII, Sweden was trading its fine steel to Hitler. Americans like to make a buck, so under Clinton , we sold tech to the ChiComs et al. Now this naif in the WH makes sure that his Muslim brothers in terror, will have my and your tax dollars plus our equipment to kill…Jews and later, Americans. All because he thinks America is not fair. Obama is going to have a tough time if Jesus ever does come back in our era. LOL

    • No matter when Jesus comes back, which he surely will, Barack Obama is going to have a very tough time when he stands before the throne of God. If there is one thing I know, it is that no one can stand against Israel and last for long. God will only allow it for a span of time.

      Thanks for commenting on Political Realities.

  • And now Brennan is on the Horizon to fill out the task. He still believes there is freedom of religion in the Middle East. Good find.

    • Anyone who believes true freedom of religion exists in the Middle East, anywhere outside of Israel, is completely naive.

  • 5etester

    Thanks for the bump Larry. Still nothing being reported on this. F-16’s to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood were widely reported, I’m not sure why this doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

    • No problem. I am glad I found your post on Google Reader. Like you, I am surprised this isn’t being reported. One would think it would be more than newsworthy, but it doesn’t seem to have made the cut.

  • Gah!

    World war must soon be upon us.

    • I have been informed on another website that my post is off target, that Hamas does not run the Palestinian Authority. There are rumors, however, that they will be taking over the PA and I have to wonder how much authority the PA really has, unless it is delegated by Hamas. Giving money to them is a very dangerous precedent.

      • Yes, that will be the defense. It’s for Fatah, not HAMAS. Two arms of the same monster but likely enough to silence this crop of Republicans.

  • The Right Handed Cowboy

    Well Larry, maybe if Al’ Qaeda plays their cards right, Obama just might found find a way to directly fund them as well. It just absolutely amazes me what this mope gets away with yet no one will take him to task. 4 Murders in Benghazi coverup, Fast & Furious….coverup and on and on we go…All I can add Larry is we are in serious trouble,.,BTW, great post

    • That’s a troubling thought about the funding of Al Qaeda. I would sincerely hope he wouldn’t go that far, but one can never tell.

      If you read my post from today, I mention Benghazi and Fast and Furious. Scandals that would have brought down any other President seem to have little or no effect on Obama and his administration. The media should bear much of the blame for that, but the American people are not entirely without fault.

  • This is the second time Obama has waived the Congressional Palestinian Accountability Act…the second time. Your post is not “off” target. The PA and Abbas said they recognized Israel’s right to exist, but it was “words…just words.” They did not change their charter and constitution. The official goal to is to erase Israel, at the least from the ME, or for the glory of Allah, from the face of the earth.

    Other than leadership in Hamas and the PA, there is no difference. Not a dime should go to Palestine, for so many reason.

    You are spot-on, and John Kerry is pushing for this. As a former member of the U.S. Senate, he is comfortable with Obama ignoring an Act of Congress. These are such dangerous times.

    • Yes, these are dangerous times. This waiving of the Palestinian Accountability Act sets a bad precedent. It makes me wonder how far Obama is willing to go.

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