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NewsBlur – Replacement For Google Reader

NewsBlurWhen Google first announced it would be shutting down Google Reader, I was very disappointed. I had come to rely on Google Reader to keep up with my favorite blogs. I went about trying to find a replacement RSS reader and had settled on The Old Reader. I really didn’t like it as well as Google Reader, but it worked. Then, I came across NewsBlur. I couldn’t use it at first because the free account signup had been disabled. This was mainly due to the sudden onslaught of former users of Google Reader. When the growing pains were finally worked out, I could import my feeds and it has worked flawlessly ever since.

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As with any good RSS reader, it has options to share what I like via Facebook and Twitter. It has different options of how to read the feeds, including reading the original post at the blog. It also has statistics that show how many subscribers each RSS feed has. That seems to help determine how often the feed is refreshed, along with how often the feed has new content.

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Personally, I have found my final replacement for Google Reader. I have tried Feedly, which is good enough, in its own right, but not for me. The Old Reader isn’t bad, if you can get past the lack of speed. The same goes for Netvibes. It’s just too slow for my taste. NewsBlur moves right along, at least for me. The redesign is great and it is relatively quick to update and load my feeds. It also has mobile apps for Android and iOS, which really come in handy. I currently have a free account and am limited to 64 feeds. As my list only contains 22 feeds, that’s plenty for me. I do plan to upgrade to a premium account for $24.00 per year, mainly to help the development along in my own small way.

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If you are still looking for a RSS feed reader to replace Google Reader, I would suggest you give NewsBlur a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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  • I’ve been using Newsblur for a few weeks now and I think it’s the best RSS reader to replace Google Reader. A feature I really love is marking articles as read in the Newsblur app on my iPhone that syncs the feed on my computer so I don’t see the same articles twice. Very user friendly.

    • Thanks for pointing out the mobile apps. I have it on my Android phone, but completely forgot to include it in the post. I updated the post with that information.

      You are right about NewsBlur. It is very user friendly and for me, by far the best replacement for Google Reader.

  • wujj123456

    One other thing I’ve found. Newsblur handles some RSS fields cleaner than Google Reader. Some of my feeds have fake articles in Google Reader, but none of them appeared in Newsblur. During my one week experiment comparing both feeds, Newsblur consistently offered more accurate feeds than Google Reader. (Yeah, I’ve open the RSS links to check what exactly were there when a discrepency occurs.)

    On top of that, I am a paid user, and it currently refreshes feeds for about every 2 minutes. Rarely 5-10 mins. That includes those private feeds where I am the only subscriber on the planet (e.g. youtube subscription). Such feeds usually see 6-12 hour refresh rate in GR at best.

    There is also no fear that Newsblur will ever go away. It’s an open-source project on github. In case the server is discontinued, someone else will sure setup a new server somewhere. Or you can do it yourself.

    The only problem? The android mobile app wastes too much space for title and tags. The refreshing and counting on mobiles apps still have some problem. Hope they will fix it later. Or someone can fork the app and provide a modification.