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Mr President, I am an American Citizen

Mr President,

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I did not vote for you yesterday.

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But 60 million American citizens did vote for you, and you won another 4 years in the Office of President.

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I did not choose you to be my leader. I don’t agree with your policies. I promise you that I will fight with all of my strength to reverse many of the policies you enacted during the first 4 years of your presidency.

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But I swear to you that I will not disrespect your office. You are now, and will continue to be my President. For the next 4 years, you will represent America to the world. You will stand before Congress, you will stand before the Nation and suggest courses of action to the USA. I am confident that I will continue to disagree with your policies during your second term, but I will not disrespect your office. If I were to disrespect your office, I would give the world permission to do the same.

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I will not put up with that. President Obama, you are my leader and I will expect you to fulfill the oath you swore upon taking the Office of President. I will call you out for each offense against these United States. I will commend you for each decision that is in line with the Constitutional provision for your position. I will respect the Office of President. I am n
ot required to agree with you. I am not going to agree with most of your policies, as the last 4 years have shown. Mr President, I challenge you to exceed the standards set in the Constitution and do all you can to knit this country back together. I pray for your success as a leader. I pray for our Nation under your leadership.

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President Obama, I am an American citizen. Make me proud again.

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“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

About Isaiah Roberts

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Isaiah Roberts has written 9 posts in this blog.

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I'm a fallen man, who is saved by the Grace of God. I'm married to a wonderful woman who pushes beyond my comfort zone. I'm a man who wants to see his country grow.

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  • I hope and pray that the Lord would save Obama’s soul. We had a terrible choice this election between a practical atheist and a Mormon cultist. We need to pray for Godly leadership.

    • Steve Dennis

      Romney might not have been the best, but at least he is a decent and moral man and I can’t say the same for Barack Obama.

      • A decent and moral man who will burn in hell for all eternity because he does not believe int he God of scripture? That doesn’t seem decent or moral to me. Romney was only marginally better than Obama on policy. The fact that he couldn’t articulate conservative principles without half his own part rolling their eyes suggests that he isn’t quite as decent or as moral as you might think. For over 50 years of his life Romney was pro-abortion. That suggests to me that his foundation isn’t very decent, moral or stable.

  • Steve Dennis

    Well said! Obama won reelection by dividing Americans and now it is time for him to pull us together, but I am not sure he wants to.

    • Of course not. He has no reason anymore to pander to anyone; luckily he doesn’t have such complete control this time around.

  • “You are my leader…”

    I understand the point of this post, but I must take exception to this. The President is not your leader. The entire point of our Republic is that we are each our own master. We the People have rights granted to us by God that makes each of us our own leader. This is what defines American exceptionalism. To cite Barack Obama, or any politician, as your leader, you have already subjugated yourself.

    At the risk of sounding like a condescending blowhard…. I would encourage you to revisit this comment and put some thought into the role of our government and the role of a citizen as it relates to our unique Republic (to the extent that it still exists).

    Don’t let anyone take you by the hand and be your leader. If you love the USA, stand up and declare yourself the leader and demand that our elected politicians hold their office with dignity, truth and most of all…

    …in deference to YOU!

    • I understand your position on this matter. I do not place any man (and only one woman)above me in any way. I am a free man; I am an American citizen.

      That said, the President does hold a position of leadership in the country as Chief of the Executive Branch.

      No, I’m not going to “follow” or allow my eyes to be blinded by his brand of leadership. A good leader listens to his people. Unfortunately, President Obama no longer needs to be elected.

      • I figured that… I knew what you meant, but I get such visceral reactions to this “charismatic demagogue” (as Mark Levin calls him) that I had to call out this little nitpick.

  • Good piece, Isaiah. I agree with your sentiments. It’s understandable that many of us (especially ME) are feeling disillusioned and disappointed. But the time is here for cool heads to prevail. The battle is not over.

    Yes; Obama won fair and square. But millions FEWER Americans voted for him this time than in 2008. His margins of victory in the popular vote and the electoral vote were dramatically smaller this time. And in 2008 his coattails pulled enough liberals along to solidly control both chambers of the national legislature. Not so now–this time the Republicans retained a House majority and–while Dems retained the Senate–their plurality is not enough to ram through legislation as in Obama’s first two years. He can claim no “mandate” this time.

    All of this tells me there is hope that America’s traditional values are slowly strengthening, although haltingly. But there is a trend to build upon. I remain philosophical over Obama’s victory and hopeful for the future.

  • There are suppose two be three co-equal branches of government. I choose to follow the majoity beliefs right now of the House. Thus let them take the lead and so they should that is how it was constructed. Control of the purse strings. It should control by funding whatever EPA or Obamacare they choose.