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Mitt Romney for President in 2012

For a few days now, I have known that I would be casting my vote for Mitt Romney in the general election. Trust me when I say, I do not want to. I do not believe he is the best candidate we could have pitted against Barack Obama. I would have much preferred Ron Paul as the GOP nominee, but that isn’t to be the case. I know that may not set well with a lot of Paul supporters, especially those who seem to think the delegate count is still up in the air, but that’s the way I see things. In spite of the fights that have been or will be fought, after the convention is over, I see no other outcome but Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee.

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Country Thinker has been making the case for Gary Johnson, both on his blog and in some of his posts on Political Realities. Quite effectively, I might add. I agree with him on many things. One of which is the fact that Mitt Romney will not be a lot more conservative than Barack Obama, especially when it comes to spending issues. I will give him that point, even though this post isn’t aimed at refuting his arguments for Gary Johnson. Instead, I want to focus on why I have made the decision to support Mitt Romney and what I think his good points are.

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Even before Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP race, it was clear that President Obama was focusing on Mitt Romney. Some say that is because his campaign wanted to face the former Governor of Massachusetts in the general election, but it may have simply been that they saw the writing on the wall for the other GOP candidates. At any rate, the two campaigns are already going after each other with a vengeance.

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The tactics being used by the Obama campaign are coming as no surprise to me. I have held the opinion for some time, that if Mitt Romney was Obama’s opponent in the general election, he would go after his wealth. True to form, he has not disappointed in that regard. He clearly believes that is his road to success and he has been hammering that point home. There is no need to go into detail about this, as most of us are already aware of the speeches Barack Obama has been giving. He is consistently staying on the message of fairness, the amount of taxes wealthy Americans do or do not pay, etc. etc.

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That message has taken an entirely different turn in the past few days, with Obama and Mitt Romneycompany going after Ann Romney. Their point was that she was privileged to stay at home and raise her boys because her husband was so adept at making money. That has to be a bad thing, right? If you listen to the liberals, you would probably agree with that. However, once you start digging around in their attacks, looking at their purpose and agenda, any sane person should be able to come to the conclusion that they are dead wrong by attacking Ann Romney and the idea of stay-at-home moms.

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Here and now, I openly admit that the attacks on Mitt Romney, his wealth, and most of all, his wife, are the straws that have broken the back of my resistance to him as the GOP nominee. Say what you want about Mitt Romney and his lack of conservatism and I will probably agree with you. Going after him on the basis of his wealth and his family is an entirely different ball game. It can not be argued that he is not a decent man. In spite of what the Obama campaign would have us believe, being wealthy does not make him a bad person. It does not make him greedy and it does not reduce his value system to dust. And just for the record, just because he is a Mormon, that doesn’t disqualify him either.

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Yes, I do have issues with Mitt Romney. He is sure to run into trouble with Obamacare, as the Obama campaign is sure to remind us that the legislation now in trouble at the Supreme Court was fashioned after Romney’s health care overhaul in Massachusetts. I do question his conservatism on fiscal issues and limited government. I also wonder if he will be as pro-life as he needs to be. However, when you compare him to Barack Obama, there is a distinct difference.

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Mitt Romney will at least listen to Congress and work with them. Given the prospects for a GOP majority in both the House and the Senate, a Romney presidency is much preferable to another four years of Obama. Some people will question his pro-life credentials, but consider this. Would you rather have Barack Obama, who seems to want abortion-on-demand, or Mitt Romney? That question shouldn’t require much thought to give an answer.

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Weigh these questions, and others, out carefully. Compare Mitt Romney with Barack Obama and ask yourself, which man would you rather have in the White House. While Mitt Romney is not my first or second choice to be the GOP nominee, when given the choice between him and Obama, the decision isn’t that hard for me. For better or for worse, I will be voting for Mitt Romney in November. I hope you will too.

About LD Jackson

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LD Jackson has written 2053 posts in this blog.

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Founder and author of the political and news commentary blog Political Realities. I have always loved to write, but never have I felt my writing was more important than in this present day. If I have changed one mind or impressed one American about the direction our country is headed, then I will consider my endeavors a success. I take the tag line on this blog very seriously. Above all else, in search of the truth.

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  • Mittens or Obama? I don’t see much of a choice.

    • Really, there isn’t.

      • And all of this hammering by Liberals on Romney has just made me support him even more. I may even donate some money to him.

        Liberals are just showing how disgusting, insulting, and untrue they can be.

        I hope Mittens puts his gloves on for this one.

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  • LD – I’ve changed my mind on the health insurance issue. Romney has said from the beginning it was a state’s right and not a federal right. He’s right on that point. And that’s the debating point he will hammer home.

    I also believe he will have no choice but to govern as a conservative. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    • I am sure Romney will do his best to highlight the differences between the state and federal issues. It remains to be seen if the media will allow that to happen.

    • I agree that Romney’s argument on healthcare is a solid one, state vs federal and I agree he was within his bounds to enact Romneycare. But I wonder how many voters will draw the distinction between state and federal issues.

      • I’ll wager far too few voters will go that far. That kind of distinction seems to escape the average voter.

  • Hmmmmmmmmm – double comment? Your system loves me (as it should – heh)

    • What did it do to make you think you had posted twice?

  • I too am going to grudgingly vote for Romney. I believe he will cut corporate and other taxes and open up oil and gas drilling and development. That should be good for the economy. Obama will try to keep Romney on the defensive. Hopefully Romney will be smart enough to stay on offense. He must stop saying that Obama is a nice guy. He isn’t. He is decietful and morally corrupt.

    • Yeah, I wish Romney wouldn’t be quite so nice when he goes after Obama. There is no need in shouting and ranting, but he does need to make sure he gets the point across that the President has not fulfilled on his promises. That he has been bad for our country.

  • The Obama campaign and his minions in the media will be trying to make this campaign all about class warfare. They’ll continually remind us that Romney is rich. I also do not believe Romney would have been the best choice. However, since this election is now clearly between Obama and Romney it is a very easy decision to vote for Romney. He won’t govern the way a true conservative would, but he is far from the America-hating socialist that Obama is.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am not trying to lift Romney up and make him into something he is not, but he is infinitely better than Obama, in a number of ways.

  • I agree with your conclusion, LD. Remember the advice of our parents and grandparents: “…a half loaf is better than none…”; “…perfect is the enemy of good…”. Mitt may not be the ideal conservatives’ candidate, but he’s WAY better than Obama. Gary Johnson, for all his qualities, is simply NOT going to be elected president in 2012 (ditto for Paul). Let’s all get behind the most electable Republican (it’s clearly going to be Romney that gets the nod) and get Obama the heck OUT OF THERE!

    • That is my main goal, John. Obama must be sent back to Chicago, to Hawaii, to anywhere but Washington. I honestly do not believe our country can withstand another four years of his version of the American government.

  • I’ll probably end up voting for Romney as well, if only to prevent Obama from appointing that fifth liberal Supreme Court Justice. However, my final decision will be made the day before the election. Obviously, I’ll not contribute a dime to Romney’s campaign or work one second for him. If the Republican establishment wants him elected, they’ll have to do the heavy lifting.

    • The Supreme Court appointees are a concern of mine as well, although I didn’t mention it in the post. We can ill afford for Obama to get the chance to nominate another liberal to the Court.

  • Great post, LD! Voting for Romney is a necessity when you consider what damage in the past Obama and Dems have done to America and what kind of damage they might inflict on us in the future should Obama win a second term.

    • Thanks, Teresa. I do believe voting for Romney is necessary, at least for me. The liberals have to be stopped.

  • lou222

    I voted for Ron Paul, not that he had a chance given how the media treated him. I hold them responsible for keeping people in the dark about him. He is the only Constitutionalist of the bunch, but it doesn’t seem to matter to most people. I saw so many 3o-somethings at a couple rallys I went to that were gung-ho for Dr. Paul, but once again, very little was in the news. He was/is the only candidate that could pack the house, but did you hear about that? I will, pull the lever for Mitt Romney,as well, not because I want to, but because I will have to. Another 4 years of what we have and we will not recognize our country. That is exactly what they have planned for us. I don’t know how many of the posters here are “baby boomers”, but we are in serious trouble when Obamacare kicks in, we will not have the luxury of growing old gracefully as our parents have done. In fact, I bet the average life expectancy will drop considerably with Obamacare. What does it take to smack someone silly to the fact that we have serious issues here???? Sherman made an excellent point about electing another liberal judge to the SC. We know that Ginsburg will probably be the next to step down, but even though she is liberal and most say it will just be an even exchange, no it will NOT. Remember that next judge will probably be in his/her prime and serve a nice long time. So, yes this time it might not make a difference, but if something should happen to one of the conservative judges, we are done, there will NOT be a “do over”.

    • I voted for Ron Paul in the Oklahoma primary and I would gladly pull the lever for him in the general election, but that just wasn’t to be. Given the fact that the media and the GOP hierarchy were fighting him every step of the way, he did about as well as could be expected. Couple that with the fact that he comes across so gruff at times, along with the actions of some of his supporters, and his campaign didn’t do as well as I had hoped.

      I think you hit on a couple of important points. We truly do not know what the full impact of Obamacare will be. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will nip it in its unconstitutional bud, but that isn’t a given. We can not allow Obama to have the opportunity to appoint more justices to the Court. We simply can not.

  • lou222

    I did NOT post twice, LD! Honest!!!!

    • I’m not sure what is going on. You are the second commenter on this post who seems to think their comment was posted twice. Is the system giving you a message about that?

      • lou222

        Yes, on the left it showed 2 sets of postings in the “recent comments”, as well as it actually being in the typed out blog area. Now it only shows once. Somehow it took it out.

        • Hmmm, I must have a gremlin working behind the scenes. I’ll have to check it out.

          • lou222

            Well,at least the “gremlins” are covering up their dirty work.

  • At this time I can’t endorse Romney and I won’t unless he promises to only appoint pro-life, strict constructionist judges to the Supreme Court. If he doesn’t make that promise, I’ll probably decide who to vote for in the voting booth after a lot of prayer.

    • I can fully understand your trepidation, Steven. I am not necessarily endorsing Romney, as much as I am trying to point out the differences between him and Obama. I believe they are many.

      Has he made any statements about how his Supreme Court nominees would look?

      • He’s made very generic comments about liking Alito and Roberts. The problem with him is that as Governor he nominated a bunch of liberal Democrats. Granted, he had no choice because no Republican could ever get confirmed by the Mass. State Senate. But if we give Romney that, it still doesn’t tell us what kind of judge he will appoint.

        We’re one vote away from reversing Roe v. Wade. Ginsberg is dying and Kennedy is waiting for a Republican to be in the White House. If conservatives take those two seats, it’s 6-3 and Roe is done.

  • Glad to have you on board, Larry. To stay home or vote for some no-chance-in-hell 3rd party is just a vote for Obama…

    • Thanks, Harry.

    • What Harry said is very true. If you vote for someone other than Romney then you might as well vote for Obama.

  • I am one who has not decided if I can support Romney at this point. In the end I will probably fall in line because Obama with SCOTUS nominations is a scary thought, but then again Romney’s record on appointing justices isn’t that great. He can claim all he wants that he had to nominate more liberal justices because MA. legislature was 85% Democrat, but the fact still remains that he CHOSE to move to Ma. to begin his political carreer, was that because he is more liberal than he is letting on?

    • Erich and I over at WWTFT have been weighing this and he finally convinced me that Romney is worth voting for, for one reason only – SCOTUS. I have been of the mind that I’d rather have 4 more years of Obama than risk having the American public fall back asleep under a faux conservative. However, it’s not just the presidency. We need more than a president, we need a congress that is accountable and the Supreme Court is crucial. And so, I will hold my nose and support Romney. But, damn I hate being in this position.

      • I don’t like it either, Martin. I may need a couple of clamps to go on my nose when I walk into the voting booth, but I believe it is a necessary thing. We have to remove Obama.

      • Obama with 2-3 SCOTUS nominations is such a scary thought that I probably will bit the bullet and vote for Romney. Obama cannot be allowed to shape SCOTUS in his image.

        • lou222

          Just hope that the conservative judges all stay healthy, if not we will never regain the seats in our lifetime.

    • I can’t answer our last question. I do wish I knew the answer. I just hope and pray he will follow the more conservative route, if he wins the election.

  • Well that’s four state apparatus in the bag for Ron Paul now, with more to come.

    Doesn’t change anything outwardly, but still. Under the surface, things are changing. Not inconceivable that by the end of all this, 15-20% of the states will be dominated by the Ron Paul movement.

    It’s about delegates, but it’s not just about delegates.

    • I agree, but will it be enough to change the outcome of the race? I seriously doubt it will.