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Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan – Partners For A Win

Since Mitt Romney choose Paul Ryan as his Vice-President, much has been said and written about how Paul Ryan changes the dynamics of this race. There is no doubt he raised the enthusiasm level for Republicans, more than a notch or two. Some of that enthusiasm and interest is clear behind the scenes. I can tell you the posts I have written about our future Vice-President are receiving more attention from the search engines and from social media. Anything that mentions Paul Ryan seems to do well. The under current of excitement in this campaign seems to be growing every day.

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There are also outward signs of how exciting the campaign is becoming. Some of those signs come from the candidates themselves. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem to genuinely like each other and it is showing up on the trail. We have always know Ryan is enthusiastic about what he is doing and it seems to be rubbing off on Romney, who is sometimes perceived as reserved, even aloof. Part of that perception comes from his personality. Mitt Romney is a private person who is reluctant to talk about his achievements. In other words, he really doesn’t like to toot his own horn. The signals I am receiving from reading the news reports tell me things are changing.

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(Politico) Under a bright blue sky, at a theater-in-the-round set-up on Saint Anselm College, Romney and Ryan tag-teamed, playing off one another as they fielded queries.

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“I hadn’t seen them in person before and I can tell you from the anecdotal …it was very powerful,” said Tom Rath, a top New Hampshire endorser of Romney’s who said he got calls from attendees afterward.

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“They said, I haven’t seen Mitt like that. It wasn’t so much Ryan, it was Mitt.”

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Ryan, he added, would repeatedly “set the ball up in the air, and Mitt spiked it.”

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“Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan had a visible rapport with each other. They were able to answer parts of the same question that build upon what the other said. It was very impressive and provided a tangible example of how their focused solutions on the fiscal and economy challenges of the country are not only the greatest message focus for the campaign but also might just be the glue that probably bound this relationship from the beginning.”

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Paul Ryan - Mitt RomneyWhen Mitt Romney first announced his choice of Paul Ryan to be his Vice-President, theories abounded about why he chose Ryan. Some of the experts opined that he should have chosen someone who could have helped him win a swing state, and that Paul Ryan wasn’t that person. However, I still go back to the comment made by Jim, from Conservatives on Fire. Romney might have picked someone who would have been more helpful in the campaign to get himself elected; but he picked someone who will be a great asset if he is elected. I think what we are seeing is exactly that. The presence of Paul Ryan is bringing out a side of Mitt Romney we have seldom seen. There can be no question, he has helped this campaign tremendously.

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Obviously, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can not campaign together every day. They have to branch out separately, in order to cover more ground. In a campaign that has several swing states that are crucial, it is a necessity that each man be on his own. Having said that, and after watching the two men together, it may be smart for their aides to work in as many duo appearances as possible. It clearly works for both men and seems to be working for the voters.

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I have always held the opinion that Paul Ryan would be a different kind of Vice-President. Unlike Joe Biden, he can be turned loose on the campaign trail, without worrying about what he might say or do. If Romney and Ryan can win this election, I suspect he will be more than a Vice-President who is just a spokesperson or the deciding vote in the Senate. If Mitt Romney is smart, and I think he is, he will give Paul Ryan a larger role in shaping administration policy. It may not be he conventional thing to do, but if he does, he may very well be the best asset Mitt Romney has.

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  • Ray Chuang

    Here’s why I think it was a smart move: Ryan–unlike Sarah Palin–clearly knows how Washington, DC works, and Ryan was a “up and coming” star at the Empower America lobbying organization during the middle 1990’s when Steve Forbes was heading that organization. As such, Ryan may have helped–or at least knew about–the no-loophole flat-tax plan Forbes proposed in 1996, a plan that today has the endorsement of the Americans for Tax Reform and the Cato Institute.

    Can you imagine what would happen to the US economy if the Romney/Ryan team were to adopt the Forbes flat tax plan and Romney becomes President? With essentially no more counting bank account interest, capital gains and stock dividend payments towards earned income, our banks would be overflowing with money and our stock market would zoom through the roof as everyone takes advantage of saving and investing essentially tax-free in the USA. 🙂 And with a strong US economy, that will star to pull up other economies around the world.

    • We could only hope, Ray.

      Romney should have really picked Jim Traficant, heh heh… Congress is nothing but a bunch of crooks anyway; always planning their next heist while deliberating how to divide the booty from their last one.

      Unindicted criminals always temper their words, and thus we have politics driven by fear. Jim is well beyond that and has absolutley no fear of speaking out against the system they created to keep us all in fear of speaking out. He is out there now speaking out and calling for repeal of the 16th amendment, abolishment of the IRS, and going to a national sales tax, which would be so much less costly to administer. IMHO, it’s much preferable than continuing to let them hit us on both the income and consumption sides, especially when the income side is what they use to instill fear in us.

      Remember, Jim was instrumental in putting the burden of proof on the IRS instead of requiring their targets to prove their innocence, thus significantly reducing un-Constitutional takings and letting us all breathe a little easier. Also, who remembers all the Clinton critics who were so conveniently randomly selected for IRS audits? He also boldly called out for Janet Reno to investigate the DNC taking political donations from China and transferring technology while everyone else on the Hill were diverting our national attention to the misadventures of Slick Willie’s willie.

      This is not to disparage the Romney/Ryan team, but to get ordinary folks to think about it and write to them, telling them we see it and we’re tired of it and they need to address it.

    • Thanks for commenting on Political Realities, Ray. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

      It would be something for the GOP ticket to embrace such a plan, but it would also be met with strong opposition from the liberals. They absolutely have a tantrum when anyone mentions letting people keep more of the money they have earned. The withdrawals would be something to contend with, that much is sure.

  • They’ve got a real chance. I hope they hang tough

  • If only the GOP does not manage to shoot themselves in the foot such as that neanderthal in Missouri.

    • Yeah, Mr. Akin needs to duct tape his mouth. I still can’t believe said that. Although, I do wonder why the Democrats can get by with saying much crazier things. They even circle the wagons when they do, but not the GOP. We seem to be intent on hanging Akin out to dry and I am not sure that is the correct thing to do.

  • So far, so good, Larry. This is exactly what the Romney campaign needed and what we all need to excite the base so they will work hard to turnout the vote. Ironically,Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare could be Oabama’s downfall.

    • There is certainly much more excitement in the campaign than there has been all summer. I hope it continues to build for another 11 weeks.

  • Dragonconservative

    Well, you see, this is the difference between Obama and Romney. Obama is concerned purely with getting re-elected, but Romney is more concerned with getting the job done if he is elected. That’s why he picked Paul Ryan.

  • There seems to be more excitement around Romney/Ryan than there is around Obama/Biden. Despite the tough GOP Primary, Republicans have rallied behind Romney and seem genuinely excited about voting for him. I get the impression that Democrats aren’t as excited about Obama anymore and they seem to not like Biden much at all. At the end of the day though it’s impossible to ignore economic factors in all of this. If this was 1996 all over again, the Democrats would be excited to vote for Obama.

    • The economic factors are certainly playing a large role in the campaign. Much to Obama’s chagrin, I am sure. It has taken the edge off the Obama campaign and he is having to work for all he is worth, unlike 2008, when the economy and John McCain handed him the election on a silver platter.

  • I saw the last half of the interview he and Anne did with Peirs Morgan and they were talking about their family. That interview showed a side of Mitt that I hadn’t seen before, he came off personable and real and didn’t appear plastic like he usually does. It is in there, we just don’t usually see it. Perhaps Ryan will help to pull this out of Mitt.

  • I like Ryan… but he’s no small government Conservative.

    Please excuse the graphic but this is what’s going around about him:

    Honestly… Ryan seems like a good guy but looks like we drive off the cliff a little later but still drive off the cliff.