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Mexico – The Other Side Of the Immigration Coin

ImmigrationPresident Obama has pushed the idea that we need comprehensive immigration reform. The Gang of Eight, a mixture of Republicans and Democrats, have been working on their own solution to the immigration problem. That solution has already been discussed and cussed, as it seems to contain a path to amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants who now live in the United States of America. That’s a problem for many of us, and rightfully so.

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President Obama isn’t unique among American Presidents. Can you think of a modern-day President who did not try to push immigration reform? It’s almost a given that they will feel the pull to reform our immigration system. Some of them had good intentions and some of them did not. I’m relatively sure President Obama falls into the latter category and would like nothing more than to grant citizenship to millions of new Americans, most of whom will probably vote for the Democrats.

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Most of the discussion we hear about the immigration problem in America centers around our system and how it is supposedly broken. While it is true that we have problems that need to be fixed, there is another side to the immigration coin that some of us forget about. It’s just southwest of our border and it’s called Mexico. From the number of undocumented and illegal immigrants that migrate from their border, can we not safely say that they are not really serious about securing the border?

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Newly elected Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has already taken steps to roll back some of the cooperation his predecessor fostered with the American agencies that are charged with securing the border with Mexico. If he is trying to win friends and influence people on the American side of the border, Pena Nieto is going about it in a very wrong way. President Obama is on his way to Mexico to meet with the new Mexican President and it is said he will be pushing for immigration reform. It remains to be seen if his comments will be directed more at our neighbors down south or to the American people. Methinks our President will be aiming his words up north.

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The questions of the day are these. How serious is Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto about helping America with our immigration problems? Since the bulk of illegal immigrants come from Mexico, does that country not share some of the responsibility of securing the border? Are there not more than a few steps the Mexican government can take to entice their citizens to stay at home and work to make their own country a place to be proud of?

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I would be interested in hearing his answers to any of those questions and would hope President Obama presses him hard on those issues. I am not, however, holding my breath.

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  • I recently took a look at requirements for immigration to the U.S., which include the completion of minimum education levels, no criminal record, evidence of abilitiy to earn a living at an occupation and strict limits on numbers of immigrants on top of that.

    It’s amazing to me that the Obama administration favors a system that minimizes qualified immigrants under requirements of existing laws, but encourages a virtually unlimited flow of those who obviously CAN’T meet the requirements: criminal backgrounds, lack of education, no job training. If an alien civilization were evaluating our laws and culture on illegals, they would surely think us insane. While many presidents have participated in this nonsense, Obama has raised the game; it’s clearly (to me, anyway) part of a strategy to build on his voter block, which enables a liberal Democrat agenda through a coalition of the underclasses (class divisions and rivalries in America are, after hall, HIS strategy, not mine).

    • We have clearly placed an emphasis on immigrants that should not be allowed inside our borders. The reasons for that emphasis are also clear, as you have stated. And yes, we are insane for starting the process and even more insane for continuing it, unabated. Our country will suffer because of our inability to correct our immigration process.

  • The more people who stream across our borders, the less likely it is that Mexico will suffer yet another revolution. Moreover, by turning a blind eye to the activities of drug cartels, Mexico creates a corridor where these gangsters can operate with impunity. In this way, the gangsters aren’t so populous in the nation’s capital, and what is the big deal if they lose a few peons along the way? There’s plenty more where they come from. Finally, what can Obama really say about immigration reform, other than he’s sorry for America’s behavior over the past 2,000 years. I’m quite certain that Mexican politicians are laughing their asses off at what America has become.

  • It’s a well known fact that a large part of the national income in Mexico is funds that the illegals in the USA send home to relatives, so of course the Mexican President is not interested in helping with our immigration problems. I’m sure he wants as many Mexicans as possible to come here since that would be fewer people his own government would have to assist.

    In keeping with this, in 1991 the Mexican government formed an organization called Grupos Beta. They provide humanitarian aid, water and air rescue, food and shelter to immigrants as they pass through parts of Mexico. In other words, they openly help the immigrants and assist them with their journey to the USA where they can get all kinds of freebies from the US taxpayers.

    And on the other side of the border, Obama and the Democrats want these people here because they know once they can get them the vote that they will never ever vote Republican. It’s a win win for Obama and the Mexican President to have the illegals here so while they sip margaritas and laugh at the US taxpayers our media will report a beneficial meeting with progress toward solving the illegal immigration problem.

    • And all the while, the American taxpayers will be paying the bill. It is totally disgusting that we are required to support this with our taxes. Truly, the people who support this policy and process have no shame or conscience.

  • Mexican immigrants both legal and illegal send billions of dollars to Mexico every year. Years ago I lived in Durango, Mexico. Ever hear of it? Well, believe it or not, there was a regular fight operating from Durango to Chicago. I’ll let you guess why.

    • I lived in El Paso, TX for many years, there’s NO doubt in my mind what OR why…

  • Bettybb

    Ross Periot called it. He said NAFTA (negotiated by Bush, signed by Clinton) would destroy America’s manufacturing base, and destroy Mexico’s agricultural base. It did both. But the 1% made out like bandits and continue to reap the economic benefit of NAFTA. And it was the first step in the agreement between US, Canada and Mexico to create a North American Union. It forced Mexicans to cross the border illegally in order to survive, thereby helping the integration of the two countries.

    It is very unfair to blame those who came here illegally. They have been manipulated just like regular Americans have been manipulated, for the greater greed of the moneyed elite.

    Amnesty is just one more step towards the completion of the North American Union, and so both political parties will support it. Bush opened the borders when he was elected by stopping enforcement. When there was a hue and cry in 2006 he instituted some half hearted measures. Obama has given the appearance of a crack down while actually making it very limited. Neither the US or Mexico wants to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

    In the future, the dollar will be replaced by the Amero, and where appointed commissions from the three countries will govern all of us. We already have packaging in the three languages of the three countries (English, French and Spanish). Congress has already passed laws allowing Canadian and Mexican truckers to operate in the US. US government services are already provided in English and Spanish. The infrastructure of the three countries is being integrated bit by bit which includes the Keystone Pipeline project and the North American Highway.

    An economic union between the three countries might be a very good thing, IF it is done with the consent of the governed, and if it is structure so everyone benefits. Right now it is being done on the down low, without the people’s consent, and is being structured to benefit the elite.

    • The NAFTA could be a topic for another discussion at another time. However, do not expect me to not blame the immigrants who are in America illegally. Did they know they were breaking the law when they came here? Of course they did. That makes them more culpable than anyone.

      • Bettybb

        Isn’t why they broke the law important? If the choice is between being able to get work so you and your family can eat, and starving, what would you do?

        The moneyed elite of the US, Canada and Mexico created the situation by passing NAFTA, which lined their pockets, and destroyed many lives both in the US and in Mexico. Illegal immigration is the result. And it has been encouraged by both Bush and Obama.

        If we are to point the finger of blame, let’s point it at those who are really behind illegal immigration – big business and the politicians who do its bidding.

        That being said, I do agree that people here illegally should not get a better deal than those who come here legally. The current proposal does give the illegals a better deal.

        • What would I do? I’m not sure, but one thing I do know is that it would not be illegal. My parents taught their children to do the right thing, no matter what. Making excuses for criminal behavior only accentuates that behavior and makes it more likely it will continue.

          • Bettybb

            Many Mexicans do not have the luxury of making believe there is another option between breaking the law and letting their family starve. They are faced with the reality of the fact that economic policies of the moneyed elite destroyed their livelihoods. The trek across the desert is very difficult and dangerous, and they undertake it because of desperation.

            I too was taught by my parents to obey the law. But I was also raised in the Christian church and was taught that it is acceptable to steal food to feed a starving child. In fact, breaking the law in this instance is actually the moral, and correct thing to do.

            I rather suspect that you also believe there are situations where strict adherence to the law is not necessary. In fact, do you not think we are justified to make an exception to the law against murder, by allowing it in the case of self defense?

            Well, the moneyed elite in America and Mexico and Canada decided to put a gun to the head of Mexicans by passing NAFTA, and destroying their ability to feed their families. In self defense, these folks have broken the law to come to America and get work, so they and their families can live. Therefore, we should make some sort of exception for their lawbreaking.

            The real blame resides with our politicians and their rich backers.

            • So, we are supposed to give all the illegal immigrants in America a break because they were trying to do the right thing? Or because you think the blame lies with someone else? Let me ask you, does that apply to someone like me, or anyone else who has tried to follow the law and to do what is right? You know full well that if we break the law and are caught, we are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It doesn’t matter what reasons we had, so spare me the platitudes about the plight of these people who are in our country illegally and are doing so willingly.

              • Bettybb

                Actually, yes, that is what our legal system does. Prosecutors decide whether to charge crimes as misdemeanors or as felonies, depending on the circumstances.

                In this instance, yes, people broke the law and there must be a penalty. But we must consider why they broke the law, and who forced them into s situation where they had to break the law to survive.

                Note that our politicians are doing nothing to correct the situation. NAFTA makes money for the few, and keeps American wages nice and low, so nothing will change, and illegal immigration will continue.

  • JT

    Actually the Republicans share a large portion of the blame here. Illegal immigration was more or less given a blind eye for decades so farms and low skill employers could skirt the minimum wage law and pay low wages to illegals, but the numbers were realtively small. Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to illegals who were here before 1982, and the flood gates opened for cheap labor to America. Ironically, these early “amnestees” largely voted Republican, but it basically devalued American citizenship and immigration laws. Clinton, with a Republican Congress granted 3 million illegals with tag on amendmends to various laws that were passed. Then GW Bush promised to secure the border with a fence, but bowed to pressure from Mexico and the new politically empowerd hispanic lobby, to only partially build a fence and allow “workers” to coninue to cross; no one feared deportation anymore. Now in order to pander to the Hispanic vote and the business vote, Obama refuses to enforce immigration laws and is suing states for enforcing laws that are already on the books. Thats 11 million illegals that may soon become legal on top of the 10 million already granted amnesty, and niether side is making an effort to stop this open immigraton trend. As icing on the cake, these newer legal “immigrants” are now voting Democrat instead of Repub and guess how our brave politicians on both sides are “buying” thier votes…yep with amnesty. Three things must happen before any meaningful reform can happen. 1. Close/secure the border, build a wall (the East Germans did it so can we; 2. Deport all illegals, me, women, children (it will take time and it will be sad, world will criticize, must be done) 3. Develop a fair, quick system of worker immigration (not citizenship), with a permanent deportaton clause for crime. Then the feds can work on a path to citizenship.

    • I wouldn’t disagree, JT. The Republican Party has shown just as much unwillingness to solve this problem as the Democratic Party. Until that attitude changes, the problem will continue to be unsolved.

      I also agree with you about what needs to be done before illegal immigration can be solved. The only question I have is the logistics of deporting all illegals. It needs to be done, but I’m not so sure we are capable of getting it done, short of armed and violent force. I hate to see that come to our streets.

  • Maybe our immigration policy should just mirror whichever nation the hopeful immigrant is from? Were that the case, we’d never see another Mexican come here.

  • Mexico is not serious about partnering with America, Mexico is only interesting in foisting their poor on America making them our problem and not thiers.