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Lurking Danger In 2014

The 2012 presidential election is in the history books and it didn’t turn out as many of us had hoped. As a result, we are just beginning the second term, another four years, of Barack Obama as President. I know I am not the only conservative who has groaned with impatience at the thought of2014 four more years with Obama in the White House. I have seen that feeling expressed at more than a few conservative blogs and websites. I have heard it expressed by my friends and coworkers. All in all, we are not looking forward to the next four years and are anticipating 2016, when we can hopefully defeat the Democrats and return a conservative to the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Therein lies a danger that we may not fully realize. There will be an election before we make it to 2016; the mid-term elections in 2014. It is becoming very clear that the Democrats are not focusing on 2016, but rather are turning their attention to winning the House in 2014. However unlikely it may seem, they are marshaling their forces are beginning the fight to hand the Republicans yet another defeat in 2014.Erika Johnsen calls it the “six-year itch”.

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(Hot Air) For President Obama to have any hope of enacting any of his grandiose ambitions via legislation, getting rid of that pesky House Republican majority is going to be clutch — hence his sudden willingness to partner up with and fundraise for the Democratic campaign committees and finally act like a team player. It’s a long row to hoe, but the Democrats are at least sending out optimistic signals with the promise of the president’s popular support.

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The fundraising for Obama’s nonprofit advocacy group is already well underway, with Team O courting his major campaign bundlers to keep the cash flow going strong — and part of the effort to get Democrats elected in the midterms will include keeping ground support mobilized and maintaining popular enthusiasm for Obama’s agenda in just the way that his erstwhile campaign machinery knows how.

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It is a well-known fact that the Democrat Party and the Obama team hasn’t played well together. Some Democrats have accused President Obama of being disconnected from the process. While that may have given conservatives some small measure of respite, that seems about to change. Egads, they are planning to work together to win the House back in 2014.

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(Politico) The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee expects that President Barack Obama will wield his national political machine on behalf of House Democrats in the 2014 campaign… DCCC Chairman Steve Israel wrote in a memo to his fellow lawmakers Friday. …

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Israel stops short of pledging that the party will win the House, instead predicting his committee is on track to “continue defeating Republicans and to send the tea party to the dustbin of political history.” …

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“In 2012, President Obama was completely focused on his own re-election, as he should have been. But for 2014, he will be able to focus on Congressional races, and he has already made early commitments that are unprecedented and transformational. President Barack Obama has agreed to eight events just in 2013 for House Democrats, with additional support from Vice President Biden and other surrogates,” Israel writes. “In addition, OFA’s ground game, which was a vital part of the Obama campaign’s success in 2012, will now be focused on Congress — energizing the critical ‘New American Electorate’ that we need to keep engaged through the 2014 elections.”

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Make no mistake, the last thing we need is for Nancy Pelosi to assume the role of Speaker of the House in 2015. Simply put, that’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Remember what happened in the first two years of the Obama presidency? One word, Obamacare. We are now seeing the Democratic labors of those first two years coming to fruition and it does not bode well for America. If the unthinkable happens and the Democrats win the House in 2014, we are in for a world of hurt. If Obama managed to push his agenda for healthcare so effectively in his first two years in office, helped by his liberal majority in Congress, stop and think. Without the worry of another reelection campaign, topped off with the Democrats in control of Congress once again, his last two years in office would be a complete disaster for America.

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I’m not saying all of us are asleep, but to anyone who may be resting on their laurels, waiting for 2016, do the math. 2014 comes before 2016 and it could be ultimately more important to the future of America. We would all do well to take heed to the danger that lurks in 2014.

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  • J M Moore

    The real danger in 2014 is the GOP leadership’s abandonment of Conservative principals. It has become obvious that the GOP is now just DEM light. A Pox on both their parties. I will no longer contribute to or support in any way the corrupt trash running the Republican Party. If you want to make a splash start pushing a truly Conservative party. We have 2 years to get it done, if we can’t then you might as well adopt the DEMs platform because the GOP has already started.

    • If the GOP leadership does abandon the principles of conservatism, even worse than they already have, they will almost assuredly lose the 2014 elections. I do support the members of Congress who represent me, mainly because I know them, if not personally. Representative Markwayne Mullin is a good man and Senator Tom Coburn is a thorn in the flesh of the GOP leadership. Other than that, I can’t say I trust the GOP leadership.

  • The Democrats face an uphill battle in 2014. Since FDR, no sixth year President has seen his party retake the House. The only one to see a gain in seats was Clinton in 1998, the Dems took 5 that year but didn’t come close to retaking the House. In 2012 the Dems got 1 million more votes than the GOP but because of the way districts are drawn they didn’t come close to winning the House. Absent some major event taking place, the GOP is likely to retain the House.

    • I hope you are right. My only fear is that we, as a party in general, will become so complacent that we fail to realize the danger that lies in another two-year period with President Obama running amok with a Congress controlled by liberal Democrats. That isn’t a pleasant thought.

      • I would think 2010 might calm your fears a bit. 2014 won’t be the same because there won’t be a national backlash against Obamacare. Having said that, in a year when Obama was easily re-elected the Dems couldn’t take back the House. They won’t have Obama at the top of their ticket. In any number of states, popular Republican Governor’s will be at the top of the ticket. (Kasich, Snyder, Walker, Perry, McConnell, Scott etc) That can only help the GOP. It’s not a slam dunk, nothing is with the nitwit Republicans. But I’m thinking the GOP retains the House and picks up a couple of seats.

        • You are probably correct and my fears may very well be unfounded. However, with the way things have been going with the GOP, I wouldn’t be surprised at anything that happens.

          • I’m sympathetic. I would say remember 2009 when things were exactly the same in February. 2010 worked out well despite party incompetence.

  • I totally agree with you Larry. Unfortunately, I think 2014 may be a grueling, dirty fight and I think it may be one we will lose because the Dems absolutely need this so Obama can run for a third term. That is the end game as far as I’m concerned. He will then be able to dismantle America and turn it into a third world country which is “fair.” Anti-colonialism at its finest.

    • I have no doubt that it will be exactly that, a dirty fight. The Democrats know what is at stake, even if the Republicans fail to realize it.

      As for Obama running for a third term, I have no doubt that he would do so, were it not for the 22nd Amendment. Even with a Congress controlled by liberal Democrats, I see little chance of that happening. Wouldn’t a repeal of the 22nd Amendment require the two-thirds approval of all the states?

  • The Republicans need to fix their brand. So far I’ve not seen any willingness tto do that.

    • I think they realize they have work to do, but they disagree on what it is that needs to be done.

  • Larry, I feel this is more than a danger, I think it is a probability. We have lost the messaging battle and with nearly half of the country not paying taxes I don’t think two years is enough time to get enough people on our side. I hope that I am wrong and simply trying to prepare myself but I really don’t have a great feeling about 2014.
    The one think that we have on our side is the fact that this isn’t a presidential election year and maybe that means Obama supporters will stay home but Obama is going to get the word out to his supporters that he needs them to show up in order to pursue his agenda.

    • Lost the messaging battle? I would say we have been blown completely out of the water on that one. No matter what we do, the media always shines it in a bad light and we are left fighting the perception, no matter how right we are.

  • I am not optimistic about the 2014 election results. IMO, there has been a sea change in the electorate — a shift to the Left. Thank the public school system for that!

  • Mike

    The GOP doesn’t have to abandon conservative principles but I do think it needs to understand incremental change. Sticking to your guns with no room for compromise is itself the recipe for disaster. Moderates want to know that our country can pass legislation that will move the country forward. If either side tries to be so ideologically pure that they will not budge from their established position then we will get nowhere because that is not at all what the majority of this country wants. I don’t know how many times on PR I’ve said that every time a party scores a major victory they think they’ve won a mandate — and it’s never the case. The public doesn’t want to give either side a mandate because we’re too afraid what they’ll try to do with it.

    • I’ll have to give you that one. Neither party really has a mandate because so many Americans are not settled in the direction they want our country to go. Whenever one of the political parties strays to far to the left or right, the electorate holds them in check at the voting booth. The trouble is, the left always seems to have their way, mainly because the media is so completely biased against the right. At some point, something has to give way and I am afraid it will not be good for our country when that happens.

  • The GOP is already nothing more than *Dem Lite*, I honestly have NO idea what can be done to save the GOP, and frankly, I don’t believe it should be saved…

    There comes a time when you have to realize that you are done.. Do the paperwork and hit the flush handle… Maybe it’s time to FLUSH the GOP and put forth a true and VIABLE Conservative American Party… Just my .02 worth…

  • LD: We got lucky in 2010 with the wave of tea party support. I doubt such a wave will occur again. Meanwhile, the Democrats who have been doing but organizing since 2008 will be well prepared for 2014.

    I was shocked that we weren’t better prepared in 2012. We watched as Obama outspent Romney by 3 to 1 in field offices in the handful of key states where such boots on the ground were enough to make a difference. Instead of matching this effort Romney wasted millions on ads that got lost in the noise.

    I’m the veteran of two statewide campaigns in Ohio and the White House Political Office during the 1988 presidential election. I can’t believe that the best and brightest currently in positions of authority in the GOP apparently haven’t got a clue what to do. They are running around talking about making the party more politically correct in a vain attempt to appeal to women and minority voters. But what does that matter if we don’t have the organization in place to get those people to the polls?

    I’d take every one of those wizards of smart who got rich selling campaign ads to the Romney campaign and put them in a golf cart and make them drive around senior centers and rural backwaters picking up voters to take to early voting stations for 2014. Otherwise, we are likely to make the same stupid mistakes for a third time.

    • You mention something that puzzles me greatly. Why does the GOP seem to have so much trouble running an efficient and effective campaign? I know some things are out of our control, but when we lose so many elections in a row, elections that we should have won, I can’t help but believe some major changes need to be made. We can become more politically correct all we want, but if we fail to run an effective campaign, we are spitting in the wind.