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Lois Lerner Pleads The Fifth, Again

Lois Lerner

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Same song, different verse. More of the same. All of these adjective phrases aptly describe what happened in Congress yesterday. Darrell Issa had requested Lois Lerner return to his committee and testify about the IRS targeting of conservative groups for political purposes. As it was last year, her answer was the same. She came, she sat, and when she was asked a question, she respectfully declined to answer on the advice of her attorney. She specifically stated she was exercising her Fifth Amendment rights. After a few short minutes, Darrell Issa determined she had no intention of answering any of his questions, so he adjourned the meeting.

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We could write about what happened between Issa and Elijah Cummings after the meeting was adjourned, but that is nothing but a side show. Cummings is nothing but a loud mouth who thinks he is deserving of special attention because he is a member of Congress. He can go find another bully pulpit to espouse his nonsense. What is really concerning is the lack of progress in determining what really happened at the IRS. As it has been with the investigation into Fast and Furious, the Obama administration officials refuse to cooperate. Darrell Issa issued a contempt citation to Eric Holder, but nothing came of that. No further information has been released. After yesterday’s proceedings, he says it is likely another contempt citation will be issued next week, this time to Lois Lerner. Are we to expect something different from what we witnessed with Eric Holder? Will Lois Lerner be sufficiently frightened and give Congress the information they seek? Likely not, if history repeats itself.

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Back during the founding of America, John Adams had the following to say about the Constitution.

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Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

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Maybe we do not realize exactly how true his words really are. The United States Constitution was made to govern a moral and religious people. When our morality starts to suffer, we begin to lose the respect we should hold for our founding documents. If ever there was an administration who is lacking in morality, lacking in the basic respect for the rule of law, it is the Obama administration. The President has ignored precedent and the law and went his own way on many occasions. That attitude has filtered down through his entire administration. Thus, we have an IRS who is more than willing to allow itself to be used as a political weapon of choice. Thus, we have people like Lois Lerner who are more than willing to lie about their part in the targeting of conservative groups. Even worse, we have an Attorney General who has no qualms about lying about his part in the operation that allowed guns into Mexico and caused the deaths of more than a few Mexicans and at least two Americans.

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If Lois Lerner and Eric Holder do not feel the pressure from their boss, how is Darrell Issa issuing contempt citations supposed to accomplish a single positive thing? I’m not against the citations, but I do question their value. Because of the Obama administration’s willingness to go against the rule of law and do their own thing, I am not convinced we will ever know the full truth about Fast and Furious or what really happened at the IRS. It feels like we are spinning our wheels and that is a direct result of their openly displayed contempt for the Constitution and the other branches of our government. John Adams was right on target with his statement.

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  • Steven Birn

    I’ve read a lot of attacks on Boehner and company for not trying to hold Lerner in Contempt of Congress. What people don’t understand is that Boehner can’t just run to court and demand a prosecution of a person held in Contempt. He has to go to the Justice Department and ask Eric Holder to prosecute the case. This is the same man who has already been held in Contempt of Congress, though he won’t be prosecuting himself.

    This is also why the Justice Department won’t abide by any Congressional attempt to offer immunity to Lerner in exchange for testimony. Obama wants no part of Learner spilling the beans and as such won’t offer her immunity because he needs her silence or in the alternative he fears what she might say.

    • You are exactly right. I don’t care for John Boehner, but this is one of the many things on which his hands are tied. If the three branches of our government can not agree to do their respective jobs and to cooperate, there isn’t a lot he can do. That’s why I say, again, John Adams was correct in his statement.

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  • I have no doubt that Rep. Issa is genuine in his attempt to get to the truth about the IRS scandal. But, for the most part, I do not believe that the Republican leadership has the slightest interest in finding out the truth about the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious or any other criminal action by Obama and his minions. The morality you speak of is suffering not only from those on the left, but from those on the right who stand idly by and do nothing about the trampling of our Constitution. If one day, if it ever comes, that a Republican is in the White House again, look for the Democrats to suddenly care about their oversight authority and demand information and cooperation that they are currently refusing to give.

    • I have no doubt that you are right. I do believe John Boehner’s hands are somewhat tied, as I alluded to in my reply to Steven.

      And I am sure the Democrats will have a sudden shift in morals, should the Republicans win the White House in 2016. The oversight and cooperation they refuse to grant now will suddenly become much more important to them.

  • Contempt charges will mean nothing because Eric Holder will not do anything about it. At this point is seems as if the only way we can get any closer to the truth is to give Lerner immunity and hope she gives up the goods on somebody higher up.

    • Sigh! I wish you were not so right about that. As long as we have an enforcement division of our government that is unwilling to enforce the contempt charges, they are nothing more than paper. Nothing will come of it.

  • Lois Lerner has been anything but quick to shed any light on the IRS scandal. We should refer to her as “Slow Learner”.

    • Very funny! I suspect we will see more of the same, should she be called up by Congress again. Or maybe she can just get Elijah Cummings to fill in for her. He seems to have plenty to say.