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Liberals trashing Sarah Palin

You would have to be blind and deaf to not know who Sarah Palin is and what is going on with her and the left leaning, liberal media.  Since John McCain announced August 29th that she would be his running mate, the conservatives have been estatic and the liberals have jumped on her with both feet. Although the response of the conservatives may have been unexpected, we shouldn’t be surprised that the liberals are so much up in arms against Governor Palin. I am not going to go into Sarah Palin’s qualificatins here, simply because I have already went over them in a previous post. What I will deal with is the way the liberals are trashing her and her family.

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All things aside, I don’t have a problem with the liberals questioning her record, that is to be expected. Have we not questioned the records of Barack Obama and Joe Biden? What I really have a problem with is the way they have attacked Palin’s family and her motherhood. It didn’t take long for some idiot to come up with some supposed “truth” about her “faked” pregnancy and who Trig’s mother really was. It didn’t take long for that rumor to be proven false, but now the liberals are daring to say she shouldn’t be running for Vice President, but should instead be home with her children. The truth be known, they probably think she shouldn’t have even ran for Governor of Alaska. The irony of it all is just too great.

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Can you imagine the uproar if anyone dared suggest Hillary Clinton needed to stay out of the public life because she had Chelsea to take care of? I realize she wasn’t actually President when Chelsea was growing up, but she certainly had a lot on her plate and she certainly had her hands in a lot of the decisions that were made while her family was in the White House. I am not against that, but I just want you to stop and think about it. Anyone who tried that tactic against the Clintons would have been ran out of town on a rail. Why is Sarah Palin any different?

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I am not so naive that I can’t understand how difficult raising Trig is going to be, but she doesn’t have to do it alone. If she and John McCain win this election, I am sure she will have plenty of help. The kind of trash I have been seeing, calling her a terrible mother because Bristol is pregnant, accusing her of neglecting her children is simply uncalled for. No matter if you going to vote for McCain/Palin or not, you should not be attacking her family and questioning if she is a good mother or not. As I have said before, that is none of anyone’s business.

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Just to be clear, I would be writing this even if it were a liberal woman running for Vice President. The kind of personal attacks we have seen in the last week disgust me to no end. It doesn’t matter if it is The DailyKos and Alan Colmes talking about Sarah Palin and her family or Rush Limbaugh talking about Chelsea Clinton. It’s uncalled for and we need to be sticking to agreeing or disagreeing with the person’s policies, not trying to grind them and their families into dust.

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That’s my take!

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  • Fitch

    I agree that personal attacks are totally uncalled for! I’m an Obama supporting Democrat but to hear people attack Rep. Gov. Palin’s family really disgusts me!

  • Thanks for commenting, Fitch. I want to make sure people know that I include any conservatives attacking Obama’s family or any other family for that matter. It is a sad place to be in when a politician wants to win, no matter what the cost. That is one reason I liked Mike Huckabee so well. He stayed above this sort of thing.

  • Larry, you’re absolutely right. It would be great if people refrained from their attacks, but that’s just not going to happen in this world. The Word of God tells us in Genesis 6:5 “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

  • V.Nolan

    Palin made a choice. Actually she made two.
    She chose to have five children, including a child she chose to have in her forties. She also chose a public life that would take her away from her family.

    I am woman, hear me roar. I’d love to say it, but I don’t believe it. At least not in this case. I really don’t think she can do both well. I know how hard it was for me–with two children and a forty-hour/week job. I’d give anything to have had more time with my kids.

    Something’s fishy in Alaska. Only time will tell.

  • Marie

    You can bet that if Mr. Obama’s daughter was five months pregnant and they brought her baby-daddy on stage at the DNC, the Republicans would have a field day with that. They are the masters of shaming everyone else while their unethical and unpleasant actions are forgiven, protected and supported. It’s like a big disfunctional family that criticizes everyone else but justifies even their worst behavior.

  • All good and well until you brought up Hillary. It’s not like she wasn’t attacked for personal reasons – by both parties in this primary.
    be smart. tone down the Hillary hatred – as lots of her supporters are becoming your political allies. Just stick with sexism is not acceptable” – it’s what will win this election for McCain – and happens to be true and right too.

  • No Hillary hatred was involved in this article. I was just pointing out a comparison. Nothing else.

  • occam

    “Lipstick on a Pig” …Sure it’s a standard metaphor, but used in context with Sarah Palin’s classic statement in her acceptance speech, it was obvious what Obama was leveling a sexist insult. Obama was making a derogatory statement about Plain, and trying to hide behind the traditional meaning. It’s called a double entendre. Obama is a lawyer, and knows how to use language as is evidenced by his speeches. His use of this metaphor in this case was no accident, it was an obvious intentional attempt to denigrate Palin.

    Why is Obama, the candidate for POTUS, on the all out attack against Palin, the candidate for VP? It’s very simple, she represents Real Change in Action, with record to back it up. Obama talks the Change talk, but he’s NEVER walked the Change walk. Obama votes the Democrat line 98% of the time. A vote for Obama is vote for Pelosi and Reid, and the DO NOTHING congress.

  • Timothy

    Palin’s bogus “Troopergate”

    You might find this interesting….

    There is a time-line and info.

    Monegan admits to the Anchorage press that NO ONE (Gov. Palin, Palin’s husband or Palin’s staff) asked that trooper Wooten be fired.

    Monegan is a governor appointee and can be fired at any time for any reason (or no reason)

    The chief investigator/overseer (Alaska State Senator French) admitted (before any depositions or investigating) that it will be an “October Surprise”, “damaging to the governor”, and even hinted at possible criminal charges (aka: impeachment).

    NOTE: How in the heck can someone (who is intellectually honest) take this investigation seriously when Mr. French has apparently prejudged the case!!! No wonder the Palins, and their staff, are “lawyering up”.

    According to Fox News, several top Palin investigators were spotted at
    Obama Headquarters (Alaska) in July!!!! Can you say “conflict of interest?”

    Note: Not sure if this link works anymore, (it might had been taken down when word got out) but Mr. French can be seen in the back.

    Overall, IMO, they won’t find anything, but will spin it to say she “abused her power”.