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Let’s be fair to President Barack Obama

Barack Obama has not even hired his entire staff, much less been sworn in and already, we are seeing negative articles about him and the people he is choosing to fill his staff positions. How I feel about Obama is not a big secret. I am no fan of the man and I really question how he will lead our country in the next four years. I have serious reservations about what his policies will be towards abortion, 1st Amendment rights, 2nd Amendment rights, and taxes, not necessarily in that order. I will be among the first to question him as he begins his work as President and we begin to see how his Presidency begins to take shape. However, let’s do be fair to the man and remember one thing. He is going to be the 44th President of the United States, like it or not. You and I may not have voted for him, as did the majority of our country, but there is no question, he won this election. As Kevin Tracy puts it, let’s at least give him the benefit of the doubt. The office of the President deserves our respect and until he proves us different, so does Barack Obama.

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That’s my take!

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  • There are some of us who would like to – for the sake of our sanity and any vestige of hope for America – to give President-Elect Obama the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, his hiring one the most vicious and partisan Liberals in Congress as his Chief of Staff as his first act as President-Elect doesn’t make that easy or bode well for his keeping his implied promise of bipartisanship.

    It’s, as you say too early to tell, but things aren’t starting on a hopeful footing.

  • bygracenotmerit

    I totally agree with you, Larry. He is our president, and because of his position and authority, he is due our respect. Once he starts governing, we can that agree to disagree with him when and where we see fit.

    As I recently told a commenter on my blog, it is not necessary to personally attack those we do not agree with. We just need to state our opinion/thesis, listen to the other side, and continue dialoging so we can find solutions.

    I read this quote today by Einstein that said, “spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.” I would add to that statement that if we spent 55 minutes listening and five minutes responding, we would create much better dialogue and we would find solutions to our problems much faster…and most probably with much less division!

    Thanks for the reminder!