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Labor Numbers Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know


After yesterday’s post about Barack Obama’s revelation that he is now in favor of gay marriage, I wanted to find something else to write about. Labor NumbersI am tired of the distractions and the campaign rhetoric that have all been designed to take our focus off the issues that should trouble everyone in America. Really, it is transparent, the way Obama has shifted positions on gay marriage. It is purely political maneuvering, in its finest form. If you don’t think it is working, take a few minutes to browse the websites of the liberal media. ABC and CNN should provide plenty of evidence that they are trying to change the subject. They really don’t want us to talk about the economy, or the labor numbers that help tell the real story of how Americans are managing this dismal economy.

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I know Fox News can be slanted to the right, but not nearly as much as the rest of the media is slanted to the left. At least, they had an article this morning that wasn’t about Obama’s gay marriage evolution. Instead, it had the audacity to discuss the unemployment rate. I’m not talking about the 8.1% that the Labor Department is touting as proof that things are getting better. No, I’m talking about the real unemployment rate. The labor numbers that Obama would just as soon keep hidden. That’s why the numbers are crunched and redistributed as something that is good, then quietly revised a few days later, after they are sure no one will notice.

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The Labor Department every month publishes the nation’s unemployment rate, which is now hovering at roughly 8 percent after peaking at more than 10 percent in 2009.

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But is that decline a result of thousands of Americans going back to work — or thousands throwing in the towel on the job hunt?

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The answer lies in the numbers.

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Remember what I said about the numbers being crunched? I am a firm believer that numbers can be manipulated to say whatever you want them to say. That may not be so popular with people wanting to make this President look good, but it’s the plain and simple fact. Obama wants us to believe the economy is better, but the numbers really do tell a different story.

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If the percentage of adult Americans in the labor force — that being the total number of people who are employed or looking for work — were the same as it was during the end of the Bush administration, the April jobless rate would be at 11.1 percent.

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That’s 3 percentage points higher than the 8.1 percent reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics this month.

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The agency’s official monthly unemployment number is calculated by dividing the number of unemployed into the number of working-age Americans who either have a job or are looking for one.

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However, a statistic known as the “labor force participation rate” is key. That’s the percentage of the adult population that is employed or looking for work — in other words, the labor force. The lower the number, the worse the employment situation.

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And it’s a figure that’s been trending steadily downward over the past decade. The lower number reflects a startling reality — a smaller share of the working-age population is looking for work.

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See, that’s the thing. The real unemployment rate should be higher than 8.1%, mainly because so many people are simply dropping out of the official workforce. They have been looking for work for so long, they have finally given up and stopped looking. They may be working for cash, much to the chagrin of the IRS, or they may not be working at all.

How else can you explain the unemployment rate dropping, when only 115,000 jobs were added from March to April. At the same time, 342,000 people decided it was no longer worth the effort to continue looking for a job.

This is why Obama doesn’t want us to focus on the economy. This is why he has worked so hard to change the subject to something, anything, other than the economy. Birth control, war on women, and now gay marriage have all served his purpose well. It’s up to people like you and me to make sure these distractions do not work. Let’s keep this about the issues that really matter in this election. Let’s tell the story of the labor numbers, and the economy, that Obama doesn’t want us to tell.

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  • Obama is on track to be the only president in the nation’s history to end his term with a net job loss. That is big, and his press toadies are ignoring it.

    • Not only are they ignoring it, they are actively trying to hide the facts.

  • Billiam

    In this, Obama is not alone. The Federal Government has been cooking the numbers for a long time, and not just on unemployment. Look at the way inflation is calculated. They need to keep the people ignorant. Unfortunately, a majority of the people are very helpful in this.

    • I agree. Our government likes statistics because they are so easily manipulated.

  • Stop distracting us from talking about homosexual marriage! 🙂 Actually the issue might be a winner for Romney, he’s up 7 according to Rasmussen.

    We’re to the point where even the people who don’t follow politics don’t believe the unemployment numbers anymore. Everyone knows it’s higher than 8.1%, a lot higher in fact. It’s why consumer confidence keeps dipping. It’s why Obama isn’t doing better in the polls (pre-homosexual marriage announcement) even though the official unemployment number is down. The masses who don’t pay attention aren’t buying the government line and that doesn’t bode well for Obama or society at large because it means people really don’t trust government.

    • I have been reading about those polls. It is encouraging that the latest political maneuvering by Obama seems to have backfired. If that is really the case, then I hope he continues to misfire.

  • I’ve never seen Obama play basketball, but head fakes only work so long and then the defender catches on. A Texas convict kepy Obma from topping 60% in the West Virginia democrat primary and actually beat him in nine counties. I do think his halo is slipping.

    • It does seem that the allure of our nation’s first black President is fading.

      • lou222

        Guess when someone is fake, the newness wears off and people lose interest. Let’s hope they either stay home for the voting booths, or they see their mistake from last time and are not stupid enough to repeat it, again. Surely even they are suffering under this president.

  • Correct, when someone “leaves” the labor force they are no longer reflected in unemployment numbers.

    The real story, however, is the record numbers of people applying for, and getting, disability:

    A record 5.4 million workers and their dependents have signed up to collect federal disability checks since President Obama took office, according to the latest official government data, as discouraged workers increasingly give up looking for jobs and take advantage of the federal program.

    This is the true unreported aspect of Obamanomics. And this has put great strain on Social Security.

    I would write an article on it, and still may, but there’s only so much time in a day to discuss all the problems Obamanomics has created.

    • I just finished the article you linked to and it has some troubling numbers. For me, the question is this. It mentioned that many people are applying for disability, after their unemployment benefits run out. Apparently, the majority of those who apply for disability are accepted. If these people were in the workforce until they lost their jobs, what makes them eligible for disability?

      I realize there are people who really can’t work, but this appears to be a case of many people gaming the system and succeeding in becoming a government dependent. This isn’t encouraging news.

      • Don’t Dens want people to become Government dependent?

      • lou222

        I was not aware it was that easy to get disability. Seems like the people I now that have finally received it have had to be using a walker OR a wheel chair and have applied numerous times. Why would you be able to work, then get laid off, receive unemployment and then go on disability without a history of ailments that you should have to prove? That is amazing.

        • I don’t understand how that could happen either. But, it evidently is happening. I say again, surely this is not how the system is supposed to work.

          • lou222

            No Larry, that is not how it should work. I have no problem if someone genuinely needs help, but when I see generation after generation getting vouchers for rental and power being paid, water, cell phones, link cards, WIC, and on SSI on top of it, they make more combined than we do. Then you add each additional child on top of that and why would they even consider working???? There are some that are generational that are proud to pass it along to their children and grandchildren, that ability to get all the “free stuff”, so there is really no incentive to do what is right, that would go along with having self respect and I see a lack of that here in my city in certain areas. Guess they think they are born into a certain level and they never work to get out of it, that is what is said, no need to do it. The really wrong part of all of this, is that alot of these kids are healthy, intelligent kids that could do so much more with their lives if they had PARENTS that pushed them to do their best.

  • There is no doubt that Obama’s “evolution” was designed to take the focus of the economy. Obama would rather make this election about social issues then his record and it is obvious why. No matter what Obama or the MSM say the economy is not getting much better so Obama needs another issue and the MSM is all too willing to oblige him.
    It may backfire this time because I think Obama miscalculated this issue; there is not nearly the support for gay marriage that Obama thought there was, and the gay community isn’t as large as Obama thinks it is. The latest poll has Romney with a 7% lead over Obama. THis is his biggest lead and it came after Obama’s “evolution.”

    • He may have severely miscalculated on this issue. It is encouraging that so many people are taking notice of what Obama is doing. If we can only convince them to look even closer, to examine how he is increasing our deficit and debt, surely they could see the damage he is doing to our country.

      • It is encouraging Larry, you are right. I think people who are hurting are listening to this and they see the media talking about this issue while they are wondering how they are going to make ends meet, and they are probably wondering why Obama and the media is focused on this.

        • lou222

          Or they are wondering why their president is not taking care of them. From my experience, as long as things are going along smoothly for people and they get what they want, things are fine. When they stop getting those things, well, I don’t think it will be very pretty.

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