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KDE 4.2 on it’s way to sidux

For quite some time, I have been watching the progress of KDE 4.2 and wondering when it would be time for me to try it out. Since I use sidux, I wasn’t sure when KDE 4.2 would be going live. sidux is based off Debian Linux and it has been frozen while they were preparing the newest stable version of Debian, called lenny. From the news circulating on the sidux forums, it appears KDE 4.2 is only days away from being included in sidux.

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When the news of KDE 4 first started filtering onto the Internet, it seemed the going opinion was very negative. Actually, I understand that somewhat, simply because I have been involved in alpha and beta testing of Opera, my main web browser for years. It seems that every time a new version of Opera is released, there are any number of faithful Opera users who are unhappy with the changes that have been made. There have been some of them that I have been unhappy with myself, but it really boils down to the fact that changes happen in the world of software and we just have to get used to a new and possibly better way of doing things. The same idea applies to KDE 4.

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My brother installed KDE 4.2 on his sidux system over the weekend, using an experimental repo, and the reports he has given me make me very excited to try it on my own computer. It has a lot of eyecandy, such as some of the features from Compiz, but he says it is very customizable and no problem at all to use. KDE 4.2 definitely sounds different and the screenshots he has sent me show it to be so. It handles multiple desktops differently than did KDE 3.5 and it includes several desktop widgets or gadgets that will certainly come in handy in my computer work. As with KDE 3.5, it also appears that it will be easy to set up for my wife, which is a major plus.

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Since I do not have KDE 4.2 installed yet, while I wait on it to be included in sidux, I can’t really give you a lot of details, but from what I have learned from reading articles and my brother’s first hand experience with the desktop, it sounds exciting. Please stay tuned to my blog because as soon as I have KDE 4.2 installed on my system and am familiar with using it, I plan to write a detailed review. I think we can truly say, the best is yet to come.

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  • TonyY

    I hope KDE4.2 is a success for you, but so far my own experiments with KDE4 have not been satisfactory. The biggest problem as far as a business user is concerned is that it breaks completely from the format of KDE3.5 so that the “time is money” situation rears its ugly head and you have to relearn a window manager ……but you already KNOW how to use KDE3.5 which is also working perfectly…….It’s a bit of a bind. I am not the only person who is finding this situation. Here is a comment from Warren Woodford in an SJVN article:

    Woodford added, “I know a lot of our users were happy that Debian decided to continue supporting KDE 3.5. They like what they have and don’t want to be forced to learn the KDE 4 look and feel.”

    From what I understand KDE4.2 allows you to set the user interface to “mimic” KDE 3.5……..if so, great; that would allow you to actually **use** KDE4.2 while retaining a known interface and slowly, when able, get to understand the feel of the new interface…..productivity does not suffer and the user is comfy with the fact that the new version will still “feel” like the old one…….From my perspective, I don’t really feel that KDE4 will be useful until it is past KDE4.3 In any event, these are just MY perspectives……others are likely to indicate that KDE4.2 is the greatest thing since sliced bread and good luck to all of them and enjoy……I have a more pragmatic and practical viewpoint……I need something to simply work and not spend time relearning what I already know…..and that appears to be (whether actually true or not, and is probably being very unfair to the team anyway) something the KDE team ignored in the production of KDE4.

  • paul

    I’m really enjoying sidux. It’s been running on my Dell 1501 laptop (AMD64x2) for the last year and now my wimpy 900MHz 1MB Celeron desktop is running it. And very nicely too, I might add.

    I use the Celeron for all my scanning. I have a SCSI Umax Mirage IIse large format scanner connected to it. I used to love PCLinuxOS, but now it seems that a bunch of things have either broken or now require additional hacking to work. So I pitched it from this machine and installed sidux and away we go.

    Thanks for the heads-up re KDE4.2. I’ve been expecting it, but had no idea when it might appear.

    Note that I’ve also tried the *buntus on both these devices as well as on a P4 and AMD64 Athlon. Once installed, each device ran like a snail. I almost opened up the Dell laptop to very that there really was an AMD64x2 with 2GB in there because it was running like a 486 with 128MB. There is definitely something wrong with Ubuntu. But they got a great PR machine.

    sidux, however, rocks the Casbah.

  • sexysofie

    i’ll throw my computer in the trash before i run kde4. i don’t like it.

  • Ron

    Well, Larry, there has been quite a lot of chatter over at the Mepis Lovers forum about KDE 4.2, and there is a wide range of view regarding it. I have not tried it, but one of the forum regulars has produced a Mepis DVD which includes 4.2 so you can give it a whirl. It even has ausf enabled so you can install some packages while trying out the Live DVD.

    I’m running Mepis 7 on my desktop with Beryl for the eye-candy thing, and Compiz on my laptop which runs Mepis 8-rc3. Personally, I like Beryl much better; KDE 4.2 has some of the same goodies you see in Compiz/Beryl, but I believe KWin is the window manager instead of Compiz. I’m not 100% on that, however.

    I can hardly wait for your review.

    Ron’s last blog post..Chocolate Brown Allan & Sons ESV1 Bible

  • Ron

    Finally! Mepis 8 is out and I’m tickled. My laptop is running the new 8, which has been upgraded through the repos. I’ll probably do a fresh install in a few days, and make another USB key. That way, I can install from a flash drive and not have to worry about carrying a CD around for a live session.

    Ron’s last blog post..Cheer Us Up, Mr. President