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John McCain has chosen his running mate

According to Politico, John McCain has made his decision on who wil be his running mate. Of course, the really important part, who the VP choice is, hasn’t been leaked yet, but with the person in question being informed on Thursday and outed on Friday, don’t be surprised if it leaks through the cracks at one point or another.

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Sen. McCain has chosen his running mate and the person will be notified on Thursday, a senior campaign official said.

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A friend said McCain had pretty much settled on his selection early this week, and it crystallized in the past few days. Campaign manager Rick Davis flew to McCain’s cabin in Sedona, Ariz., a few days ago to confer, and another meeting about the choice was held with top aides Wednesday.

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McCain is planning to roll out his vice presidential nominee in three battleground states this weekend, with large-scale rallies planned for Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri, according to aides and advisers.

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The GOP nominee-in-waiting will move to immediately change the campaign conversation from Barack Obama’s football stadium acceptance speech Thursday to the new Republican ticket, to be revealed at a noontime Friday rally in a Dayton, Ohio, basketball arena. McCain and his running mate will then travel by bus to Pennsylvania, where they’ll hold an outdoor event at a minor league baseball stadium in Washington County, just southwest of Pittsburgh. On Sunday, the duo will head to suburban St. Louis for another event to be held at a minor league baseball stadium, this one in O’Fallon, Mo.

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This announcement is bound to fuel further speculation about who the nominee will be and while I understand why McCain is waiting, ie. trying to steal Barack Obama’s thunder and counter his convention bounce, I wish they would just get it out of the way and let everyone know who the poor sap is. (I can’t believe I just wrote that.) Let’s see now, could it be Pawlenty, Romney, Huckabee, or Lieberman? We should all know by Friday and to be honest, I almost feel sorry for whoever gets the call.

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That’s my take!

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  • Do you think Senator McCain will choose a woman to fill the second spot? I have some doubts about that question, but there is a slight chance, to be sure.

    Whomever he chooses has to be better than the one Senator Obama picked.

  • I honestly do not believe he will, but it would have been a good decision,depending on who the woman was. I have my own feelings about who he will choose and actually already have a blog post ready to publish, in case I am right. The only hint I will give is that it isn’t who I would really prefer. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, nothing else.