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ISIS Sends Obama a Message. Obama Goes Golfing [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES]

How many more Americans and others will die before Obama gets serious about this plague of evil?

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You may have heard the usual litany from those who want us to refrain from acting to counter the ISIS monsters currently on a killing spree in Iraq and Syria. It’s none of our business they say when Christians and Yazidis are slaughtered in a genocidal rampage.

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James Wright Foley is the first American to fall victim to this plague of evil. He was beheaded in a gruesome video (WARNING GRAPHIC). I challenge those who say we should not do anything to counter ISIS to watch that video and realize that unless we stop these monsters they will be coming here to the U.S. Notice that the killer spoke with an English accent. We will see him again at a school near you?

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After learning of Foley’s murder Obama made another statement Wednesday decrying the brutality of ISIS. He promised “When people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done. And we act against ISIL, standing alongside others.”

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That’s sure to scare ISIS. Most of the Benghazi killers are still running loose after Obama declared they would be hunted down. Worse still Obama has presented no strategy which is intended to defeat these monsters. The Pentagon has admitted that the current policy of limited bombing is not a plan to defeat ISIS or prevent them from expanding their operations elsewhere.

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We should also point out that immediately after making his statement Obama headed not to meetings with his advisers to devise a strategy but to the golf course.

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James Foley’s parents broke down in tears at a news conference outside their home in New Hampshire. They called James “a martyr for freedom.” His father John said ISIS is “a stain on the human race,” he said. “It’s just awful. There simply isn’t enough being done. If more was done, then Jim would be here right now.”

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There’s not enough being done. And again, I challenge those who would support Obama’s policy to look at the graphic image below. It’s blood on your hands:

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Don’t complain if you click HERE and are offended or disturbed. Time to face reality however painful.

James Foley. American. Murdered by ISIS.

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  • A.c. Volper


  • One thing is certain. The Obama administration needs to understand that ISIS, as well as all other radical Islamic terrorist groups, have no compunction about killing innocent men, women, or children. They are complete and total animals and should be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately, I see no desire or inclination to do that from Obama and his group of liberal advisers.

  • Steven Birn

    If Obama’s position is that the United States shouldn’t be involved in the middle east then he should come right out and say so and be done with the whole matter. Instead, he gets involved, picking various socialist groups to support before backing off of them and creating more resentment.

    As for going golfing after his statement on isis, I understand why it looks so bad. There’s another side to the matter though. We shouldn’t stop everything because some terrorist did something evil. We should go on with our lives. To stop everything gives the terrorist the sort of power over us he desires. So I’m not going to go after Obama for not stopping everything over the murder of a journalist.