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Is More Gun Control The Answer?

Gun ControlI have been thus far silent about the terrible tragedy that took place last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. What Adam Lanza did was evil on an unimaginable scale. The thought of him shooting his way inside the school and then systematically killing 20 children and 6 adults, ending only when he heard the first signs of armed resistance coming down the halls, has stuck in my mind for days. It made me hug our two grandchildren a little closer over the weekend and my heart still hurts from the news. I can not express how badly I felt at church Sunday morning as one of the men of our church requested that we pray for the victims in Connecticut. Surrounded by a church full of young children, even holding one of them on my lap, made me realize even more how terrible this tragedy really was.

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As with any such tragedy, the first questions that have been asked have been centered around someone or something to shoulder the blame. Predictably, the liberal proponents of tighter gun control laws have already made their voices heard. Clearly, they want to restrict gun sales and I believe, if they thought they could pull it off, ban them entirely. In their eyes, guns are evil. It seems to escape their attention that Adam Lanza was responsible for killing the children and adults in Newtown, not the .223 Bushmaster rifle. Even Wal-Mart has stepped into the frenzy of knee jerk responses, as they have pulled the Bushmaster from their stores. With all due respect to Wal-Mart, the Bushmaster rifle is not the culprit. It was Adam Lanza pulling the trigger.

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As I was browsing through different news stories this morning, I came across one from the Associated Press that discussed how the NRA has went silent after the shooting in Newtown. They have not responded to the hateful tweets that have appeared on Twitter. Some of the pictures included with the article contained signs that displayed slogans like “Stop The NRA”, “Kill The NRA, Not Children”, and “Protect Children, Not Guns”.  Again, with all due respect to others who no doubt have a different viewpoint than mine, the NRA is not the culprit. Nothing the NRA has done in promoting our 2nd Amendment rights allowed Adam Lanza to accomplish his goal of killing the children in Newton.

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President Obama has made it clear that in the coming days, he will use the power of his office to try to make sure tragedy such as this never happens again. He has made it clear that stricture gun control laws are needed and some of his liberal friends in Congress have already noted they wanted the assault weapon ban to be reinstated. No doubt, the fact that Adam Lanza had several 30-round clips for the rifle he was using will be mentioned. I am surprised that someone hasn’t been declaring that these high-capacity clips serve no purpose, other than to allow someone to go on a rampage and kill more people, more easily. When that happens, they will fail to mention that a person with any kind of training at all can use a semi-automatic pistol to get off an amazing amount of shots, with only a few 10-round clips. For someone who has practiced, it is no hard feat for them to fire 10 rounds accurately and change clips. It takes about two seconds and they can continue firing, with little or no interruption.

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More gun control is not the answer to what happened in Newtown. No matter if it is a .223 Bushmaster with a 30-round clip, or a .44 Magnum revolver with a 6-shot cylinder, guns are not to blame when such a tragedy takes place. There is something much deeper and much more evil at work. If you can’t see that, take another look at the violence in movies and television shows. Take another look at the violence, blood, and gore that are glorified in video games. When are we going to realize as a society that those things do have results? Are we really going to be so naive that we will ignore the effects they are having on our society, both adults and children? I’m not saying those things should be banned, but if we are going to hear the same cry from the liberals that we always hear after such tragedies, wanting to restrict or ban guns, then why not look at some of the things that have caused our society to be so swayed so easily towards violence?

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There are still few clues as to why Adam Lanza turned to violence and chose to carry out his attack in Newtown. Hopefully, in the coming days, the authorities will be able to piece together why he chose to kill the children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. While we are waiting for that information, it would do us all well to step back and take a breath. A knee-jerk reaction to further restrict or ban guns is not the answer. Blaming the NRA or the 2nd Amendment is not the answer. Blaming the .223 Bushmaster Rifle is not the answer. We should be blaming Adam Lanza and looking at what caused him to commit this terrible crime against his community.

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  • Mark Garbers

    Here is a legislative proposal:
    Let the teachers at each school decide if they want to arm. Couple this with school vouchers so parents can decide if they want their kids going to an armed school or gun free school. If teachers do not want to arm then parents should be allowed to volunteer.

    • I wouldn’t be against that proposal, Mark. I think it is very important to note that had Sandy Hook Elementary not been a gun-free zone, this tragedy might well have been stopped in its tracks, before anyone at the school was killed.

  • The Leftard politicians and the left stream media are being dishonest. We must recognize that evil and mental illness exist. We won’t protect ourselves from them with legislation; least of all gun controls. Until we can have an honest discussion of these two issues, we will keep doing the wrong things.

  • We are a sick society.

    I will say that the dead mother is partly to blame for not safeguarding her guns. She knew her son was unstable, yet she did not lock up her weapons.

    We also have a mental health problem in this country. I am tired of hearing after the fact that ‘everbody knew he was crazy.’ Then why wasn’t the person evaluated?

    I also wonder how many of these mass shooters were ever on psychotropic drugs or ADD/ADHD medication?

  • On the same day as Newtown there was a man in China who went to a school and slashed twenty two children with a knife. In 2010, nearly 20 children were killed and 50 wounded in a string of copycat incidents around central China. China has strict gun control laws, so knives are the weapon of choice in violent crimes. Time to ban knives?

    Oh, and how many children are killed by drunk drivers every year? In 2010 there were 1,210 traffic deaths for children under 14 and one third of them involved a drunk driver. Time to ban alcohol again? Ban cars?

    Banning guns won’t prevent such events in the future and ignores the reason they happen.

  • I’m a lifelong gun owner yet am not philosophically opposed to some gun regulation. After all, we regulate who can drive a car or fly an airplane (I do both).

    In my home of Michigan, we historically have had some of the tightest gun regulation in America, requiring fingerprinting and an FBI check to purchase any handgun with the requisite waiting periods and mandatory registration. Yet for decades of this environment, Detroit had the unenviable title of Murder Capital of the World (now belonging to Chicago, with even tighter gun regs). Even with all this, it has given me some solace that the worst of the nutjobs would be unable to legally acquire handguns, but I WOULD. Definitely worth the extra effort.

    The problem with gun control is that it doesn’t work. We’ve HAD the Brady Bill and assault weapons bans, and these Newtown type of attacks were every bit as frequent. Remember Prohibition and highway speed limits of 55; both designed to solve genuine national problems, but carrying unintended consequences and ineffectiveness in addressing the real issues. Both, of course, were repealed. Neither is rounding up or “registering” every odd or eccentric person the answer. Almost all are harmless, and many of the maniacs gave little in the way of advance warning. Recall we rounded up Japanese Americans at the onset of WWII and regretted it (rightly so).

    I’m not sure of the answer (we MUST do more), but it should be a reasoned approach. How about armed security in each school or cops-on-the-beat randomly dropping at school daily or silent-alarm “panic buttons” in the reach of all staff or saferooms? Repeating ineffective strategies because they make us feel good is no answer and would actually detract from arriving at real solutions. But if some reasoned gun regulation ends up being part of a thoughtful natural strategy I’m comfortable with that.

    • I understand your point and would agree with it, for the most part. The trouble is, the liberals who advocate for more gun control have a different definition of “reasonable” than you or I do. The guns used in Newton were legally purchased. Adam Lanza stole them from his mother and killed her, before going on his wider rampage. Unless we are willing to either ban all guns, or make it so restrictive that most law-abiding citizens can not purchase them, then stricter gun control laws would not have saved the lives of the children and the adults who tried to protect them. Without being able to bring their own firearms to bear, I might add.

      This is not an easy issue and one that is certain to bring up a lot of rhetoric on both sides. I’m not sure I have the answers, but I do not believe more gun control laws are at the top of the list of possible solutions.

      • I agree, Larry, that knee-jerk gun bans are not the answer, and that the liberals would love to do just that. However, SOME regulation such as background checks, waiting periods, registering assault rifles and handguns etc does not seem unreasonable, especially in the context of combining this with better school safety and protection. All state laws and regulations are not equal. I think more can be done as well to monitor and control access to guns by the truly mentally ill, and hold caregivers legally responsible who turn a blind eye to the obviously violent. While I’m generally in favor of states-rights, there may need to be a unifying approach between states on this issue.

  • The liberals don’t want to regulate guns, they want an all out ban on all guns. Their attitude toward the guns is the same as their attitude toward compromise on taxing and spending. They want to take everything they can and not budge an inch on their side of the fence.

  • Steve Dennis

    The liberals are focusing on gun control for two reasons: First, they want to enforce more gun control laws anyway and this gives them an excuse, and second; it is the easy way out. By going after guns they can appear to be doing something about the problem when in fact they are ignoring the fact that the society they have helped to create is the real problem. The problem is much deeper than gun control and they are too cowardly to admit it so they look to create more laws that will not work simply for appearances while ignoring the true problem. The problem is not with the tool used to commit such a crime, but rather with the culture that drives a person to commit this type of crime.

    Great post Larry!

    • You are exactly right and it is high time America woke up and realized that fact. Our entire culture and society have been poisoned, but the guilty parties want nothing to do with the responsibility they should shoulder.

  • Larry, you’re attempting to employ reason and facts in a debate where Liberals have only one concern: reducing our Constitutional Rights as much as possible.

    Whether it’s a car, handgun, rifle, bomb, or fire people will always find a way to commit evil acts. The murderer was denied buying a gun so he stole them from his mother.

    You can’t stop something like that.

  • Dragonconservative

    Here’s the thing. The Second Amendment was meant for people to be able to protect themselves from whatever threats were out there at the time. In order to do so in today’s society, you don’t need a machine gun. You don’t need an assault rifle. All you need is a shotgun (if you want to hunt) or a couple of handguns. If there are any bans to be made, ban the big guns that are not necessary for protection. Now someone’s going to read this and say “What about criminals who have those guns?” The answer: those kinds of criminals are usually in organized crime, and if they’re after you, one machine gun/assault rifle isn’t going to stop them. All the people need for basic protection are handguns and shotguns.

    • I understand your point, but I disagree that more gun bans are in order. Mark my words, if the gun control advocates get their way and are able to institute a ban of any kind, it will embolden them to attempt to ban other guns they feel are “unnecessary”. That is a dangerous path for us to trod.

  • Guns are practically banned in Russia yet that country has a murder rate 5 times the United States. Guns are nearly banned in London but in that city armed robbery is up several hundred times what it was in the 50’s when there was no gun control. So no, we don’t need more gun control.

  • Mike

    You’re all opposed to any more gun control — I get it. but how about making thr controls that are already on the books and, seemingly, accepted by the gun community, more effective? If it’s true, as I recentky heard, that 40% of all gun sales now take place without any background checks, then how about closing that gap and making it a tad more difficult for the bad guys to buy guns? Why is requiring background checks at gun shows a problem for anybody? I’ve never understood that.