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I Thought Voter Fraud Was Non-Existent

Voter FraudWell now, a fellow can learn something new every day. I have written about voter fraud before, but every time I have, the defense of the left is that I was crying wolf over something that didn’t exist. Voter fraud is non-existent or exists in very small numbers that do not amount to real voter fraud. Or so they say. As it turns out, more and more cases of voter fraud are cropping up in the news, much to the chagrin of the left. They don’t like to admit the truth about this issue, but voter fraud is a very real problem that should be dealt with. It could be, easily enough, were it not for the howling of the left-wing liberals who oppose any and all attempts to restrict the casting of illegal ballots.

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I’m not here to tell you voter fraud cost Mitt Romney the election in 2012. But does that really matter? There are documented cases of people voting more than once for Barack Obama. Even one of those cases is illegal and it wouldn’t matter if the votes were cast for Obama or Ronald Reagan. They would still be illegal and the practice should be stopped.

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Florida officials are in the federal hot seat over its attempts to purge the voter rolls in their state. The Department of Justice is wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth because Florida found a simple way to determine if illegal votes are being cast. They simply compared the list of people who begged out of jury duty, claiming they were not citizens, with the list of people who actually cast votes in the 2012 election. Care to guess what they found? Yeah, they found several names that appeared on both lists. Hmmm, I wonder what that means? Could it be illegal votes were cast in Florida in the 2012 election?

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Just to prove the facts for themselves, a Florida news station decided to run a voter integrity check for themselves. John Hayward has the results, as well as some news about voter fraud in Ohio.

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Human Events – A local news station in Florida decided to run the same jury duty vs. voter registration integrity test last month… and easily discovered yet another large group of invalid voters… several of whom illegally voted in past elections.  Remember, every liberal hack in the land will tell you this never, ever happens:

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One of the fraudsters caught by this news team illegally voted in at least six prior elections, but that’s nothing compared to vote fraud queen bee Melowese Richardson of Ohio, convicted of four counts of felony vote fraud last year.  Claims that she was merely making honest mistakes were difficult to square with the fact that she was a poll worker.  Her crime spree stretched back as far as the 2008 elections.  She was sentenced to five years in prison, but was released early because she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, thanks to the diligent efforts of her George Soros-funded legal team.

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Good news, honest voters of Ohio: she’s evidently eligible to vote again, and even get another job as a poll worker, under Ohio law.  Maybe she can even get another job at the EPA-funded environmentalist group she used to sit on the board of.

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The obvious question is why do liberals insist on claiming voter fraud is not a real problem. That question has an obvious answer, in that they do not want a potential voter group to be sidelined. They make the claim that voter ID laws disenfranchise minority voters, but that’s simply not true. Their concerns about disenfranchisement could easily be put at ease, if that’s what they really wanted. It’s not. They are using it as an excuse to hide their real goal of enabling every voter they can possibly enable, regardless of their voter eligibility.

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What troubles me more than anything is how the Department of Justice works so hard against states who are enacting voter ID requirements. They fight against states like Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, and Florida that are trying to make sure the only votes cast in our states are legal. Again, they fall back on voter disenfranchisement as their excuse, but that excuse does not hold water in the real world. They even use racism as a basis for this false accusation, but is just another leg of their broken argument. Here is John Hayward again.

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What message does all this send to fraudsters?  (Rhetorical question – it couldn’t be more clear if it was printed on billboards.)  Tell me again how we shouldn’t be using the standard identification technologies of our age to secure the ballot, liberals.

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We have a big problem with the vast, murky swamp of “kinda-sorta laws” Americans are compelled to plod through.  It works both ways, as many of us come under both official and unofficial assault for activities which are not technically criminal, such as earning “too much” money.  Meanwhile, laws on the books are routinely waived or ignored by our political class.  Vote fraud most certainly should not fall into this swamp.  Either deliberate vote fraud is a crime, or it is not.  If it is not, then you don’t live in a democratic republic any more.  If it is, then it should be prevented and prosecuted vigorously.  Not only does this thwart determined actors, it sends a potent warning to would-be miscreants.  Criminal activity is generally a rational transaction, in which costs are weighted against benefits.  This is especially true of ballot box theft, which is hardly a crime of passion – it’s deliberate, and in some cases, organized.  When the benefits from such activity are great, while the costs are low, it will occur more often.

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It’s absurd that our society is expected to leave itself open to such attack by deliberately avoiding the standard identification techniques we use in countless other walks of life.  Voter ID is not about creating some bizarre new security system that would make TSA agents blush.  It’s about refusing to keep ourselves mired in 1960s procedures until we’re halfway through the new century, if not the new millennium.  Instead of debating exactly how commonplace these offenses are – already a losing proposition for the opponents of voter ID, who find themselves with a lot of news stories needing a flush down the Memory Hole – let’s just make them non-existent and be done with it.

There is no real reason to not implement voter ID laws. It would not be that hard to do and it has the very real possibility that it will stop voter fraud in its tracks. As Americans who want every legal vote to be counted, is that not a laudable goal to have and obtain? It would be easily obtainable, were it not for the liberals making false claims that voter fraud doesn’t really exist and their friends in the Department of Justice backing them up. Maybe we should check their voter ID. Do they have something to hide?

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  • acethepug

    LD, I just got the new answer from the Lying Left from a Mediate column — since Voter ID wouldn’t have prevented the poll worker from committing HER fraud, it doesn’t count.

    That’s shameless goalpost moving that even Obama would be proud of.

    Facts and Leftist dogma never intersect. We’ve now gone from “there is no proof of voter fraud” to “the new laws wouldn’t have stopped it anyway,” without missing a beat.

    Fact: The Left opposes anything that will combat voter fraud because that is how they win. All those “found” votes for Franken, the way the overseas ballots for the military were lost and not counted, fraud is the province of the Left. If it were a strong tool of the Right, THEN the Left might care …

    • I’m glad you straightened that up for me. That’s the first I’ve heard of that excuse to not implement voter ID laws.

      Seriously, I never cease to be amazed at the fervor with which liberals fight against making sure that every vote that is counted is legal. They go to great lengths to discredit every effort to institute voter ID, as if we were asking them to cut off their right hand. Come to think of it, maybe that’s how they feel.

  • When the liberals say voter fraud isn’t a problem, what they really mean is it isn’t a problem – for them. I find it more than interesting that all the reports of voter fraud I have ever seen were about people voting for the Democrat more than once; never the Republican. You can be sure that if voter fraud was being committed that benefitted the GOP the left would be jumping at doing something about it.

    • Oh, I am sure of that. That would be another classic example of the left getting away with something they are castigating the right for. If there was an inkling that conservatives were guilty of voter fraud, the uproar would be swift and across the board.

  • The problem with this issue is that the Democrats only look at the “big picture,” when it comes to voter fraud, and they do it on purpose.

    We know that the presidential election is not determined by the popular vote, but rather the electoral college system. But what Democrats try to avoid is talking about the state-by-state rules for how state electoral votes are assigned.

    Each state sets its own rules for determining how electoral votes are cast. Here’s where the problem lies: some states determine their electoral votes by district. This means that if the required districts vote for a particular candidate, then all of that state’s electoral votes go to that candidate. So it’s like a mini electoral college style vote on the state level.

    Why is that a problem? Well, it means that the 5,000 votes that would not matter in a popular election suddenly DO matter, because those 5,000 fraudulent votes can win a district that seals the deal for that state’s electoral votes.

    • That is a point I had not thought of. It puts the claim by the left that voter fraud is small and insignificant in an entirely different frame. Indeed, a small number of votes could sway the election because of the Electoral College.

  • Remember the NAACP event in North Carolina where they required protesters to have a valid photo ID to protest AGAINST photo ID requirements for voting?

    There are so many examples of vote fraud but Democrats pretend that they do not exist:

    • I remember that. It still sounds like the height of hypocrisy.

  • Maybe not the presidency, but surely at least one senate seat from Minnesota which gave us obamacare.

    • You are absolutely correct. Al Franken almost certainly won his seat because of voter fraud.

  • Some people lock their houses and their cars when they leave them unattended, not because they are expecting to be robbed, but to prevent or impede that possibility.

    Requiring voter ID would be prudent even if there were no evidence of voter fraud (which is sadly too abundant) merely for that reason.

    • That’s how reasonable people see this debate. Of course, we can’t accuse the left of being reasonable, so they get a pass on that.

  • EstablishmentByProxy

    Election fraud is just expected if you ask me. To the common man, our tally system seems rather opaque. It has the veneer of control what with the tear this off and hand it to the poll worker while I’m charged with dropping the slip in the ballot box. But what’s going on after that? A lot of trust is what and that goes double for the flashier electronic methods.

    Have you ever seen an analysis of what percentage within a standard deviation to two of the national vote is fraudulent? I have not, but I’ll guess (wildly uneducated) it’s a few percent.

    If I’m anywhere near correct, that would mean we have much bigger fish to fry when it comes to *uneducated* voters. Voters that vote party lines ‘because that is my family has always voted’. With that group I would readily included those that see immediate gain in a certain outcome while aschewing the longer term ramifications and secondary effects restraining our liberty that lie therein. Or those that have about as much knowledge of the topic at hand as what is printed in the five line wordsmithed summary of a topic found on the ballot (boy there are some doozie slants to be found in those). Or a myriad of other knee jerk motivations, left or right just the same … you get the point.

    Sure, fix the illegal voting, but nothing will turn us from our downward course more than an astute and jealously guarded electorate, one that I fear is less and less the case as unadulterated socialism metastasizes within our culture as a whole.

    • I would not argue against your point at all. Stopping voter fraud is a must, but if we do not also succeed in informing the average voter, to the point where they can make a decision on who to vote for with real facts and knowledge, then we may very well be fighting a losing battle.