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Huckabee’s State of the State Speech, January 2003

I am sure most of us have seen the You Tube video of Mike Huckabee asking for tax increases. I admit, it does not cast our candidate in a favorable light, but it is interesting that the entire text or the entire video of that speech is nowhere to be found. It is not fair to anyone to judge them on a one minute portion of a speech. The comments made by Huckabee need to be put into context and perspective. If and when the entire speech is found, I will post it here and I am sure other bloggers will do the same.

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While we can’t seem to find the entire speech to do this, Christian, over at Save Talk Radio, has found the text of the State of the State speech, given by Mike Huckabee in January of 2003.  This preceded the You Tube video by about four months and it puts the comments into proper perspective.  The entire speech can be read here. Huckabee opens with:

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Gov. Rockefeller, Mr. Speaker, distinguished members of the assembly, friends and special guests from the gallery and across our state: We come together today facing a budget crisis, a state of trouble and trial in the national economy, court decisions that have created an extraordinary challenge for us, even quotes in the newspaper from some of you that maybe would make this the first time in Arkansas history that a governor with the largest number of votes has gone back to the people and asked for a recount. I realize that as I stand here today, many of you in this room didn’t necessarily choose me to be your governor. But the same people who elected you elected me. I’m not asking that you like me or agree with my politics. I just ask that you respect the position to which I’ve been elected and that you pledge your cooperation. I recognize your position. I respect the voters’ choice of you, and I pledge you my absolute cooperation.

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It is very important to remember, Huckabee was faced with an almost impossible situation. He was mandated by the Arkansas State Supreme Court to correct the school funding issue and he had to do it with a balanced state budget, per the Constitution of the State of Arkansas. He was faced with doing all of this and trying to work with a Democrat controlled state legislature. He didn’t have a lot of options. To say he is a tax and spend liberal is more than just a play on words. It is an out and out lie. It simply is not the truth. Please do the research for yourself. Check out the facts and you will find the truth.

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That’s my take!

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  • Thanks for the link Larry.
    I searched about two hours last night for the whole speech the YouTube video comes from. No luck. I know it was made on May 5, 2003 at the beginning of the First Extraordinary Session of the 84th General Assembly. I found some archived newspaper articles about the speech (in a pay per view format) but they didn’t look like they would have the whole speech so I didn’t pay.
    If anyone has any luck, please let me know!

  • Thanks to TheHuckReport for posting the entire speech. He has it there, and I have it YouTubed on