Huckabee on the Michael Reagan show

I just finished listening to the interview of Mike Huckabee on the Michael Reagan talk show. As you know, Michael Reagan is the son of former president, Ronald Reagan and I thought he asked some tough but fair questions of Huckabee.

One of the questions was about the SCHIP bill that was vetoed by President Bush.  Reagan plainly said he was taken back by the answer Huckabee gave on the bill on another talk show and asked him to explain his position and if he would have vetoed the bill.  The answer Mike Huckabee gave just shows one more reason we need him as President.  He explained he would have vetoed the bill in it’s present form, but he would not have allowed the bill to come before him in that form because he would have framed the debate in a way that would have shown what the bill was all about.   The two then got into a discussion about the way the Republicans have fallen down on the job and let the Democrats frame the debate about the issues.

Huckabee also had the chance to mention the ambush/interview by Bill O’Reilly.  He made the statement that he was part of a majority of people in our country who were pro-life and believed in the Bible, but that O’Reilly had tried to make it look as if he were an idiot.  To Huckabee, it is all part of “framing the debate”.  He made it very clear that the media was being allowed to tell the people what the conservatives were against and the conservatives were not telling the people what they were for.  I must say, it was a very enlightening interview and you would do good to listen.

Go here for the entire audio.

That’s my take!


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