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Hillary Clinton for Vice-President in 2012?

Here’s a thought that should terrify those of us looking to remove Barack Obama from the White House in November. It is looking like the lockHillary Clinton he had on reelection isn’t so great at the moment. This is partially due to his inept record on the economy, as well as his many missteps in this campaign. Many of his efforts to change the subject from the economy have backfired and have had the opposite effect. There are some who have speculated that he would not allow Joe Biden to run for Vice-President this time around. There is good reason for that speculation. There are also those who strongly believe President Obama will choose Hillary Clinton to replace Biden. If that is what he has up his sleeve, we should all be worried.

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As I was browsing through some of my normal reading this morning, I came across an article on The Washington Times. Joseph Curl firmly believes the plans are already in the works to replace Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton, and he gives some good reasons for this belief. The President is clearly in trouble. Part of this is because how he is losing his advantage with women. In one poll, Mitt Romney leads Obama 46% to 44%. Obama’s team is aware they can not win this election without the support of women.

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Enter Hillary. As Secretary of State, she has visited 165 countries, racking up 750,000 miles in the air, according to the State Department. She also happened to win 18 million votes in the 2008 primaries. Last month, her favorable rating hit an all-time high of 65 percent, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll — just 27 percent viewed her unfavorably. Contrast that with Mr. Biden, whose favorable rating was 41 percent, with a whopping 44 percent unfavorable, according to a Fox News poll last week.

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Think this will not happen, or is completely unfeasible? I am afraid, literally, that it is feasible and will happen. Stop and think for a moment. Hillary Clinton is very popular with women. She did capture a lot of votes in the 2008 primary. About 18 million votes, if I recall correctly. Many of these voters are still chomping at the bit, wanting to see her run in 2016. More than a few wanted her to challenge Obama in the primary. What will happen if Obama dumps Biden and brings Hillary Clinton on board, preferably with the right timing? (Joseph Curl thinks it will be right before or at the Democratic National Convention.) I’ll tell you what will happen, women will coalesce behind an Obama/Clinton ticket. We may think Obama can be defeated and we may be right, but that defeat will be very hard to accomplish, if he brings Hillary Clinton on board as his Vice-President.

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  • I too fear it is very plausible. It doesn’t matter that the Obamas and the Clintons hate each others guts. This is about raw politics and naked power.

    Adding Hillary to the ticket greatly increases Obama’s reelection chances. Say what you want about Hillary, she is a smart woman and has demonstrated great competence in her short political career. I can’t stand her politics, but I must giver her her due.

    • I hope we are both wrong, Kurt. I know the Obamas and Clintons don’t get along, but politics make strange bedfellows. I wouldn’t put it past Obama to do this, if he can stand having Hillary in the country most of the time.

  • Nothing Obama does can surprise me any more. I have never been convinced the Hillary is smart. Shrewd, yes. As Secretary of State, she has been a disaster,IMO. She was behind the youth rebellions in North Africa and the Middlw-East and it has totally destabilized the region. She was the one saying Assad was someone she could work with. If she is serious about running in 2016, she needs to distances herself from Obama. That’s my two cents worth, anyway.

    • She is very shrewd and politically savvy. It all depends on if she thinks she can use the VP slot to further her ambitions. If she believes she can, she will take it in a heartbeat. It would be interesting to be privy to some of her private conversations. You know it has to have came up, at one time or another.

  • I’ve opined in the past that Obama should go after Hillary. She has a 65% approval rating and has been able to stay out of visible trouble at the State Department. I’ve also opined that Hillary would be crazy to join Obama if she wants to win in 2016. By becoming Obama’s VP, Hillary will spend four years as a political beast who will be saddled with any blame Obama earns. Come 2016 the country will be looking for someone from outside the Obama administration. That could be Hillary, so long as she isn’t VP.

    While I’m a poll watcher, I think it’s way to early to do anything more than note where the polls are at. We aren’t going to know anything about this race until the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare.

    • You have a good point. Whatever blame befalls Obama will be passed to his Vice-President. As I said in my reply to Jim, it all depends on if she thinks she can use the VP to further her ambitions. And trust me, she still has ambitions.

      • I agree completely. If Bubba thinks the VP spot will help Hillary, she’ll be VP. If they think ut will hurt her, then she won’t be. In fact, the Clinton’s could end up leaving Obama hanging just to make his re-election chances worse.

  • I had thought that Biden’s comments on gay marriage were planned so that Obama could announce his “evolution” but now I am almost certain this was a gaffe. I believe Obama will replace Biden because of this gaffe, but I think the Clinton’s still hold a grudge against Obama so I am not sure Hillary will do it. At least I can hope…..

    • I hope she doesn’t join the ticket. It will make it that much harder to defeat Obama if she does.

  • I have to be honest and say that this mystifies me. The Clinton’s hate Obama for ruining Hilary’s coronation. I have always thought that they want to pull the rug out from under him at some point. That, and the more I look at Obama’s campaign, and the complete lack of enthusiasm for it, I don’t see Hilary getting on a bandwagon that has the wheels coming off.

    • I have no doubt that you are right, Matt. The Clintons have very little use for Obama. They may make nice in public, but it was supposed to be Hillary’s turn in 2008 and he came along and ruined everything.

  • I don’t see Hillary playing second fiddle to Obama. She wants the top slot and I don’t put anything past her.

  • I don’t see it happening. Mainly for the fact that Hillary/Bill would not want to play second fiddle. I don’t think Bill believes Obama is that great of a president and I’m sure he wouldn’t want his wife to hitch herself that closely to him. Also, I don’t think Obama would want someone qualified to be VP.

    • I suppose it would be embarrassing if Obama’s Vice-President was actually qualified. That would put him at a distinct disadvantage.

      • I don’t think he’d want to be upstaged by them in a way that might make people say:

        They made a good point why doesn’t Obama say that?

  • I don’t know the answer to your question, but I think her political calculus centers on 2016. Many of her closest supporters (e.g., Douglas Schoen) have said that she should run now because Obama can’t govern effectively in a second term. I think it boils down to her estimates of the odds of victory if she joins the ticket.

    She also has to know that Romney would be relatively easy to defeat in 2016 if he wins.

    • I’ll guarantee you she is thinking about it. I have heard reports on the radio, where she claims it’s not even on her mind. Knowing the Clintons and the way they operate, there is no way that is true. They are calculating the best way for her to proceed, I am sure.