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Has Barack Obama Made #Ferguson Worse?

FergusonI have yet to write about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, for one simple reason. I have not felt like wading into the mud that seems to be getting thicker every day. Even with Missouri National Guard now helping the Missouri Highway Patrol police the area, Monday night was still dangerous on the streets in Ferguson. Dozens were arrested and two people were shot by the protestors. We do not know how this is going to end up, but I believe I can safely say, it will not be good.

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Simply put, the situation in Ferguson is a total mess. There is no real reason for it, even if it comes out that the officer had no real reason to shoot Michael Brown. That’s what we have laws for. Do we still claim to be a nation of laws? If so, then why is it so difficult for these people to let those laws do the job for which they were intended. Instead, they automatically jump to conclusions and start rioting and looting.

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One question I have is this. How would this situation unfolded before Obama and Holder were in power? I think it would have been different because the people who perpetrate such nonsense have been emboldened because they have “two of their own” in places of authority. That may sound like racism, but it is nothing of the kind. Stop and think for a moment. It is true that some racial tension may always be present in America. I could write countless paragraphs about that tension and the reasons for it. Some are legitimate, but some are just excuses. In spite of what so many black people seem to believe, white Americans are not always on the lookout for a black person to shoot, rob, pillage, or otherwise do wrong to. If anything, it is the other way around. Yes, racial tension may always be with us, but the person who is supposed to be President of all the people in the United States has made it very clear where he stands.

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Throughout his entire administration, President Obama has made racial tensions worse than they were before he took office. It is possible it started with the Harvard professor getting arrested for breaking into his own house. Instead of complying with the police and then letting them know the facts, Henry Louis Gates resisted the police. President Obama waded into a local issue by saying the police acted stupidly, without even knowing what happened. If anyone acted stupidly, it was Gates and Mr. Obama.

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The same thing happened with the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman affair. The President went on national television and said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. He publicly decried Zimmerman’s acquittal, making things worse by inserting himself into a local issue, before he had all the facts. That tells me he really doesn’t care about the facts. All he is interested in is advancing his agenda and the narrative of a little black boy being murdered by a white man (never mind that George Zimmerman isn’t white), fit the bill nicely.

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Make no mistake, I am not blaming President Obama for what happened to Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. However, I do think he bears some responsibility for what happened afterwards. Along with Jessee Jackson (I refuse to call him Reverend) and Al Sharpton, Obama has stirred up racial tensions and the strife between whites and blacks. In reality, I have yet to see that strife exemplified by whites. It is always the black community that seems so ready and willing to burn the house down because of some perceived wrongdoing. Here is what Obama had to say yesterday about what is happening in Ferguson.

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Politico – “While I understand the passions and the anger that arise over the death of Michael Brown, giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns, and even attacking the police, only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos, it undermines, rather than advancing justice,” Obama said a press conference Monday afternoon.

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Obama, however, added that constitutional rights to speak freely, assemble and those of the press must be “vigilantly safeguarded … especially in moments like these” adding that “there’s no excuse for excessive force by police.”

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Of the situation, Obama said Ferguson is “rightly hurting,” but called once again for people to “seek some understanding rather than to simply holler at each other.”

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“Let’s seek to heal, rather than to wound each other,” the president said.

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It appears to me the President is full of empty rhetoric and little else. We do not have all the facts concerning the shooting of Michael Brown and until we do, we should withhold judgement on what took place. As I mentioned in my comment on Mike’s post about Ferguson, it is a travesty that the law was not given a chance to work as it is designed in Ferguson. Conclusions were jumped to and the rioting and looting began. The shooting of Michael Brown was the excuse that allowed these people to do what they wanted to do. Couple that with the race baiters in chief, namely President Obama, Eric Holder, Jessee Jackson, and Al Sharpton, and what you see is total chaos. All of this, before the truth is even known about what really happened between Michael Brown and the police officer in question.

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We do not know, as of yet, if Officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown. The evidence seems to suggest he was, and that the teenager was not the gentle giant he has been portrayed to be, but that narrative is being rejected by the blacks on the ground, as well as white liberals, because it would mean the rioting and looting that has gone on has been completely unjustified. Actually, no matter how the evidence points, the rioting and looting is not warranted. But it would mean that even the protests were just the excuse to go on a rampage. That, my friends, is a sad commentary about what has taken place in Ferguson, MO in the past several days. A sad commentary, indeed.

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  • Only the beginning I fear. Obama has been itching for a race war, and he might just pull it off. Soon they will decide to go into the White communities and Martial Law can be proclaimed. That is my hunch on this.

    • The fact that Obama has been playing the victim mentality to the hilt is what gives his motives away. I believe his doing so is part of the reason why we see such a willingness to riot and loot, before the facts are known about what happened in Ferguson.

  • You’re echoing some thoughts about this I have been having lately. By dispatching Eric Holder to Ferguson he is just fanning the flames and I believe that is his intent. Meanwhile, dozens are either wounded or murdered by gunfire in his hometown of Chicago, but that is all irrelevant since it is only blacks murdering other blacks. Blacks are certainly not immune from being racists and the people you mention – Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder – are some of the biggest racists I’ve ever seen. They might as well have t-shirts made that say Kill Whitey.

    • Eric Holder is scheduled to visit Ferguson today. I can’t imagine anything positive coming out of that visit. The real issue of racism by blacks is completely ignored and swept under the rug. All the while, they are blaming whites for all their perceived troubles. That mentality is only good if they intend to use whites as the scapegoat for the real problems of the black community. Of course, that’s what they have been doing for decades. I see no reason to expect them to change now.

  • Steven Birn

    I’m not sure Obama has made anything worse here. The people protesting in the streets have attacked him, they apparently think he’s failed in his whole hope and change crusade. He’s become part of the establishment. They’re booing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, they’ve come to see them as money grubbing charlatans.

    These protests strike me as very anti-establishment. Unfortunately they’re being organized by extreme leftists, which means their anti-establishment rhetoric will veer to an even more extreme socialism than Obama. It strikes me though that the black community in this town, and in others, desires something different than what the establishment liberals are offering. There appears to be an opening for libertarians and conservatives to exploit. The problem for us is that the left has ingrained the lie of conservative racism on the hearts of blacks. This is a significant obstacle to overcome. However after 50 years of great society welfare with little to show for it, perhaps some poor blacks may be interested in something different.

    • I don’t mean Obama has necessarily made the situation at Ferguson worse itself. I just believe his entire attitude since taking office, the actions he has taken, or not, and his rhetoric, have all combined to make Ferguson a reality.

  • Obama has made divide and conquer the centerpiece of his regime and somehow I think Holder is only going to further that agenda when he shows up there tomorrow. They have been waiting for something like this to happen and now they have it. They will not let this crisis go to waste.

    • The Obama administration is pretty good at not letting a crisis go to waste. No reason for them to change tactics now.

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