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Harry Reid Blocks Appropriations Bills In Senate

No one should be surprised at this story. As we all know, all spending bills have to originate in the House of Representatives, per the Constitution. Presently, there are 12 major spending bills that need to be passed to allow the funds to flow for our government to operate. As of last Thursday, the House has passed seven of these bills through their chambers and sent them to the Senate for consideration.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has declared he will not allow the appropriations to even come to the floor of the Senate for a vote before the November election. His warped reasoning? He says they include more spending cuts than the Democrats agreed to in the debt reduction fight last summer. From The Washington Times:

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The debt deal called for discretionary spending to be capped at $1.047 trillion in 2013. Democrats view the number as a spending target, while Republicans say they are free — and morally obligated — to spend less.

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“Until the Republicans get real, we can’t do [spending bills], because [House Republicans] have refused to adhere to the law that guides this country,” Mr. Reid said earlier this month.

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Harry ReidIt is ironic that Harry Reid would accuse the Republicans for not adhering to the law that guides our country. He seems to have the opinion that the spending law mandates $1.047 trillion in spending in 2013. He has a strange interpretation of the law. That number is a spending cap, not a mandate to spend that amount.

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Harry Reid is showing his true liberal colors. He is a liberal Democrat who refuses to cut spending. Instead of even trying to negotiate with the House, he just tells them no because he doesn’t like the amount of spending cuts that are in their original bills. Instead of using the spending cap as a guideline and working from that cap down, he wants to make sure they get at least that much spending. If he could find a way to go over the cap, you can be sure he would do just that.

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Harry Reid will no doubt blame the Republicans for this. He’ll accuse them of not negotiating in good faith and of not cooperating. He’ll accuse them of not trying to get along and of dragging their feet. Stonewalling and blocking progress for political gain will probably be part of the accusations he throws their way. All because he doesn’t want to cut spending any more than he has to. All the while, he is guilty of kicking the fiscal can down the road even further. Instead of shouldering some of the responsibility and getting started on the hard work, he prefers to use stopgap spending measures that on exacerbate our fiscal condition.

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Shame on you, Harry Reid.

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  • When Obama runs around this fall complaining of do nothing House Republicans, the reality will be that it is the Democrat controlled Senate that actually does nothing.

    • I can’t wait to see how they spin this one. I have no doubt they will turn it around on the Republicans.

      • They won’t spin it, they’ll ignore it. The Republicans won’t do anything, they won’t pass any bills. That’s their mantra, the truth doesn’t matter. Especially when the press won’t report the truth.

  • I gotta give it to him, he is a masterful political player.

    • Yes, he is very adept at getting what he wants.

  • lou222

    He is doing what he has always done, playing the blame game. Of course he wants more money, that is how he operates and he has to blame the Republicans, that is a requirement in his book. It doesn’t matter that the House has sent all of bills to the Senate, he will convince the public that it is the House’s fault and more to the point, the Republicans in the House. He is a sorry excuse for a Senate leader and a sorry excuse for a human being, as well. He has the control in Nevada, but looking at my Illinois, it is the same as they do here. Whether they vote him in because they don’t know better or he steals the vote it all comes out the same, he is crooked and he continues to do his dirty work.

    • This goes back to what I have said all along. The Democrats have no intention of cutting spending, no more than they absolutely have to. They have proved that time and again and it’s past time we learned that lesson.

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  • The only spending cuts the Donkies will ever pass is military spending and then only if they can can spend what they cut somewhere else.

    • lou222

      Jim, you forgot taking benefits away from the “seniors”, as well. Yep, military and seniors, that will usually do it for the Republicans to ok more money. Wooses!

    • That seems to be their favorite method of operation.

  • And the Democrats will probably be successful in painting the Republicans as the heartless obstructionists as they always do when in reality they are the ones who refuse to negotiate. I do think that people are starting to realize we are reaching a turning point here and things cannot continue on the same path, so maybe it will backfire this time. At least I hope so…..

    • I am hopeful, but cautiously so. And I have no doubt you are right about the Democrats successfully painting the Republicans has obstructionists. They have done that for years, with the help of the media. There is no reason to believe things will change now.

  • They’ll spin it and somehow turn it back on the republicans. They’ll say the cuts are too extreme and the Republicans want to push grandma over the cliff, or starve all the children. They will say and do whatever it takes to turn this against the Republicans and I’m not sure Boehner has the courage to go toe to toe with them. He always backs down and caves in. Those are my thoughts anyway.

    • That’s the trouble I have with John Boehner. He doesn’t seem to have what it takes to stand against the way the Democrats use the media to turn everything around on the Democrats.