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Harry Reid And The Democrats – Obsessing Over The Koch Brothers

Harry Reid/Koch Brothers

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What, exactly, is an obsession? One online dictionary has a definition listed as “the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.” That’s fairly straight forward and should be easy to understand. Another way to clarify that definition would be to place a picture of Harry Reid next to pictures of Charles and David Koch and say this is what obsession looks like. The Senate Majority and the rest of the Democrats are totally focused on tearing down the Koch brothers.

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If you don’t know the Koch brothers, they are two brothers who inherited a small oil business from their father. In return, they have made their father proud and grew his business in to a profitable and privately held company that has expanded its business into many product lines other than oil. In other words, they have worked hard and made the business even more successful than it was previously. Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing in America?

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Where the Koch brothers have run afoul of the Democrats is how they have spent some of their money. You see, they lean heavily conservative and libertarian when it comes to politics and they are not bashful about helping candidates of their choosing. Because of that, Harry Reid is on the attack. He is defining the way Charles and David Koch spend their money as un-American. He went to the floor of the United States Senate and accused them of trying to buy elections, among other things. It seems the Senate Majority Leader believes it is his right and duty to say whatever he wants to say on the floor of the Senate. Isn’t that where he also accused Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes, quoting sources, as yet unnamed?

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The committee charged with helping the Democrats retain their hold on the Senate in November advanced their own attacks on the Koch brothers last week.

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Fox News – “Across the country Republican Senate candidates are embracing a dangerous agenda that’s good for billionaires like the Koch Brothers and bad for nearly everyone else in the country,” the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said Thursday in announcing a record-breaking February fundraising haul of $6.8 million.

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Are you seeing the obsession now? The Democrats are attacking private citizens who are spending their own money as they see fit. All of this because they are afraid of the effect that money will have in the November elections. On top of that, the Koch brothers have had the audacity to fund advertising campaigns against ObamaCare. Telling the truth about that monstrosity has the Democrats in a very bad mood.

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It is no secret that Citizens United has liberals in a frenzy. They do not like it because that decision supposedly allowed a lot more money to be spent privately on helping finance campaigns. They claim they do not like this much money being spent because they can not find who is spending the money. That is one of their chief complaints against the Koch brothers, that they hide much of the money they are spending on political campaigns.

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I just spent a few minutes reading a post and subsequent comments on this issue on the Huffington Post. The normal liberal spinning was in play, but what was even more interesting was what some of the commenters were saying. The basic premise was that the Koch brothers clearly had too much time and money on their hands and should be paying more in taxes. That was their main solution to the perceived problem.

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It amazes me that the Democrats would continue these attacks when they are so easily disproved. All it takes is a few minutes of searching to find that Charles and David Koch are not worthy of the venom that is aimed in their direction. For all the rhetoric about how much money they spend, they rank far down the list of top donors to political campaigns. In fact, they rank 59th and of those 59 top donors, the majority of the money goes to the Democrats. You can thank Independent Sentinel for that information. They have a list of the top 156 donors, showing exactly where the money is coming from and where it is going.

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The Democrats do not like it when we do our own research. They would rather we take their word for gospel. Harry Reid believes the Koch brothers are un-American and are lying about ObamaCare. Therefore, he wants us to believe his rhetoric and act accordingly. As if he is a bastion of truth. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but I don’t think so. The man is a desperate liar who is willing to do anything he has to do to retain his hold on power. That’s why he called Charles and David Koch un-American and labeled the people who have tried to tell the truth about their experiences with ObamaCare as liars. Take a good look at Harry Reid and know that is what obsession and lying looks like.

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  • acethepug

    Want to make a Lib angry? When they ask about the Koch Brothers, correct them. Ask if they were sure they didn’t mean Soros. When they get upset, point out that everything the Left accuses the Koch Brothers of, Soros actually DOES.

    Put them on the defensive, ask why they object to rich donors for the Right, but not the Left.

    Time to start putting the Left in its place.

    • I could not agree more. The left needs to get used to the fact that we are going to call them on their lies about these issues, up to and including the lies they are telling about Charles and David Koch. Their justification for their attacks is that the Koch brothers are in business to make a profit. That should tell us exactly how much they despise capitalism.

  • To listen to Reid and the Democrats you would think the Koch brothers were the only ones spending money during elections. They conveniently forget about Buffet and Soros. I don’t like all the money that is in politics but at least the Democrats could be truthful about it. I know, that’s asking allot…..

    • You are wasting your breath asking the left to be truthful about anything.

      I do agree about the money. I wish there was less of it in our political system. But the left wants us to do the “honorable” thing and cut back our spending, while increasing their own. I’m not willing for that to happen, as it would be a sure way to for conservatives to get the short end of the political stick.

  • Billiam

    Reid is a black-hearted, despicable individual. just the kind of snake I’d expect to represent Las Vegas. I know all Nevadan’s aren’t supporters of his, but, apparently the majority are. To put up with a dishonest piece of… well, to put up with that says nothing encouraging about his supporters character.

    • That is true. It makes you wonder what kind of people would actually vote for a liar like Harry Reid and then go on to think he is doing a good job.

  • Michael

    I was going to mention the Right’s obsession with Soros, but ace did the job for me.

    • It’s not an obsession. It’s the truth. Soros is guilty of everything the left accuses the Koch brothers of doing.

  • Soros, a Jew in Hungary during the Second World War who actually helped the Nazis round up other Jews to send to the gas chamber. Yeah, nothing to worry about right?

  • This is another example of left wing fascism. They try to shout down, shut down, or delegitimize political speech of which they disapprove.

    Harry Reid’s Senate Super Pac is funded by billionaires yet you won’t hear him talk about the evil of big money influence on his PAC.

    Attacks on the Koch brothers are just the latest attack on conservative/libertarian free speech.

    And just WHY are Democrats whining about a LITTLE pushback from the GOP? Dems dominate political spending:

  • Michael

    Again, Mike: thanks.

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  • Michael

    Being an obsession and being the truth are not mutually exclusive, LD.

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