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Gun Control Activists Pressure Corporations

Without 2nd AmendmentThe irony that is contained in this post is almost funny. The hypocrisy is not. Did you realize that the people who advocate removing our 2nd Amendment rights are working on a new front? They are now pressuring corporations to not do business with people who carry firearms. They want corporations to ban people who are carrying their firearm from entering their stores. In effect, they want to create a gun-free zone that everyone will abide by, unless they are a criminal. I have yet to hear an explanation of how that is supposed to lower the crime rate or help save lives.

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As if this isn’t enough, one particular group, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is even going after Visa because of their association with the National Rifle Association.

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Independent Sentinel – Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said company policies are key to the formation of “social norms” that stand as key guidelines for acceptable behavior.

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“Corporations have great influence in American society,” Everitt said.

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The coalition is demanding Visa sever a business partnership with the NRA, saying the credit giant’s affiliation with the powerful gun lobby is effectively funding opposition to stronger regulations.

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The group has collected more than 5,000 signatures from people urging the company to end its “affinity” program with the NRA. A web page run by the Rifle Association tells members that every purchase helps fund NRA programs at no cost to them and says more than $20 million has been raised to date.

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“Every corporation draws lines in terms of the types of organizations it partners with,” Everitt said. “By putting your brand on this…you’re calling into question your own brand.”

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Now to the irony and hypocrisy. I will nearly guarantee you that the same people who are pushing Visa to end their relationship with the NRA, and to pressure corporations to ban people from carrying firearms into their businesses, would have a meltdown if they thought a business was refusing to serve a homosexual because it violated their Christian beliefs. I also suspect they are completely against Hobby Lobby for refusing to abide by the idiotic mandate from ObamaCare to provide certain kinds of birth control to their employees.

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Where is the rightness in this? Have we regressed so far as a society that we can not see the lunacy in restricting and removing our 2nd Amendment rights? What is the harm in allowing customers into a store when they are carrying a gun? If they are following proper protocol, they will have it concealed so it can not be easily seen. That’s why they call it a concealed carry permit.

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This is just one more step in the complete and total restricting of one of the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If they succeed in this effort, I wonder which right they will go after next?

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  • Dover Pro

    Just make it a two way street. Inform these companies or stores banning admission to legal gun permit or open carry holders you will no longer patronize their establishment. And let them know specifically which of their competitors will receive your future business.

    • There is certainly two sides of this coin. And the liberals can’t stand it when we play our cards the way they play theirs. Good suggestion, Dover.

  • The left is rife with hypocrisy and you’ve pegged another classic example. And you’re right; the irony is almost funny. But of course they don’t see it that way. As far as the left is concerned our rights end where their beliefs begin. How dare we think we have rights they don’t agree with.

    • That daring is what gets me in trouble so much. I just can’t help but point out their hypocrisy and the fact that we actually retain our rights, even if they do not agree with them. They can go jump in the proverbial lake as far as I am concerned.

  • They are coming at gun owners from multiple fronts hoping that we cannot keep up with it and this is the latest example. Good find Larry! I missed this one and of course that is what these people were hoping for.

    • These people are patient, if nothing else. If one tact doesn’t work, they will go at their “problem” a different way. I felt it needed to be highlighted.

  • conservativesonfire

    @ Dave Pro

    Right on!