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Francois Hollande Defeats Nicolas Sarkozy For French Presidency

If you have read Political Realities for any length of time, you will know I seldom write about foreign news. I simply feel there is plenty of news to write about in America, without having to delve into the goings on in other countries around the world. There was, however, something happening in France this weekend that is more than newsworthy. In a close runoff election, Socialist Francois Hollande has defeated conservative Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidency of France. You may ask, what does this have to do with America. Directly, nothing at all. Indirectly, well that’s a different story.

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To get a feel for how this may affect the rest of Europe, as well as America, let’s go to The Washington Times, who has the story from the Associated Press.

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Socialist Francois Hollande defeated conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday to become France’s next president, heralding a change in how Europe tackles its debt crisis and how France flexes its military and diplomatic muscle around the world.

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What kind of change, do you suppose, is Francois Hollande wanting to make to the way Europe is handling the crisis it is in? It’s no secret, not really. He has made it plain how he plans to tackle the problem.

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Mr. Hollande wants to renegotiate a hard-won European treaty on budget cuts that Germany’s Angela Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy had championed. He wants more government stimulus and more government spending in general despite concerns from markets that France urgently needs to trim its huge debts.

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It sounds like Hollande is nothing more than a big-government socialist who thinks the government can and should do all things. In that spirit,Francois Hollande he would like to remove the spending cuts that are in place and in fact, have the French government spend even more money to “stimulate” the economy. Because they are a member of the European Union, whatever he does is likely to affect the entire EU.

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Along that same line of thinking, Hollande also wants to tax the very wealthy in France, at an incredible 75% of their income. Of course, this proposal is popular with those who aren’t wealthy, but it seems to have escaped them that this will bring in very little extra money, compared to the amount of money in the budget. Does any of this sound familiar? Isn’t this the same policy of tax the rich President Obama has espousing for about three years?

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I think this does not bode well for the EU, or for America. What if Francois Hollande is able to push this through his parliament, and is able to force Germany to renegotiate the treaty, thereby forcing European countries deeper into debt? I am afraid it will embolden socialists everywhere to try the same thing. Barack Obama doesn’t call himself a socialist, but his policies tell a different tale. The last thing we need is for an American president to feel he needs to follow the example of France and raise taxes on the people who are able to drive this economy upward by investment and more employment.

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Francois Hollande will be coming to the United States for NATO and Group of Eight summits. I would like to be a fly on the wall in the meetings that are certain to take place between Barack Obama and Francois Hollande. I just hope Hollande refrains from encouraging Obama to push his policy of tax and spend even harder.

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  • This is worrisome because it shows us that the citizens of France aren’t willing to do what is needed in order to solve the problem, they are only interested in what the government can give them for nothing. I fear that this is a mindset with too many people in this country and I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I think Scott Walker’s fate in Wisconsin may be the telltale sign on what happens in November.

    • You could very well be right, Steve. Stop and think about it for a moment. Scott Walker tried to do the right thing and bring his state’s spending and budget under control. For his efforts, he is facing a recall election. If he loses that election, it may not bode well for us in November.

      • lou222

        If Scott Walker doesn’t win, then the Unions will win and be more powerful. Yes, he was trying to bring things under control. Guess we have to wonder, WHY the citizens don’t want that, don’t we? I know Wisconsin is very liberal, but still wouldn’t you want a state that was not in the RED, such as we are here in Illinois?

      • I do think that Walker’s recall will signal the end of the Republic because it will show us that the people really don’t understand the situation America faces.

    • lou222

      I am sure that he will have alot to talk to Obama about, they are on the same path, aren’t they? Steve, I don’t think it is “coming” here, I think it has arrived and we are just starting to see more and more nudging, as they say. After all, who doesn’t want something for nothing? Well, isn’t it FREE? Isn’t it? We were talking to friends last night at a new restaurant about all the “give aways” in my glorious state of Illinois, we can’t get them, but when you add them all up, and if you were able to get them, you would be crazy to go out and get a job. I see no incentive to do it. When you can not work and get a refund of 4,000 and up, is there something wrong with the system? You bet there is! There is that FREE money and they don’t care where it came from, but I DO, it came from ME and people like me that still think it is the right thing to do to get and keep a job. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that someone needs a helping hand, but when it is one generation after another on the dole, that is where it needs to end.

  • This isn’t surprising at all. Sarkozy was relatively unpopular at the end and the French have always arrogantly pushed back when told they ought not do fill in the blank. What this means is that the rich in France will likely leave since they’re free to move to any Euro country they want. My guess is that Switzerland, Germany and the UK will see a large influx of rich Frenchmen with some small Eastern countries seeing a small trickle of rich French.

    What the Sarkozy loss does is set up le Pen to make a serious run in the next Presidential election. Nearly 20% of the country voted for the “far-right” le Pen, giving her and her party legitimacy. (far right in France more or less equals typical American Democrat with an anti-immigrant bent) Next time around if le Pen can get Hollande into a run off she may very well win.

  • France, Greece, and most of southern Europe are saying they can’t survive the pure austerity appeoach; that they need growth. They are not wrong. They do need growth policies. Unfortunately they equate growth to more borrowing and spending, which is how they got in this mess in the first place. Like the US, they need to become more competitive by lowering business taxes and witth regulatory relief. That will increase revenues and jobs and make the austerity measures easier to accept.

  • France’s last gasp. What was the definition of insanity? Add to that exploding Muslim population and we won’t even recognize France in 15-20 years.

  • I’ve been away for a few days. Just learned of the election results here.

    France just leans heavily Socialist. Mitterrand heavily imprinted that on French society. And the French have had Leftist tendencies ever since the Revolution.

    Sarko seemed a bit of a angry Napoleon to me. His wife – too much drama. He has a big ego and is quite flashy. And nobody likes it when a leader tells their people they can’t have it all.

    France has a huge identity crisis and I think they feel as long as Germany is sort of under control and doing well economically that they can be like the wasteful son and elect a Socialist.

  • This makes me sad. As you know I am half French and my relatives are in the to-be-taxed @ 75% group. Beyond that though, I agree that this is NOT good for France. Wow.