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FAA Officials Warn Employees About Voting GOP

Am I mistaken? Shouldn’t an employee of any company be free to vote for the person, persons, or party of their choice, with no fear of reprisal from their employer? Does that not also apply to the federal government? In a story that I am surprised has not received more air time, it is coming to light that there may have been warnings from some Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials to their employees about what may happen, should they choose to vote for the GOP.

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(Fox News) Two federal agency supervisors allegedly warned employees earlier this year that a Republican takeover in Washington John Hickey FAAcould threaten their jobs — comments that some workers apparently took as guidance on “how to vote” and that one group claims may have violated federal law.

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Nonprofit watchdog Cause of Action wrote a letter Wednesday asking the Department of Transportation’s inspector general to launch a probe into the incident, involving senior officials with the Federal Aviation Administration. The incident occurred in May during a meeting at the FAA’s Seattle office, according to the letter.

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Emails obtained by show one FAA employee recalling what John Hickey, deputy associate administrator for aviation safety, said at the meeting.

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“I would not be able to quote Mr. Hickey (sic) exact words but what I took out of it was, if the conservative (Republicans) gain control of congress then the FAA could be looking (at) as much as a 15% cut in budget and we (may) be looking at furloughs. If the liberal Democrats take control of congress then we would be looking at a flat budget,” the email said. “In short if the Republicans win office our jobs may be (affected) … if the Democrats win office then our jobs would not be (affected).”

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I can not count the ways in which such actions are improper and just plain wrong. I have no idea which political party these officials belong to, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is implication that these officials were so bold that they felt the liberty to attempt to “persuade” their employees and to direct them how to vote. This smells like a labor union tactic to me. Is there no end to the depths they will stoop to make sure of their victory in November?

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  • “Is there no end to the depths they will stoop to make sure of their victory in November?” The answer is no Larry. They will do anything to include voter fraud to win this election. The forces on the left know that this election is about saving Obamacare. They have waited for a long time to get it pushed through and know that if the Republicans take the Senate, hold the House, and take the WH there is a chance to repeal it. They need for it to take root so it will never go away…much like SS.

    • They seem to be determined to win, no matter what they have to do. The stakes are high and they have no intention of allowing this election to slip through their fingers.

      On the other hand, we can not allow things like this to go unnoticed and unchallenged. We have to highlight, for all of America to see, exactly the depths to which the Democrats will stoop to prevent a loss in November.

    • lou222

      John, I have to wonder if it will go away even with the Republicans in control! Romney said he would repeal and replace, but with what? Something a bit milder that we might be able to swallow? It is all about control, doesn’t matter the party affiliation. We put them there, we are responsible with what happens to us, I guess. We just need to make a clean sweep of all of it, but that will not be an easy thing to do, will it?

  • Jimino

    It is a violation of the Hatch act and is punishable by dismissal.

    • Exactly so, Jimino. This needs to be investigated and dealt with.

  • This is illegal, I’m sure. The Republicans have to assume that government bureaucrats are going to see their jons threatened by a Romney administration and so they will likely vote for Obama. That does not excuse the behavior of these FAA officials.

    • Yes, it is illegal. See Jiminio comment above.

  • Sadly, the tactics you describe are all too common in the public sector. I know from friends and first hand experience. Public employees realize on what side their bread is buttered. I once had a supervisor that instructed us in a department-wide meeting how to vote on a referendum question advocating school funding. And we were not unionized.

    An entrenched bureaucracy is one of the reasons political reform is difficult and budget-cutting all but impossible.

    • The entrenched bureaucracy of which you speak is one reason why our federal government needs to be cut down to size, post haste. That bureaucracy has entirely too much power to write regulations, make decisions, and otherwise affect the direction our government takes on any given issue. They know this and it is one reason they determine to affect the outcome of the election. Their power is at stake and they have no intention of allowing it to slip through their fingers.

  • crionics

    Under the Hatch act, Mr. Hickey will lose his job under a Democratic president. Or will he?

    • I seriously doubt that will happen. As you said, it should.

  • As a thirty-eight year pilot with a commercial ticket, I’m not the least bit surprised. Overall the air traffic controllers do a fine job and there are many great individuals. But in the final analysis, it is a bureaucracy; recall the strike in the early 80s and Reagan’s sacking of the strikers. Not to mention more recent reports of sleeping and reading on the job.

    Bureaucrats everywhere live in a culture of non-accountability and a “cruise-control” work ethic where the goal is a cushier job, lavish benefits and a lush, quick retirement (case in point: the teachers’ union). Certainly the conservatives would threaten that with the elimination of waste, accountability for performance and results, and market-driven compensation. Of course for those who actually believe in themselves and their ability to succeed, the conservative world-view would deliver self-esteem and the opportunity for higher compensation for achievers. Fat chance will see that any time soon in the Washington (FAA) bureaucracy!

    • It’s sad that our government has descended into being controlled so strongly by the bureaucrats. Consider also, how Congress works, with much of the work of writing legislation is done by congressional aides. Is it any wonder that many of our legislators haven’t a clue what they are voting on?

  • Steve Dennis

    I didn’t think this was even legal, although that wouldn’t stop the Democrats from doing it anyway. Years ago I worked for a company and just before an election the owner put a flyer in our paychecks asking us to vote for a certain state politician who was about to be indicted because he would help to get us work. The owner came under fire for this because someone called the newspaper and informed them.

    • It isn’t legal, but that doesn’t seem to matter to some bureaucrats. They just do whatever they want, regardless of the law. I hope someone in authority pushes this for all it is worth.

  • lou222

    Scare tactics and bullying, imagine that!!!!

    • Yeah, who would’ve thought the liberals would stoop to this level? Wait, never mind. It’s just standard practice for them.

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  • The FAA is paid by taxpayers. I think this goes on no matter who is in office, because Republican Presidents coming in don’t bother to clean out these viper nests. You are spot-on. Linked in my right sidebar under “Things You Need to Know.”

    • I think you are right, Maggie. It’s time for a house cleaning, after Romney takes office in January.

      Thanks for the link. I appreciate it.