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Election Day 2012 – Internal Polls Show Romney With Slight Lead

Finally!! The day of the election is here and the votes will soon be counted in the only poll that matters. All across America, people will be casting their votes and deciding which direction they want our country to take in the next four years. There is a clear contrast between the two candidates that couldn’t be more stark. Do we want four more years of spend and tax and driving America into the ground, or do we want to see a morning dawn in America that brings real hope and a promise of change that isn’t just empty words and rhetoric. Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney, it’s your choice, Americans. As Paul Ryan likes to say, let’s get this done.

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I will not attempt to make predictions about the outcome of this election. I have my hopes, ie. suspicions, that it may not be as close as theMitt Romney polls are suggesting. I have nothing to back that hope up, other than the enthusiasm level for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is much, much greater than it was for McCain/Palin in 2008. Add to that the fact that Barack Obama is having to run on his own record of four years of failure, and I believe we have a good chance of sending him on a permanent vacation to Hawaii.

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I have listened to the radio and reading many news articles and blog posts in the past few days and weeks. Much of that has to do with how the election is going to play out among the battleground states. The Obama campaign has touted the fact that the Romney campaign has started paying no small attention to Pennsylvania, saying it is a sign of desperation, that is shows they know they are losing. I suppose that could be true, but when I apply a little common sense to what is happening, I always come back to one significant point. If the Romney campaign knows it has no chance of winning Pennsylvania, why are they spending money on a state they know they can not win? The same applies to the reason they have spent very little money in Oklahoma and Arkansas. They know they have both of those states locked in the win column. Therefore, they are spending their money where they believe it will do them the most good, ie. get the most bang for their buck. I find it very difficult to believe they would spend money in Pennsylvania, unless they had good reason to believe it was really in play. Having said that, I say we need to take that as a sign of hope, not desperation.

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We all know each campaign has their own set of internal polling data. That data is generally not released to the public, until after the election is finished. Having said that, Daily Mail has what they are calling an exclusive, saying the internal polling from the Romney campaign shows a much different story than is being told by the national polls that are being released.

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(Hot Air)Mitt Romney is ahead by a single percentage point in Ohio, according to internal polling data provided to MailOnline by a Republican party source.

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Internal campaign polling completed last night by campaign pollster Neil Newhouse has Romney three points up in New Hampshire, two points up in Iowa and dead level in Wisconsin and – most startlingly – Pennsylvania.

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Internal poll show Romney trailing in Nevada, reflected in a consensus among senior advisers that Obama will probably win the state. Early voting in Nevada has shown very heavy turnout in the Democratic stronghold of Clark County and union organisation in the state is strong.

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I realize the release of this information will be portrayed as another sign of desperation, but again, I say it is a good sign of how this election will be decided. Allahpundit has more commentary that is closer to the point.

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The skeptical view of leaking these is that it smacks of what desperate campaigns do when they know they’re losing. Remember Tom Barrett? He wanted the world to believe, contra nearly all of the independent polling, that he and Scott Walker were dead even two weeks out from the recall election this summer. That made perfect sense in his case: He was behind, everyone knew it, and he needed a morale booster to keep his base from giving up. How is that analogous to Romney’s situation? Is there any Republican anywhere who’s given up and thinks O’s slight lead in Ohio in the independent polls is immune to huge GOP turnout tomorrow? The final Gallup and Rasmussen national tracking polls each have Romney ahead by a point, a fact Drudge is trumpeting as I write this. There are no Romney voters at this point who need rosy internal polls to nudge them out the door tomorrow.

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To the naysayers who believe this election is already in the bag for Obama, I say whoa, halt. Republicans are much more concerned about the state of our country than they were four years ago. They also have a great deal more confidence in Mitt Romney in 2012 than they had in John McCain in 2008. Barack Obama has not won the election yet and I believe there are strong signs that point to Mitt Romney becoming the 45th President of the United States.

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  • 3dd13

    Romney\Ryan will win! Voters will turn out in support for them just like they did for Chick-fil-a!

    • I sincerely hope you are correct in your assumption.

  • I know that I sound like an idiot, but I predict a Romney-Ryan landslide. My reasoning:

    1. The swelling pro-Romney crowds here in Liberal-land Northern Virginia and all throughout the swing states. Obama is not drawing those numbers!

    2. Obama’s “style” during his stump speeches. The revenge comment has done him damage.

    3. More information about the Benghazi debacle has been coming out — to the point that the WaPo ran a scathing lead editorial on the topic this past Saturday.

    4. The ever-more-intense screeching and gaffes on the part of the Dems. They smell defeat.

    It seems like 1980 all over again.

    I hope that my assessment is correct.

    • A landslide would be nice. I could sleep much better knowing Obama was on his way out of the White House.

  • PS: To LD Jackson – Recently I had to replace both my computers. Therefore, I no longer had your site bookmarked. I have now correct that problem!

  • It’s anybody’s guess. Today the people speak. The only polls that matter.

    • If I could, I would be holding my breath.

  • Because of the actions of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and others these last four years, Americans are divided more than I have ever known them to be. because of that, tomorrow, nearly half of Americans will be happy and nearly half will be sad. What a shame.

    • That is a sad commentary, Jim. Our nation should not be so divided.

  • Obviously I’m an Eeyore on all of this. One thing to keep in mind about the Romney internals (assuming they’re actual internals) is that all of these states are within the margin of error. So a 1 point Ohio lead could be a blowout 4 point win for Romney or a 2 point loss. That’s assuming of course that the internals for the poll are accurate, which is up the air across the board right now. I hope the internals are right though. If they are, Romney wins.

    • Yeah, you are a spoil sport. 😉 Not really. I understand your points and you could very well be right. I’m just praying you are wrong, as I know you are as well.

  • Crossing fingers on this one…

  • Dragonconservative

    Mitt Romney 2012! Let’s bring back robust capitalism, a strong national defense, and some real values in the United States.