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Egyptians Shine Light On Obama's Disastrous Middle East Policy

The people in Egypt have made it clear they do not like President Obama.  Obama’s support for their ousted leader, Mohamed Morsi, did not sit well with the Egyptians and they wasted no time in displaying their displeasure during protests over the last few days.

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Obama has claimed that the United States isn’t aligned with or supporting any particular group or political party.  His actions tell a different story.  Obama gave Egyptian President Morsi $250 million in March in addition to 200 Abrams tanks and 12 F-16s, with 8 more to be delivered by the end of the year. Pretty strong support for the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsi is a member.

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The White House released a statement which said, “The United States categorically rejects the false claims propagated by some in Egypt that we are working with specific political parties or movements to dictate how Egypt’s transition should proceed.  We remain committed to the Egyptian people and their aspiration for democracy, economic opportunity and dignity.  But the future path of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people.”

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Well the Egyptian people certainly are determining their own path, having ousted the Muslim Brotherhood’s man, Mohamed Morsi.  And in the process they have shown clear contempt for Obama and his ambassador in Egypt, Anne Patterson, for supporting Morsi.

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While all the turmoil in Egypt continues, the civil war in Syria rages on and protests in Turkey abound, Secretary of State John Kerry is being dispatched to deal with the country Obama sees as the regional problem – Israel.

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Could Obama’s Middle East policy possibly be more preposterous?

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  • Bettybb

    In Egypt both sides are anti Obama and claiming the Americans support their opponents.

    Obama gave military aid, as usual, to Egypt which really means military aid to the Egyptian military, not the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Obama, quite correctly, is taking a hands off policy and letting the Egyptians work out their own problems.

    Obama did not create the civil war in Syria, and the last thing we need is to enter another unfunded, unnecessary foreign war. Obama’s approach is balanced, as it should be.

    Re Turkey, it sure looks like that anti Islamic theocracy crowd is making a real impact. Should Obama be given credit for that?

  • We are not going to agree on who is to blame for what and who has been supporting who. My point is that with all that is going on Obama is focusing his diplomatic attention on Israel.

    • Bettybb

      I think Obama is correct to continue the pressure on Israel and he is absolutely right not to become directly involved in Egypt or Syria or Turkey. The most interesting tidbit I have read is that regular Israelis and Palestinians are ready for peace, but it this the radical leaders on both sides that keep the conflict going.

      Under Obama we are seeing various forms of democracy unfold in several l countries in the middle east. Rather a messy process it is true, but it took something like 14 years for Americans to sort all this stuff out way back when. I really applaud all the Muslims who are rejecting religious rule and opting for a secular government, just like we did at our founding.

  • Yes it is this preposterous! Obama really feels as if Israel is the problem and he supported Morsi until the very end, he can claim he is neutral now that his Egyptian policy has fallen apart but the facts tell a different story.

    • And the Egyptian people clearly know the facts. It’s a sad thing when the Egyptian population on the other side of the world seem to see our president more clearly than do all the low-information voters in our own country.

  • bill gullen

    sssssooooo; no morsi.

    elected by a three percent margin that even ban ki moon couldn’t dispute; none the less, offered a new seating arrangement by our de facto middle-eastern military.

    I find this part of the w.h. statement chronicled above by mr. Phipps pathetic:

    “We remain committed to the Egyptian people and their aspiration for democracy, economic opportunity and dignity. But the future path of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people.” yada,yada,yada..

    a majority of Egyptians made that ‘determination’ last year and are currently just fine with the ‘tweaks’ mr. morsi made; as evidenced by ‘their’ support prior to the ‘coup’ and ‘their’ blood running in the streets today. the only chance Egypt has for a ‘jeffersonian’ democracy is if mr. al-sissi manages to slaughter another 200,000 muslims or convince more than half of mr. Sabahi’s supporters that moderation is the way to go.

    now the 1.4b annual ‘encouragement’ we offer that country’s military to stay on the righteous path is peanuts compared with the 800 billion the ‘dubai’ crowd came up with a few days ago. for the first time since we stationed the 5th off bahrain, the saudis and the united emirates are actually ponying up some ‘protection’ money.

    mr. Obama’s influence or skill in these ‘foreign’ matters is moot, as he is just another place-holder/script reader. he is though; one hell of a speechifier, commandeering the ignorant and willfully blind to do the bidding of global govt. just witness the placards displayed by the protesters; they
    single out our govt. but not the american people. they know something most folks here don’t. just say’n…b

    • bill gullen

      just correcting my own comment…

      mr. Abdullah and the united arab emeratis nations coughed up 8 bil, not 800.
      still, the point remains…b

  • President Obama’s Middle East policy reminds me of someone flailing around in the wind. It is going nowhere fast, but he does have a purpose. I believe he will do whatever he can to stand against what he believes is the aggression of Israel. He has made it clear he has no special love for that country. If he has a single coherent policy for that region, it is to stand against Israel.

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