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Economy Stll Bad, Obama Blames Bush

Here’s a news flash for you. The economy is still in bad shape. I know that is stating the obvious, but it needs to be said. For months, the Obama administration has spread the word that the economy is recovering, that things are looking up. They have pointed to every number imaginable, trying to make their case. At one point, the official unemployment rate did drop, but just barely. The jobs numbers have always looked suspect, but they are even more so after Obama and company are finished revising them downward, a month or two after they have been released. The bottom line is, the economy is not doing so well, and the latest data proves it. Fox News has the details.

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With two consecutive months of dismal job growth amid rising unemployment — and just five months until Americans go to the polls to choose their next president — the Obama administration is on the clock to show it indeed can “put Americans back to work.”

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That reality was underscored Friday by Labor Department reports that showed the jobless rate ticked upward in May to 8.2 percent, from 8.1 percent, and that virtually stagnant economic growth created only 69,000 new jobs — the fewest in a year.

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EconomyHonestly, does this come as a surprise to anyone who is trying to take part in the real economy? The jobs being created aren’t enough to keep up with the college students who are graduating and looking for work, much less the people who were already looking for work. Even with the manipulation of the numbers going on, it’s impossible to hide the truth. The economy is not really recovering.

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What is Obama’s answer to this problem, other than to continue spending money we do not have? He blames George W. Bush, of course. He relapsed into his familiar rhetoric during the former President’s visit to the White House for the unveiling of his portrait and he continued after the jobs numbers were released on Friday.

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The White House and Obama were quick to defend the numbers, saying — as they have since taking office in 2008 — the problems were inherited.

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“We’re still fighting our way back,” the president said during a campaign stop at a Honeywell facility in Golden Valley, Minn. “Our economy is still facing serious head winds.”

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Head winds, he says? Isn’t that what we have tried to point out for months? If President Obama insists on being so relentless in blaming everyone but himself for the current slow pace of the economy, then I insist on pointing out just how big of a failure his economic policies have been. He has been in office for over three years and the economy he inherited is still in the tank. For all of his brilliant economic and fiscal policies, we have nothing to show for those three plus years except increased government spending, an explosion of the national debt, and a much larger deficit. Oh, and a much-divided country, due to his continued rhetoric against those who have been successful in our economy.

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Yeah, what we need is a Obama victory in November. Can’t you just imagine having to listen to his excuses and rhetoric for another four years? I don’t think we can afford to pay the price.

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Founder and author of the political and news commentary blog Political Realities. I have always loved to write, but never have I felt my writing was more important than in this present day. If I have changed one mind or impressed one American about the direction our country is headed, then I will consider my endeavors a success. I take the tag line on this blog very seriously. Above all else, in search of the truth.

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  • The numbers have been fuged for quite some time, as you said the government releases the jobs numbers to great fanfare in the media but then when nobody is paying attention they “revise” the numbers. But this isn’t fooling anyone anymore because we feel the pain of the economy and we know what we are being told isn’t true.
    Obama’s ego won’t permit him to admit his plan isn’t working, and yesterday he also blamed the crisis in Europe for slowing down his economic recovery.

    • I’m not convinced he even has a plan for economic recovery. Unless you count his idea that the government needs to keep spending money they don’t have.

  • If the jobs reports for June and July are like the last two, Obama may very well be toast. It’s going to be awfully hard for him to win when going into election season the economy is tanking. At some point, telling the American people that it takes time isn’t good enough. He’s had four years, that’s enough time.

    • He can’t take much more of this, I think. This economic monkey is going to be on his back, no matter how hard he tries to shake it off.

  • In fairness, this thing is bigger than any one man. This is a system that is rotten to the core. I blame Wilson myself.

    • Of course this is bigger than any one man. That doesn’t relieve Obama of his responsibilities. He keeps telling us he needs more time because of everything Bush did. In fairness, it is time he accepted the responsibility for the money he has spent and the policies that have failed.

      The system may be rotten and it may have started with Wilson, but that doesn’t mean Obama gets off the hook. His rhetoric can only carry him so far before the reality of his failure becomes apparent.

  • Let’s see. The economies of China, India, Brazil, all of Europe and, the US are slowing down, which is causing among other things oil prices to free fall. How long before Obama takes credit for that?

    • lou222

      Jim, he will take credit for anything he can at this point. The media has covered for him for so long that there is nothing more they can do for him, but the “same old, same old” and we are tired of hearing it. Broken record comes to mind. Yes, Bush had his issues as well, but when does a person step up and take blame for what they have done or NOT done? I don’t think he has it in him to take any responsibility, that is how he was raised. We have a child that could do no wrong and was told how wonderful he was all his life. What would we expect from this type of person? The ones that voted for him got what they asked for. They have seen their savings as well as their retirements go down the tubes along with all of us. May they have a change of heart when they go to the voting booth this next time and reflect back on what they have lost. I am at a loss for what else we can do, but to lay out the facts and hope people open their eyes to the scam that has taken over our HOUSE.

      • If I was working in the Obama administration, I would be embarrassed every time Obama brought up George W. Bush. I honestly don’t see how Jay Carney gets up in front of the media and still keeps a straight face.

    • I’m surprised he has thought of that before now. Give him a few days and we’ll see.

  • Let’s say Obama wins again – he’ll just say that because the Senate or Supreme Court or whatever is under the “control” of Republicans it’s not his fault.

    • I have no doubt he will come up with something. It’s just his nature.

  • What Bush DID do to contribute to our economic woes was run up spending for the Iraq war without cutting the federal budget elsewhere to pay for it. What he DIDN’T do was create the housing meltdown, which began under Carter with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and percolated unchecked for thirty years. Add to that the Democratic backed enablers of FreddieMac and FannieMae (designed to social engineer home ownership for those who could not possibly afford it) and the perfect storm was complete. With a Democratic Congress for much of Bush’s term, there was nothing he could have done to forestall the collapse (the housing/mortgage meltdown was enough to orchestrate our economic demise; the Bush deficits were little more than a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence).

    Of course, Obama has made everything worse by further running up the deficit on nonsensical programs and “investing” (code for pork-barrel spending)in wasteful, unproductive “stimulus” (more pork code). I’ll give him credit for this, though: he is a master at deflecting scrutiny from the truth with his attacks on boogey men like Bush, Big Oil, Wall Street and “The Wealthiest One-percent.” Let’s just hope voters aren’t as stupid as he thinks we are.

    Good article, LD.

    • I think you summed it up perfectly. Bush did some things that were not good for our country, but he isn’t the spawn of Satan, as the liberals like to portray him.

      I think blame deflection must have been one of the classes he took in college. From the way he has handled it as President, I also suspect he must have received an A. If the voters are as stupid as he thinks, then we are going to be in for a long, hard fight to reclaim our country.

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  • Paul

    Partisan insistance is a logical fallacy which doesn’t belong in the discourse, poisoning the minds of those who are subject to its “rah-rah, go team” mentality. Obama has, at most, suggested that the economy he inherited was difficult, and yes, it was due to the administrative policies of his predecessor who held office for 8 years. Pretty much all indicators of economic health show an alarming decline near the end of the Bush administration. And pretty much all the economic indices have reversed course and risen, partly because of the stimulus Bush started–there’s one for him. But mostly, this is due to policies Obama has had to fight for, and compromise against an irresponsible and insane Republican Congressional opposition. I’ve listened to Rush, and watched Fox News, and I can’t get 1 minute in before they say something absolutely untrue, and make baseless characterizations. It’s shockingly unbelievable that you people can continue justifying your team’s positions in the face of the truth that opposes everything you say. And maybe that’s the issue: logical fallacy. Believing what you want to believe despite the obvious truth is a sign of insanity. Of course, if all you ever listen to is the rightwing machine, you may never really hear the truth. You’ll just keep reinforcing your own stubborn ignorance. I dare you to watch Rachel Maddow and really listen; and then fact check with a reputable, nonpartisan source. In the process, you’ll find out many of the lies you’re being told. It’s not that there aren’t some points to be made by Republicans. There are people on welfare who really don’t want to work. And I’d be willing to accept that Democrats have pushed home ownership too fast (although I don’t know the specifics of that). But the demise of the banking and financial markets was almost certainly due to the Republican repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, as it was predicted by Democrats at the time. And when you destroy and then prop up a huge part of the economy on the backs of American homeowners (middle class), you’re certainly not doing the housing market any favors. And then this same party has the gall to try and forget who dug the hole to begin with, while they’ve acted like angry children in Congress, stopping every initiative they can, and proposing only divisive social bills. I’d bet my own life that if Obama was allowed to enact all of the policies he wanted without Republican opposition, we would not only be back on track economically, we would be leading a remarkable new age of prosperity and enlightenment. If you had an ounce of integrity, you might be quiet enough to find that out. But I suppose you’ll continue to mouth off with your stubborn ignorance.

    • Thanks for commenting on Political Realities.

      I must say, I disagree with your assessment of Barack Obama. At every turn, he has made excuses for the poor performance of the economy under his leadership. At no time have I heard him accept the responsibility for the poor job he has done. It’s always someone else’s fault, mainly George W. Bush and the Republicans.

      As for your assertion that the Republicans have been irresponsible and insane, standing against his policies, think again. He had full control of the government during his first two years in office and he couldn’t even get some of his policies passed then. Probably because some of the Democrats realized just how insane those policies were.

      For your information, I have tried to listen to Rachel Maddow and I can’t stomach her ranting and blabbering. She makes no sense whatsoever. You need to recheck your facts before you start throwing accusations around.

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