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Chris Christie And Barack Obama - Two Peas In A Pod

Chris Christie w/ObamaThere will always be questions that beg to be pondered. We could start with two that are similar in comparison. Why does President Obama not make the small effort it would take to use his influence with the Mexican government to free U.S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been sitting in a Mexican jail for almost five months. His plight seems to be on the ignore list for the Obama administration. Nary a word from a President who bragged that we did not leave our people behind when he was espousing the virtues of trading five Taliban prisoners for Bowe Bergdahl. The man is likely a deserter from the United States Army, but President Obama moved a lot of hell and high water to bring him home. Why does he refuse to do the same to a Marine who has served his country with honor?

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On the other hand, we have New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican who many say will run for President in 2016. While his fate in that little pilgrimage has yet to be decided, Christie holds the fate of someone else in his hands. Shaneen Allen is a 27-year-old single mother of two little boys who is facing prison time for making an honest mistake. You can read about her plight at the link. Without rehashing the entire story, suffice it to say this. She is a resident of Pennsylvania who was tired of being robbed. She applied for, and received, a permit to carry a concealed weapon. She had said weapon in her purse when she crossed into New Jersey. When she was stopped for an unsafe lane change, she told the officer she had the weapon and was arrested.

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It was a simple and honest mistake. She thought she was legal and was attempting to abide by the law when she informed the officer of the weapon in her purse. For that, she is being punished and threatened with a prison sentence. From someone who has had absolutely no criminal record, Ms. Allen may change to a convicted felon for an honest mistake. Is that the way we want our justice system to work? I think not and Governor Christie has the power and the influence to keep it from happening.

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Here is an update on Ms. Allen’s case. Evan F. Nappen is her attorney.

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Human Events – When there are extenuating circumstances like in this case, a pre-trial intervention process diverts the case from the prosecutorial process to avoid trial, he said.  “This keeps someone out of the system because they do not belong in the system.”

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Nappen, who is the author of four gun rights book including New Jersey Gun Law, said Allen was also charged with criminal possession of hollow point bullets which is illegal in the state of New Jersey with some exceptions, such as possession in your home or possession to and from a gun range.

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Atlantic County prosecutor James P. McClain and the judge rejected the pre-trial intervention process based on a county no-tolerance policy, he said.

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“There are no more plea deals. The prosecutor’s best offer for Shaneen was five years in state prison with a minimum mandatory 3.5 years before parole.” Allen rejected the deal and the matter is scheduled for a jury trial.

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“All the mitigating facts about her do not matter because the prosecutor has a policy,” said Nappen. “So what happens when facts do not matter we have injustice.”

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There is supposedly a process in place to keep a case such as Shaneen Allen’s from unfolding into reality. The prosecutor and the judge had the chance to use that process, but declined to do so because they have a policy of no tolerance. It makes them sound tough on crime, but it’s bad news for a young woman who has committed a crime only in the very strictest of legal terms. No criminal intent or malice existed, but here we are. Chris Christie could intervene, but he has declined to do so, thus far. Why he has not would be a good question to ask. The article from Human Events has some thoughts on that from Tom Gresham, host of Gun Talk Radio.

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Tom Gresham, host of Gun Talk Radio, the first nationally syndicated live, radio, talk show covering the world of firearms, personal safety and gun rights, said that most people in the country will not believe this story. “They will think you are making it up, it is too absurd to even imagine.” Yet he said this happens all the time to unsuspecting citizens traveling with their legal firearms.

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“These are known traps, not speed traps that you are going to get charged $200, these are traps waiting for the unwary where you end up being a felon and spend years in a penitentiary,” he said. “Appropriately legal back home but when you cross this imaginary line you suddenly became a felon.”

Prosecuting a mother who did not try to hide anything over a mistake is blatant government overreach and a waste of resources, he said. “Certainly we have serious criminals to deal with. Shaneen simply made a mistake – that’s all it was.”

New Jersey ignores federal law that says it is perfectly legal to go through a state with a firearm that is cased and unloaded, yet the typical reaction for New Jersey officials is to throw you in jail. “Even if one is doing everything according to the law, you can end up in prison.”

If Republican Christie really cared about gun rights, he would make a call to stop this nonsense, send the young lady home, said Gresham. “Christie is pretending to be a pro-gun person when he has always been anti-gun. Nobody is buying it.”

However with enough public pressure, Christie may use this opportunity to impress gun owners by turning things around, he said. “When they feel the heat they see the light.”

These draconian gun laws indicate a mindset in the New Jersey legislature that firearms are of no legitimate use, he said. “It shows utter contempt for citizens; it is dripping with contempt.”

As well, it is at odds with the Second Amendment and the most recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions relating to firearms, added Gresham. “This is a state government that says if you own these things without saying ‘Mother may I?’ we will throw you in prison.”

Anti-gunners show an utter contempt for 100 million people who own guns, he said. “Once you understand that they do not dislike guns, they dislike owners; it all starts to make sense. It’s not the guns they do not like it’s us.”

Governor Chris Christie came on the scene when he took over in New Jersey and was more than a little tough on the teachers unions who were choking the state’s finances with their demands. He won that round, with apparent ease. His tough talk was the talk of the nation and many conservatives jumped on his bandwagon, already drafting him to run for President. It is here that I will note that tough talk to a teachers union does not a conservative make.

It is clear that Christie cares little for the gun rights that are guaranteed us by the 2nd Amendment. It does not matter to him that an honest woman is having to defend herself in court, having already spent almost two months in jail and away from her two young boys, for making an honest mistake with no criminal intent. He should have already stepped in and used his influence to stop this case in its tracks. He has not done so and that lack of action tells me he is not fit to run for President as a conservative. Even if he intervenes after the trial, were Ms. Allen to be found guilty, and grants a full pardon, he has missed his chance to do the right thing.

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  • I think you are correct to observe little difference between Obama or Christie. I noted not long after his first election, Christie was quick to explain to those who he had angered, “Well, I’m the governor, you’re not, so sit down. This is precisely the behavior we see from Obama: “I’m in charge, you aren’t.” No one with brains will vote for Christie for president if they also believe that “we the people” rule.

    • I’ve made no bones about my dislike of Chris Christie. This latest episode with Ms. Allen tells me I was right.

  • bobmontgomery

    Thank you for highlighting the plight of the “little people” who don’t get the wide, national coverage, LD. I would say that not only should Christie do the right thing, but also that Gov. Corbett should use his influence on behalf of the citizen of his state as well.

    • I think it is important to highlight these cases. Small they may be, but they deserve our attention.

      You have a point about Governor Corbett. He should be raising the roof for Ms. Allen.

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  • Michael

    Bergdahl was an active-duty soldier who was taken prisoner by the people with whom we are are war; Tahmooressi is a U.S. civilian who has violated the law while in a foreign country. And then he compounded his error by making two escape attempts. The fact that he’s a former Marine has no bearing on the case in any way at all.

    Don’t you feel that American civilians who break the law in foreign countries should be held accountable for their actions?

    • First of all, there is strong evidence to suggest Bergdhal is a deserter. Andrew Tahmooressi, by several indicators, accidentally crossed into Mexico with legally purchased weapons and ammunition. When he realized his mistake, he called 911 to figure out how to get back home. He has problems with getting lost, due to his injuries while serving in Afghanistan. So yes, his status as a former Marine does have a bearing on his case. As for his attempts to escape, I can’t blame him for trying. Given the fact the circumstances, I would probably do the same thing.

      • Michael

        Listen: if you’re going to push for hard treatment of people who cross that border, you can’t say, “Oh, but not for Americans going the other direction.” I mean, you can, but you’d be a pretty big hypocrite to do so. He broke the law. Mexican authorities are dealing with it. There may even be some backchannel governmental involvement; who knows? But this is not a situation where Forrest Gump needs to run back to carry this guy, battered and bleeding, to the LZ for evac. He’s a civilian who screwed up in a foreign country.

        And yes: I, too, would try to escape from a Mexican jail if I felt I could get away with it, but I would do it knowing that it only compounded the depth of the shit I’d stepped in, should I fail.

        • There is a big difference between one of our citizens going south by accident and thousands of their citizens coming north on purpose. For you to equate the two instances is ridiculous.

          • Michael

            Well, since he was in Mexico, the Mexican government gets to make that determination.

            Surely you don’t think that there’s any way he’s going to actually remain in Mexico, do you?

            • My point is that he should already be home. There is no legitimate reason for him to have remained in the Mexican prison as long as he has.

              • Michael

                “no legitimate reason”

                You’re speaking as an expert in the field of Mexican jurisprudence, I assume?

  • Very interesting to compare these two cases and I’d say you’ve hit upon just one more reason for me to dislike Chris Christie. If I had to rank my preferred GOP candidates for 2016 we’d be way down into the double digits before his name showed up.

    • Chris Christie is not even on my radar. I hope he doesn’t even run, as all he will do is muddy the waters for someone else.

      • If he somehow manages to end up being the GOP candidate we might as well get ready for another four or eight years of having a Democrat president.

  • And to think this guy is a front-runner for the GOP nomination…when will the Republicans ever learn?!

    • I’m thinking they will never learn. Their past history and their current actions give me no inkling they will learn.