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Obama’s Priorities

Obama's World

Because this is Super Tuesday and I am sure I will be writing on the results later tonight, I will be short and sweet this morning. I want to share a cartoon I found on The McCarville Report Online yesterday. It may seem a bit over the top and even more than a little sarcastic, but it illustrates the absurdity of the priorities of President Obama perfectly. A picture truly is worth a thousand → Read More

Friday Funnies – 04-16-10

Well, let’s see what we have this week in the way of cartoons to help us all keep our sense of humor in this time of political turmoil. The main topics this week seem to be the nuclear summit President Obama convened in Washington and of course, April 15, better known as Tax Day.

Happy Tax Day – Chip Bok

Two Americas – Chip Bok

Meltdown – Chip → Read More

Friday Funnies – 04-09-10

It’s time once again for another weekly edition of Friday Funnies. For your enjoyment, here are the editorial and political cartoons I found particularly amusing this week, with one excption. I felt Bruce Plante’s tribute to Wilma Mankiller, the first woman to sit as Principle Chief of the Cherokke Tribe to be espcially fitting and honorable.

Wilma Mankiller – Bruce Plante

With allies like this? – Bruce Plante

Clergy and Congressmen → Read More

Friday Funnies 04-02-10

For your reading pleasure and relaxation, here is this week’s edition of Friday Funnies. I have included more cartoons this time, trying to get a feel for what is a good number. The stars of this week’s cartoon event include President Obama and the Democrats, Michael Steele and the Republicans, Mitt Romney and Joe Biden, the Consitution and the Catholic Church. I even managed to squeeze in Apple and the iPad. As always, comments → Read More

Friday Funnies

Okay, it’s time for this week’s Friday Funnies (thanks to Dominique for the name suggestion). I am going to try to make this a weekly feature and will try to showcase a variety of artists. For the time being, we will stick to Chip Bok and Bob Gorrell, who were featured in the first edition of this feature, and add Mike Luckovich and Gary Markstein. Predictably, most of the cartoons are still going to → Read More

Cartoons for the politically inclined

A lot of serious topics have been discussed on Political Realities during the course of it’s existence. The Presidential elections, the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the debate over health care reform. Maybe no one else gets to feeling this way, but I wonder sometimes if we do not need to take a step back and chill out.

So, I have decided to post a few of the editorial cartoons → Read More