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Time to Vet Carly Fiorina


2015 is merely a re-run of the 2008 Presidential race names have been changed to fool the innocent. Obama, came dashing onto the scene; a mediocre politician whose only claim to fame was that of a “community organizer” (whatever that means.)

Obama wined and dined the American public; the youth swooned over this personable polished orator. The African Americans thought he was the best thing since the Emancipation Proclamation and they drained their bank accounts, savings and piggy banks to place their bet on this stranger.

Many Republicans called Obama a common sense centralist and eagerly joined his Presidential campaign. Even young Libertarians were intrigued with this stranger.

Globalist with a big “G”


Now we have a repeat of 2008 in → Read More

Gentle Ben Pummeled by Liberal News, Muslims and Republicans


Gentle Ben” was ambushed during an interview with Meet the Press; the host was Chuck Todd – Ben fell victim to a “gotcha” question. Todd led Ben into the trap by asking Ben if he believes Islam is consistent with the Constitution. Ben could have considered a couple of options at this time, but hind sight is always better than foresight. Truth is Ben was very precise and correct in his answer to Todd because in fact Islam isn’t consistent with our Constitution…

He could have said to Todd, what exactly inspires you to ask such a question or he could have said Todd if you’re wanting clarification on this, just read the Constitution and don’t take my word for it.

Chuck here’s what → Read More

Will the Real Carly Fiorina Please Stand Up


So after watching the Presidential Debate 9/17/15 it seems we have another Barack Obama with makeup and gorgeous clothes snuggling down in our midst, probably because she thinks Americans are still sleeping at the wheel. Could our Country endure another great orator who is glib of tongue who has brought a basket full of “hope and change” to sell Americans.



Will this person be vetted properly or will we let her slip thru the cracks without doing our homework? Hopefully the silent majority will not fall into another political trap like 2008.

Carly Fiorina’s first attempt to dabble in politics was when she ran for the Senate race against Barbara Boxer. Barbara won in about a 10 point → Read More

Club for Growth Flapping Wings and Mouth Again



Flapping isn’t good it signifies weakness – Ronald Reagan didn’t flap, he soared!

There’s a bit of a disagreement between Club for Growth and Donald Trump. Club for Growth was perfectly fine with the Club/Trump relationship until Donald turned down their request for 1ml. That is when the “S – – -“hit the fan and David McIntosh new leader for Club for Growth has vowed to take Trump down.

Being so thinned skin as to make their vendetta against Trump personal probably is a waste of money, time and energy. Trump has plenty of baggage, but their big error was trying to buy his favor instead of concentrating on the issues. Trump knew that CFG didn’t → Read More

June 16, 2015 – A Day to Remember


Prior to June 16 2015 our Nation had been in a downward spiral that diminished the hope of most Americans. Seven plus years spent trying to stay afloat, but the Obama regime proved too powerful – day by day hopes and dreams were being shattered.

During this time Americans lost their homes, their jobs, their healthcare along with losing many of their freedoms and rights. They watched as their Military was attacked, their nuclear power diminished and their schools invaded with Common Core.

Americans watched as Obama and his cohorts used our money to fund the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s half – brother and his Auntie (all of these people are terrorist supporters.)

Our Nations’ borders were opened wide for terrorists, illegal → Read More

Politifact – Your Slip is Showing And Your Political teeth

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Politifact proudly displays this statement in their “About” section. PolitiFact is a project of the Tampa Bay Times and its partners to help you find the truth in politics. Underline the word “Truth” it’s the keyword.

Politifact is after Donald Trump like flies on a hog’s back, because they are “left leaners” which equates into Liberal fact checkers or is it “checkers of fact.” Anyway you slice it – Politifact is out to get Trump even if they have to lie.

Here are six issues Politifact says Trump has lied about – but the real question is this; “Was it Trump that lied or the Politifact team in their rather humorous attempt to kick Trump out of the ball park.

Humorous → Read More

75 Year Old Grandmother - WAKE UP CALL


This article certainly can’t be called a blog because it defies all the rules that one must use when blogging. It’s an opinion, by a 75 year old grandmother who climbed on her soapbox today.



Sitting here tonight holding my 3 year old grandson on my lap while watching Paw Patrol on my computer, I suddenly start holding him tighter because I’m scared, I’m mad and I’m angry! I’m tired of the knee jerking and heart breaking “Crap” handed out by the Washington Cartel, Liberal news media and political activists.

Our children and grandchildren deserve a legacy from us that they can embrace and hold close to their hearts with pride. But, what we’re giving them is a → Read More