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“Democratic” Socialism Is A Fantasy


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Contrary to the word-play, democracy and socialism, as defined, are actually polar opposites. The phrase “democratic socialism” is an oxymoron. Its a phrase that is contradictory, like a “loud whisper” or “true lies”. Real socialism and real democracy are ultimately incompatible. The sole intent of that phrase, democratic socialism, is the sale of the socialistic system from within a Democratic system, and nothing more.

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Said another way, no, Sweden and many of the other Western European countries Bernie points to as more enlightened than us are not democratically socialist states, even if they call themselves that. And no, Bernie Sanders is also not a democratic socialist, even if he calls himself that. He’s → Read More

Constitution 101: Who Knows Their 11th Amendment?


So who here knows what the 11th Amendment states? If you asked Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or most other politicians for that matter, its pretty unlikely any of them would know what it is. Its not just politicians who wouldn’t know what the 11th Amendment says. Most of the American people also probably wouldn’t know what it says either, that is, without first conducting a google search.

I’m not bashing people who don’t know what the 11th Amendment says, but it is unfortunate that most people don’t know what it says, or why it says what it does. As I will try and demonstrate in the following brief article, it has implications having to do with the proper place of the Supreme Court in → Read More

ISIS - Reagan's Words Regarding Peace And War


Considering all the instability happening on the world scene these days, specifically the spread of Islamic radicals like ISIS, I thought I’d draw a video from my video’s section at and post it here to show what Reagan’s general thoughts were about peace and war. Obviously he was for peace. But not “peace” at any price. I think his words might shed some light on the apparent choice of whether to actively fight or simply appease our enemies via “containment” for example.

The following is from Reagan’s famous “A Time For Choosing” speech when he stumped for Barry Goldwater’s election for president: (click on story to show video link)

Article V Of The Constitution. The Final Straw? Part II


For those unfamiliar with Article V of the Constitution, and the second yet to be used method of amending the Constitution, via a convention of states, I invite you to refer to or my previous article on this subject. My reason for writing Part II is having written on this subject initially, I didn’t anticipate the degree to which many good, like-minded conservatives had a degree of apprehension toward utilizing this method of amendment. I truly believe in this cause, I hope to address some of those concerns in this article, and to respectfully explain why I have come to fully support an Article V convention of the states as the only solution as big as our current problems.

As stated, many good people → Read More

The ‘’Insiders” at War With the “Silent Majority” – They are Trying to Ambush Americans

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Oops. I just received a news flash from the Liberal camp that we no longer can refer to the middle class as “hard-working citizens.” Not being fond of the politically correct era – I say the last time I checked our Constitution I still have the freedom and the right to express my opinion. So here goes.

The middle class, the hard-working citizens are the glue holding our Nation together. They are the ones who pay the Washington Cartel their exorbitant wages for brief time working on our clock. The most of the Cartel’s time, which we pay for is sitting on their duffs under a palm tree on some gorgeous island while we’re working our butts off 24/7.

The middle class → Read More

Government Gone Bad

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It’s a big problem when the citizens of the United States have lost their trust in their Government and their elected officials. Both parties are guilty of treason against the citizens of the United States. There is no wiggle room for either the Republican or Democrat Parties – they have betrayed the people.

The Democrats have been complicit with Barack Obama’s illegal maneuvers, scams and schemes for the past 7 ½ years. There is no longer a Democrat Party – it’s now a group of idealistic parasites who want to take total control of our Government and American citizens.

An example showing beyond a doubt that the Democrat Party has lost their morals, their honesty and their right to Govern would be the → Read More

Benghazi – Murders – Guns Walking – Presidential Election


The Democrats would like us to believe that Trey Gowdy’s committee on Benghazi is nothing but a “witch hunt,” Logic tells us the Benghazi investigation is about 4 brave Americans being assassinated, a fake video and a Commander in Chief and Sec. of State that conspired to hide the truth.

Obama & Clinton held the two of the most powerful positions in our Country during the time that Christopher Stevens (Ambassador), Sean Smith (Information Officer,) Glen Doherty (Navy Seal) and Tyron Woods (Navy Seal) our 4 brave American heroes were massacred.

Now here’s where the information get dicey and is cause to ponder on who is running our Government and why Obama & Hillary Clinton weren’t prosecuted because they were accomplices to the murders → Read More