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Politifact – Your Slip is Showing And Your Political teeth

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Politifact proudly displays this statement in their “About” section. PolitiFact is a project of the Tampa Bay Times and its partners to help you find the truth in politics. Underline the word “Truth” it’s the keyword.

Politifact is after Donald Trump like flies on a hog’s back, because they are “left leaners” which equates into Liberal fact checkers or is it “checkers of fact.” Anyway you slice it – Politifact is out to get Trump even if they have to lie.

Here are six issues Politifact says Trump has lied about – but the real question is this; “Was it Trump that lied or the Politifact team in their rather humorous attempt to kick Trump out of the ball park.

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75 Year Old Grandmother - WAKE UP CALL


This article certainly can’t be called a blog because it defies all the rules that one must use when blogging. It’s an opinion, by a 75 year old grandmother who climbed on her soapbox today.



Sitting here tonight holding my 3 year old grandson on my lap while watching Paw Patrol on my computer, I suddenly start holding him tighter because I’m scared, I’m mad and I’m angry! I’m tired of the knee jerking and heart breaking “Crap” handed out by the Washington Cartel, Liberal news media and political activists.

Our children and grandchildren deserve a legacy from us that they can embrace and hold close to their hearts with pride. But, what we’re giving them is a → Read More

The Demonization of our Men and Women in Blue

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Obama’s target is and has always been our law enforcement agencies – he seems to have a personal vendetta against our men and women in blue.

To understand why we are experiencing one riot after another, we must realize that Obama started preparing his troops literally the day he first took office. His intention from the gecko was to increase the number of dependents on the Government. His prey was the African American populace, because they were the most vulnerable and needy ones at the time.

The end goal is to create an army of “have nots” especially young people who are totally owned and controlled by the Government. The young are the most dangerous, most vulnerable and unsuspecting preys so Obama, Soros, Code → Read More

Boehner Sobbing Gopher With Tail Between Legs

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There he goes the man toting Obama’s golf bag with the white flag in his hip pocket, the flag that says “Obama Gopher.” So it would seem fair to say that we have a rat in our icebox, the Republican Speaker of the House. Most who have observed John Boehner realize by now that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing fighting against our Country.

What has this man done for our Country – Senator Rubio pretty much sums it up when talking to O’Reilly he said, “Not one thing has been accomplished since 2010 when I became Senator.” Now if that isn’t a horrific disgusting report card for the Republicans, there’s more to come in 2015.

Boehner decided in 2015 that he would round → Read More

Jose Says You Can't Throw Me Out - Trump Says

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You Can’t – Can

Jose yells , “You can’t throw me out – Donald says “Watch me.”

Lets get this straight, Jose Ramos Univision anchor is allowed to create a disturbance at a pre-speech press conference just because he is a Hispanic or from Hispanic descendants, or is making millions of dollars off of the illegal aliens, I don’t think so…

Come on folks this is beyond reason, why does anyone including groups like the “Black lives matter,” Code Pink or the Univision group have a right to intentionally interrupt and create havoc during a press conference or during a Republican or Democrat candidates’ speech?

This is like telling the neighborhood or school bully, yep you have a right → Read More

Little Darling or She Devil

megyn kelly

Maybe journalists should consider taking an oath prior to venturing into the profession, by following in our physician’s footsteps and taking the Hippocratic oath “First do no harm.”

It would be something that politicians might consider too, because at this time they seem to feel empowered by their respective positions. They truly believe that they are above the law and have taken on a “Better than thou” attitude or presence. Freedom of speech should not be used to freely cause harm.

It’s sad to see such an influential high profile woman who has gained the respect of her viewers miss step by being so emotionally charged.

If only she could have revisited the Hippocratic Oath before interviewing and dissecting the Duggar family.

What a → Read More

Americans - 7 Years of Alinsky Rules


I have absolutely no idea what my generation did to enrich our democracy. We dropped the ball. We entered a period of complacency and closed our eyes to the public corruption of our democracy. Wynton Marsalis


Starting in 2008, many Americans were lolled into that comfortable illusionary world of complacency. Many trusted, many believed and many unknowingly became victims of the Obama regime, the Democratic elitists and the Republican power mongers.

Little did we know at that time that our Government had totally turned on Americans and their Country. All of them are guilty of creating diversions and keeping the “troops divided.” Republicans and Democrats have used Saul Alinsky’s Rules for the past 7 years; they created diversions and skillfully keep the troops → Read More