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National Guard Banned From Vacation Bible School, Gay Pride Is Allowed

Vacation Bible School

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Have you ever attended Vacation Bible School? Around here, we call it VBS and it is the time of the year, usually during summer vacation from school, that children gather at a local, or not so much, school to learn about the Bible and the principles it teaches. In the case of the VBS put on by our church, it is some children’s only opportunity to attend an event that is both educational and uplifting. Not to mention, a lot of fun.

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During the week, representatives of the local police and fire departments, as well as the local paramedics. It depends on the theme of the VBS. For instance, the theme at → Read More

Hobby Lobby Goes Before The Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby

I know there has already been a ton of writing on Hobby Lobby and the case its lawyers will be presenting to the Supreme Court. Yes, my friends, that happens today. It is time for the highest court in our land to hear a case that should have never had to be brought against our government. After the Court hears the case, David Green will learn sometime in June or July if he will be able to continue operating his business according to his Christian values, or if he is told those values have no place in the business world.

David Green started Hobby Lobby in his garage and it has grown since that time. He now has 602 stores across America and he → Read More

Do Our Christian Beliefs Have A Place In Our Public Lives?

Religious Freedom

I have been pondering the question posed in the title of this post for quite some time. I believe the main source of this pondering is the furor that is ongoing in America over the rights of individual business owners, who happen to be Christians and hold certain religious values, to refuse to service certain segments of our population. I was informed last year in a discussion on this blog that these Christian business owners had no such right, that if they did not want to serve a certain group of people, that constituted discrimination, and they should shut their business down. The person who made those statements was so offended by my views on this issue that she has not visited my blog → Read More

Grandmother’s Letter to Our Children & Grandchildren

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TBOCA – T ake B ack O ur C ountry A merica

Yes, I came from the baby boomer generation – I joined hands with many of my fellow citizens and played around in the sandbox until all of the sand was gone. During my time I was not a willing participant but as the “norm” changed so did I…

Our Nation was at war during this time being attacked from all sides by those who wished to destroy us. They (meaning the enemy) quietly and methodically started dicing and slicing our Nation gradually changing the “norm.” At first glance few of us realized what was actually happening to the greatest Country in the → Read More

Man’s Natural Instincts, Still


Man’s ability to reason, to judge, and rely on prescription and prejudice as Russell Kirk put forth, “by which he meant the supra-rational wisdom of the species—into a conscious and imaginative defense of the traditional ways of society” has allowed mankind, to a certain degree, to claim mastery over nature, its elements, unlock its mysteries and lay claim to the planet. The human race throughout its existence has developed a feeling of superiority, and as far as finite creatures can, inside narrow limits of understanding, developed ways to interpret reality.

Man’s march onward towards sophistication in the form of hundreds of nations, organized under governments and institutions to help secure rights and posterity, has provided a way of life unlike any other time. However, man → Read More

I Want To Be That Man


If you have followed Political Realities for any length of time, you will know I am a big fan of Southern Gospel music. That is especially true if that music is performed by a quartet, but even more so if it contains a message beyond the harmonies and the music. Such is the case with the song I want to share with you this afternoon.

Brian Free and Assurance have been singing Southern Gospel music for several years and have had many good songs, but “I Want To Be That Man” is something special. It should speak to all of us men and help us realize the urgency and the importance of the role we are supposed to play in our family and in our → Read More

The Kingdom Heirs – We Will Stand Our Ground


As many of you may know from the few music videos I have shared in the past, I am a big fan of Southern Gospel music. Specifically, a fan of the quartets. I know you may not be a fan of this type of music, you may not even like Christian music, but I still want to share a video of a song that was performed by The Kingdom Heirs at the National Quartet Convention last year. In case you are not familiar with The Kingdom Heirs, they are the resident Southern Gospel quartet of Dollywood, the theme park owned by Dolly Parton. The group members are Arthur Rice singing lead, Steve French singing baritone, Jerry Martin singing tenor, and Jeff Chapman singing bass. Their → Read More