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Black Leaders Advocate For Gun Rights

Presently, the news cycles are being dominated by reports of the upcoming sequester. It is an important issue and one that I have written about myself, but frankly, I am a little tired of the hype it is receiving. There are other stories to write, other issues to discuss. Let’s move from the financial scene of American government to something that is easily as important, the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. Yes, gun control is still in the news and black leaders are making their voices heard.

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If one listens to the narrative being told by the Democratic Party and their friends in the liberal media, one could easily reach the conclusion that all black Americans are liberals and are card-carrying members of the party that gave us our first black President of the United States. After all, do not all black Americans follow the example of the not-so-honorable Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? In a word, no. There are many black Republicans who proudly count themselves among the ranks of conservatives. According to what we hear from the liberal media, these black Americans are traitors to their fellow blacks, but the reality is much different. They are simply conservative Americans who happen to be black. Nothing wrong with that at all and certainly, nothing traitorous about it.

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This is evidenced by a recent meeting of black leaders at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington. Regardless of how black leaders such as the two aforementioned Reverends would have us envision other black Americans, these black leaders came out solidly on the side of conservative values and for the gun rights of all Americans.

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(Human Events) Led by conservative activist Star Parker, the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, more than a dozen black leaders spoke out in favor of gun rights at a press conference at Washington’s National Press Club.

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Parker said the press conference was called during Black History Month because the lessons learned by the black experience in America teach that all Americans should be able to exercise their gun rights.

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The press conference was dedicated to the tradition of abolitionist and civil rights leader Frederick Douglas, she said. “Douglas reminded us: ‘A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box.’”

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What was true in Douglas’s day, is true today, she said.

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“Regarding black reality, blacks are the least armed, least protected and defended and the most assaulted citizens in our country,” she said.

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Parker said in a recent survey 42 percent of whites and only 16 percent of blacks reported that they had either a handgun or long gun in the home, she said.

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“Does anyone really think that universal background checks, in which some past legal infraction might nullify a gun application, would not result in even fewer law-abiding black men from obtaining a weapon to protect their family?” she asked.

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“What about black women?” she said. “Studies show an 81 percent higher risk of mental health problems with women, who have had an abortion—will abortion be one of the questions on the universal background check?”

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Capitol Hill proposals that restrict gun rights ignore why people should be free to keep and bear arms, she said.

Black LeadersI have no doubt some people, including other blacks who are liberal, would rather these black conservatives be silent on these issues. Having them voicing their opinions on issues such as gun control doesn’t play well with the narrative they have tried to sell their constituency for years. It places a very big monkey wrench right in the middle of their “works”.

Take a look at how the differences between liberal and conservative blacks parallel the differences between liberals and conservatives in America. Liberal blacks, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, thrive on the “woe is me” narrative. Their power is greater when their constituency is downtrodden. They claim they want greater freedom and equality for their people, but as long as those goals are not achieved, the power base on which they rely stays solid. Does this sound familiar?

Contrast that with conservative black Americans. Black leaders such as Star Parker, Tim Scott, Allen West, and Herman Cain really want their people to succeed in their struggle for greater freedom and equality. They have worked to show black Americans exactly how to achieve those goals. I ask again, does this sound familiar? If not, it should.

These are the same differences that have built such a large barrier between liberals and conservatives in America. Liberals are determined that government be the end-all solution to every problem we have. It doesn’t matter to them if we are red, yellow, black, or white, their power base is only strong when it is built on the dependency of Americans on their government. Conservatives, on the other hand, have a different view of things.

We believe strongly in personal liberty and freedom. We want all Americans to be self-reliant and to support themselves, with a limited government presence in their lives. It doesn’t matter to us if you are red, yellow, black, or white, we want you to succeed of your own volition, not because the government decided you were the one who should succeed.

Gun rights for all Americans, no matter their color or race, is an important part of that success. Liberal advocates of gun control would have us all believe it is necessary for us to give up our 2nd Amendment rights, in the name of safety for all, and rely on the government to keep us safe. On the contrary, conservative Americans, including those who happen to be black, believe in the right of all Americans, no matter their color or race, to provide for their own success, safety, and security. I may not be black, but count me in that number.

By sheer coincidence, Maggie’s Notebook is posting on the same subject, but with a different angle.

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  • The media will either ignore them or crucify them.

    • True enough, but they should continue their efforts to make their voices heard.

  • Banning firearms or preventing blacks from owning them but setting up hurdles was a tactic of Democrats after the Civil War. You could not keep blacks down and under the thumb of whites if they owned guns because we all know a rifle levels the playing field.

    Calls for restricting legal gun ownership among minorities is the same thing as discrimination. Black communities may have a problem with gun violence but it’s not the legally owned firearms that cause the problems.

    • Very true, Harrison. Legally owned firearms are not the problem, but the advocates of gun control refuse to admit that little tidbit of information.

  • Colion Noir’s take on this issue is well worth watching.

  • OK, I see something a bit differently, the Black/White issue.

    Wasn’t Obama supposed to be the great joiner and unite this nation? Wasn’t HE suppose to be the 1st *post racial* POTUS? Aren’t we ALL supposed to equal in the eyes of God and the Law?

    I see NO Black issues, I see American issues and I see a Black population that has been spoon fed by the Left, for decades, and when people that can and DO look past skin color come along all we hear about is the *downtrodden Black man* and how *Whitey* is still screwing them over…

    These Conservative folks you mentioned, they need to rally ALL Black people, help them put away their racism and forget the term African-American…

    We ALL bleed RED BLOOD, when we all become AMERICANS, and nothing else, when all we have is the best interest of this United States in our hearts, our minds and in our actions, when we vote out the Liberals that still keep Black people in chains, then, and only then can we ALL be free and equal…

    • Oh, I don’t believe we are so far apart on this, you and I. If you will notice, I failed to use the term African American in my post. I did this purposefully, because I believe black fits much better.

      You are right. There should be no black or white issues in our country, but only American issues. If we are all true Americans, that’s how it will be. Unless we do, nothing but trouble will result.

      Like I said, we are not so far apart on this issue.

      • Agreed, we are close on this one… I have long said, African-American or any other hyphenated American isn’t American at all…

  • The media hates black conservatives even more than they hate conservatives because it goes against the narrative. Black conservatives are attacked and called Uncle Toms and I think this just exposes the media for what it is. They don’t care about anything except pushing the liberal agenda.

    • I’ve noticed that too. A black that is a true conservative is reviled worse than just about anyone else. I guess they just can’t figure out why a black person would dare to want to improve themselves, instead of remaining dependent upon the government. It’s beyond their comprehension.

  • I think Steve nailed it. Only one thing progressives can’t tolerate is a black conservative. Dr. Carson is giving them a run for their money.

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  • I agree with everyone here, and Larry, thanks for the linkey-love. Media Matters is already after Dr. Carson. If you look at the list you mentioned above, West, Parker, Cain and Tim Scott, all with the exception of Scott have been knocked out of an “official” voice. When Tim Scott runs for his Senate seat, I hope we have all the money needed to help him defend his seat because they will target him more than ever, and Karl Rove won’t be there to help.

    It must be so terribly defeating to those like the man in the picture above “Obama does NOT speak for me.” Everything that has been done by this administration has been done to move Blacks to the trough, as never before. We are targeted for the trough as well, with unions dumping in the feed. Those doing the dumping are NOT Black – with the exception of a handful that I can find and most of those are big fish in a smaller bowl – local level leaders – not all but most.

    Black Americans can lay the blame directly on the Congressional Black Caucaus who has worked deviously to break this country financially and turn all of us into takers (but if they can stop YOU from taking they will – and they are doing this through education). The CBC is one evil bunch of Americans, so firmly entrenched on Capitol Hill that things will never be the same.