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Barack Obama’s Version of an Economic Recovery – Open Thread

Before I started my morning reading of news and blogs that I am subscribed to, I had already been thinking about our economy. I make no claims to be an expert, but I see what I see. I came across a blog post at The First Street Journal that really piqued my interest and I thought it would be a good one to share with my readers on a Saturday morning. It echoes what I have been thinking. The President can’t run on his real record, so he has to manufacture an economic recovery. It doesn’t matter if that recovery is real, it just has to appear to be real.

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Here is the last paragraph of the post. It’s well worth reading it in its entirety, as the Editor lays out exactly how the Obama administration is spinning the labor numbers to suit their needs.

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They were not happy with that remark, but it was the truth: the Kaw had been painted, and had an after-market air conditioner on top, and all of the switches and gauges repaired, but it still had the same engine, still had the same transmission, and was still the same piece of [insert vulgar slang term for feces here] that it was before the rebuild. The same is true with the economy: the Bureau of Labor Statistics can run the numbers, and publish the big one, the 8.1% official unemployment rate, and President Obama can claim that we’ve created a bunch of new jobs, but he’s still trying to paint a turd. He’s still the boss, but anyone who actually gets in the economy and drives it around and tries to do work with it will see past the new pretty paint job and the fancy new gauges, and will know that it’s the same old piece of [insert vulgar slang term for feces here.]

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Economic RecoveryMy wife summed it up in one sentence. She said “everything is going up besides the paycheck”. I always knew she was a smart woman. If we are in an economic recovery, I hope we don’t go back into a recession. The imbalance between what I am able to earn and how much necessities are costing us can’t bear another straw.

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Barack Obama has said before that he was the man for the job. In 2009, he claimed he wanted the economy to be called Obama’s economy. He has tried to backtrack from that statement and still tries to lay the blame on George W. Bush, but that is just one more falsehood he has tried to perpetuate. The economy was bad when he took office, but he has done nothing to help move it out of its stagnation. It can be truthfully argued that he has, in fact, hurt the economy and any chance of a swift recovery.

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As I stated in the comment I made on the post at The First Street Journal, our economy is closely aligned to the price of energy. The policies of the Obama administration have caused that price to climb continually, since he took office. As long at that price continues its upward trend, we can expect no economic recovery of significance.

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Please consider the comments as an open thread to voice your concerns about the economy.

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  • It will be interesting (and sickening) to see the gymnastics the democrats and their handmaidens in the press go through to try to convince us that there’s a pony under this giant pile of manure Obama has created…

    • I can’t hardly wait, Kurt. It should be extremely interesting to see what they come up with.

  • Thanks for the link! I’d note here that a trackback/pingback from TFSJ didn’t make it past your filter for the Country Thinker’s article on attending the Libertarian Party convention.

    • You are quite welcome for the link, Dana. I have been enjoying what I have been reading at The First Street Journal. Glad I discovered your blog.

      As for the trackback on Country Thinker’s article, there is actually one there. I had to approve it first, but it does show up under the comments.

  • The 8.1% unemployment is a bogus figure since it doesn’t take into account all those who have stopped looking for a job. But the media won’t tell us that. The media actually has a hard job ahead of them. In order to get their man reelected they’re going to have to convince the voters that the economy is in good shape and getting better. They’re not above lying and they’re going to have to do a lot of it.

    • Of course it is a bogus number. The liberals and their friends in the media are spinning this so much, they should be dizzy. If only we can get enough people to pay attention to this election, they should be fighting a losing battle.

  • lou222

    Sounds like your wife is a pretty smart lady. We see things, sometimes, from a different perspective than you guys do. Normally it is the women that are doing the shopping, right? Yes, Obama owns this economy and no amount of back-tracking will help. The Media has about run its’ course on the cover and there is just nothing left, that I think they could come up with to justify that this economy is getting better. I think even the ones that have not paid attention up to now are finally getting hit in the pocketbook and are having to deal with less goods for more money. Funny how that works. The very last thing that a Government wants to do is cut entitlements, but I see that coming and then all hell is going to break out. Take away free stuff and there will be an uprising that we have not seen before. The only way I can see Obama winning is by deception and of course voter fraud, either or both will do it.

    • My wife is a smart lady. Much smarter than I am, I have no trouble admitting that.

      I also wonder how much longer the media can continue covering for Obama. Sooner or later, they are bound to run out of ways to spin the facts of this economy to his advantage.

  • We must not underestimate the skill of the obamites to deflect blame.

    • lou222

      Jim, I found this over at, might have a look. It seems that Obama had a “Plan B”, hope more of this comes out.

    • I am fairly well acquainted with their ability to blame others for their failures. I have been watching Obama do it for three years.

  • My wife can attest to the fact that prices are rising. The real unemployment rate is well above 8.1%, only the biggest Obama slappies believe that number. The economy is a mess and Obama doesn’t have a solution.

    • Everything he tries has made it worse. That is because he is working on false assumptions about how our economy should operate.

  • It is interesting to note that the unemployment number is coming down because so many people have given up looking for work; it makes you wonder if he is happy about this because it means more people are dependent on the government. Plus he knows that most people only look at the unemployment number and he might be able to fool them on the economy, but people know it costs more to do everything and I don’t think they will be fooled.

    • I hope you are right and they aren’t fooled, but after what happened in France and what is happening in Wisconsin, I’m not so sure.

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