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Barack Obama’s Hypocrisy on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

How many days has it been now since Barack Obama and his campaign raised questions about Mitt Romney and his tenure at Bain Capital? By my count, quite a few, and the uproar they have cause shows no signs of abating. Romney has been called a liar and/or a felon by the Obama campaign and they continue to call on him to prove he is neither lying, or a felon. All because after Romney left Bain Capital, they shipped some American jobs overseas. You would think Romney was a serial killer, the way they are acting. It’s all rhetoric of course. Designed to cause friction in America, to divide American voters, and to sway them to vote for Barack Obama, it is class warfare, at its worst.

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Barack ObamaThe hypocrisy of the Obama campaign, even of the President himself, astounds me. Here he is, calling for Mitt Romney to answer questions about Bain Capital, yet he has refused to answer what many people consider to be legitimate questions about his own past. I have not been one of those who have questioned Obama’s birthplace, yet I wondered why he refused to release the documents that would surely prove him right. Does the man not realize how many new questions have been raised, all because he refuses to answer the most basic question of where he was really born? Everything he has done, in regards to the questions surrounding his birth certificate, has been done to deflect, not to prove his point.

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Barack Obama is on the campaign trail every day and every day, he questions Mitt Romney about his past at Bain Capital. He portrays that past to be a villainous past, one that Romney should be ashamed of. All the while, he has refused to answer questions about his ties to certain know terrorists, such as Bill Ayers. Even his autobiography was fabricated to make him seem more appealing to black voters. And he has the nerve to question Mitt Romney about Bain Capital and to call him a liar? He has the gall to demonize Mitt Romney for being a successful businessman who helped start companies like Burger King and Staples? He has the audacity to accuse Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs (the phrase “outsourcing” isn’t even correct) overseas, yet his stimulus included billions of dollars that were sent overseas. You can read about that at Obamanomics Outsourced. So much for stimulating the American economy.

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Forgive me for beating a dead horse, but the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign, especially Barack Obama himself, astounds me.

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  • Obama’s followers don’t care that he is a hypocrite or can’t see it. Either way it is scary.

    • You are right. The hypocrisy of his actions are lost on his true believers.

  • The problem here is that despite the fact that Fact Check, the Washington Post and others have debunked Obama’s claim as baseless, other media outlets are, if not reporting it as fact, reporting it as possibility. That’s what could hurt Romney.

    It’s surprising to me though that Obama has actually weighed in on this. He’s taking a serious risk doing this, Obama would be much better off if this was a battle of surrogates with him off in the White House running the country. He must think that his voters want to hear this stuff from him, that they want him to take Romney head on.

    • It’s one of those times when the suggestion of a problem could lead to harm for the Romney campaign. It doesn’t matter if the problem actually exists. The very appearance of evil, if you will. I honestly wouldn’t know how to tell the Romney campaign to best deal with this.

      • It’s a touch call. It seems to me ignoring it isn’t the way to go. They really need to take it head on. What I would do is schedule a bunch of interviews with favorable and unfavorable press and use that as the springboard to explain the truth and attack Obama as a liar. It wouldn’t kill for Romney to constantly point out that Obama is bring up Bain to avoid talking about the disastrous economy.

        • Romney can not afford to let these attacks go unchallenged. If ever there was a time when he needs to buckle down and get in Obama’s face, this is the time.

  • Honestly, what do we really know about Obama’s past? Nothing! Everything about his past is fishy and I am also one who hasn’t focused much on these issues until recently when he started attacking Romney’s past because in my opinion this opens up the door for questions on his past, and there are many.

    • Isn’t it strange how Obama seems to think it is okay to require Romney to release all of these records, yet he refuses to put a simple matter of his birth to bed for good? It makes no sense for him to do that, unless he really does have something to hide. That’s exactly what he is saying about Romney, so why not apply that theory to his own background?

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  • How many jobs has Obama outsourced, help to end, or destroyed. The man is an economic idiot thinking that ATM machines cause job losses and are bad.

    Is it any wonder that such a partisan, Leftist has destroyed so much during his tenure in office?

    • I haven’t figured out if he is willfully ignorant about the economy, or if he simply doesn’t have a clue about how it works. Maybe a little of both?