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Barack Obama – Dishonesty In Cushing

As many of you already know, President Barack Obama came to the great state of Oklahoma yesterday. I realize he can’t visit every state every Barack Obamayear, but he noted himself that this was his first visit to Oklahoma since the campaign in 2008. Speaking personally, as an Oklahoman and considering the attitude Obama has and showed in full view yesterday, I wouldn’t mind if he never came back to the Sooner state. I’m not sure if I have ever seen such a blatant and dishonest attempt by any politician to spin the facts and weave a web of lies around the truth. It was, and is, only an all-out effort to help Barack Obama win a second term in the White House.

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I was unable to cover the events yesterday, but Maggie’s Notebook has some of the reports, as well as her own commentary on how this all went down. She aptly calls it a Keystone Stunt and at The McCarville Report, she points out that it was nothing but a photo opportunity.

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After Obama nixed the Keystone XL Project, (of which only 50′ over the Canada-U.S. border needed his approval) which would have laid pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast, the project became the Gulf Coast Project, designed to begin with a hook-up at the Cushing facility. The project did not need Obama’s approval, but he’s stopping by for a photo-op, nevertheless. The man is shameless. Get ready America. He will try to tell you he supports this project. Keep in mind, his support begins at Cushing,  only because he cannot stop it.

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I can not express how much I agree with Maggie’s assessment of what took place in Cushing, Oklahoma. What’s even worse, the dishonesty began earlier in the week, at his stop at Copper Mountain Solar, who’s parent company, Sempra, has received about $42 million of our money to subsidize their efforts to build a solar energy company. The dishonesty is palpable when you read the transcript of his remarks at Copper Mountain. In them, he continually raves about how big oil companies are more profitable than ever and are making money every time we fill our vehicles with gasoline. He is also sticking with his rhetoric of calling out some members of Congress who raise questions about his clean energy agenda. He has even went as far as to say they are members of the Flat Earth Society.

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I am fully aware that most of this is political rhetoric, designed to draw attention to his reelection campaign, but I can not help but marvel at the dishonesty contained therein. If we are to believe President Obama, the oil companies are receiving millions of dollars of subsidies that they don’t need. He would like to convince us that oil is the “old stuff” and we should stop subsidizing them and start giving money to the “new stuff”, which would be anything to do with clean energy. What he continually fails to be honest about is the fact that the money he is talking about is the tax credits given to every corporation for new equipment, losses, etc. These tax credits go to every corporation that applies for them, not just oil companies. Again, the dishonesty is palpable.

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Let’s recap. Barack Obama went to Copper Mountain Solar earlier in the week and reading the transcript of his remarks, we find he used the opportunity to slam big oil and the product they provide to the citizens of this country. Yesterday, Barack Obama came to Cushing, Oklahoma and used that opportunity as a photo shoot and to sing the praises of solar energy. He also used it to proclaim his support for the pipeline from Cushing to Texas. Never mind the fact that he has been opposed to the pipeline before, but after he found out he can’t stop it, he joined the party. Never mind that he has continually hindered the application to build the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Cushing.

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Are we supposed to just forget the past actions of Barack Obama and sing his praises because he used his visit to Oklahoma as an opportunity to push his agenda against big oil companies? I think not. After seeing the stunts he has pulled this past week, it will be a good thing if he stays in Washington and away from Oklahoma. No matter if he is the President of the United States, that’s how much disrespect I have for Barack Obama.

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  • Excellent post. I was about to sit down and expound on the same thing. No need now. You’ve said it all.

    Drudge quotes Obama as saying he’s “added” enough pipeline to “encircle the earth and then some.” The claim is infantile. Even if he took credit for every inch of pipeline laid by private oil companies in his three years as President and every inch of pipeline planned to be laid, I doubt the claim is true.

    Drudge also quotes the President as saying of the Keystone Pipeline: “Today, I’m directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucratic hurdles and make the project a priority.” A few days prior Obama’s campaign liar-in-chief, David Axelrod, criticized Republicans on national TV for trying to do the same thing in Congress.

    It’s worse than shameless.

    • It’s a complete and total joke. I have yet to see anyone, President or other politician, who so readily blames others for his troubles and takes credit where credit is not due him.

  • Another interesting little tidbit to throw in here is that the subsidies for oil companies which he is now decrying are the very same subsidies which he continually voted for as a Senator.

    Also, during his remarks in Cushing he said, “America, at a time when we’re growing, is actually importing less oil from overseas because we’re using it smarter and more efficiently.”

    If that’s true, then I guess “smarter” and “more efficient” use of oil makes the price of gas, and consequently, food etc to skyrocket. Doesn’t seem smart or efficient to me.

    • Yeah, he’s a fine one to be talking about smarts and efficiency.

  • He’s trying to pull a Clinton by getting in front of the parade, but he’s too clumsy to pull it off like the old master.

    He’s only been to Oklahoma once? Lucky you. He and his wife can’t keep their hands off Colorado…

    • You’re right, Kurt. He isn’t nearly as adept at this as Bill Clinton.

      Concerning his visit to Oklahoma, he probably knows better than to show up here too often. We are the only state in America where he lost every county. All 77 of them went for John McCain in 2008. I fully suspect he will face the same prospects in November.

  • On Chicago’s South Side (you know, where those values he and Michelle are instilling in their daughters comes from), an intellectually dishonest portfolio of rhetoric, will get you into the Mayor’s office, over and over, to lobby for additional entitlements. It’s the Chicago way. It’s who he is. It’s also disgraceful. Clinton started it. It overtook the entire Democrat party. I don’t think we’ll ever change it. This is our future unless we can take the House and Senate in some significant way.

    Larry, thanks so much for linking and quoting. I appreciate it.

    • You are quite welcome for the link, Maggie.

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  • I doubt that he even knows anymore that he is lying since he started so young. He believes that he is responsible all that is good that occurs and someone else is always responsible for anything bad that occurs.

    • I wonder if he actually believes what he says?

  • The only difference between today and when he campaigned is it was easier for people to delude themselves into believing what he was shoveling but a quick glance at his legislative record – and his pastor – really told you all you needed to know.

    If he gets re-elected what will be the excuses of the morons who voted “Aye” be?

    • That’s a question I have been wanting to ask since he was elected in 2008.

  • The man is a walking contradiction and, to put it bluntly, a liar. Lies just flow from his lips as naturally as the truth does for most people. After lobbying the Democrats in the Congress to kill the pipeline he has the gall to step in front of the people and tell them he is fast tracking a portion of the line which doesn’t even link oilfields to anything!?

    • He certainly likes to take credit where credit is not due him and he is good at blaming others for his troubles. We don’t even have to watch him all that closely to see that.

  • Ken David

    Remember he is “The Ruler of the World”

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