Baby Decklyn – Our Gift Of 2012

The past year has not been a good year for our family. In February, it will be a year since Mom passed away and it has not been easy to know I can Decklynnever see or speak to her again. However, there has been one gift that really does keep on giving. On May 26, 2012, Decklyn Kent Fine was born into this world and he was in trouble from the start. For those of you who may read this and be unaware of his story, you can read the rest of his story here. Suffice it to say he has already had heart surgery, a scant three weeks after he was born. Remembering what he looked like after the surgery, it is amazing how far he has come since then.

Decklyn has Shone’s Syndrome, which is a series of four cardiac defects. When his mother, Alisha, took him to one of his first doctor’s appointments at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK, she was not given a lot of encouragement. He had a fairly loud heart murmur and a hole in the bottom of his heart. The heart doctor couldn’t really believe he was doing as good as he was doing with the condition he is afflicted with. He said the vast majority of children with Shone’s Syndrome are already showing signs of the defects, even with the surgery he had to correct the narrow aortic arch valve he was born with. That is one of the four cardiac defects he has. That doctor visit was on October 20.

On December 10, Alisha took him back for his second appointment with the heart doctor. After his examination, he told her Decklyn was doing fine. He said he had to strain to hear the heart murmur, that it was something a normal doctor wouldn’t even notice. The hole in the bottom of his heart is almost completely grown closed. He was amazed at how well he was doing and scheduled his next appointment for four months, instead of two. He also cleared him to be circumcised and to have his tongue clipped, which will make it easier for him when he starts to talk.  I doubt that will be far in the future, as he was jabbering the entire time we had him last weekend.

decklyn-7months1During his first trip to the heart doctor, Alisha was told that many babies with Shone’s Syndrome were unable to digest their food properly. As you can see in the picture below, Decklyn is having no trouble digesting his food. He eats like a little pig, both formula and baby food. You should see him dive after that baby food. He looks like he is going to eat the spoon too. Truly, Decklyn is the gift that has given to us through 2012. He is a bundle of joy to be around and that baby jabbering I mentioned would make even the most sour person on the planet smile with pleasure. Our entire family is thankful he is doing so well and in retrospect, we are not so surprised. Even though he has been sick from the first day of his life, Decklyn has had the hand of God on him from the start. We truly believe God has had a hand in the remarkable changes he has undergone in seven months.


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