Gun Control Perspectives: Am I a Defeatist?


The new political-newspeak-flavor-of-the-month is swirling around the gun control debate, and that word is “defeatist.” I’ve been called that several times over the past week, always from Democrats who support stricter gun control regulations and even firearm bans. Just the other day, I read an article in which President Obama actually used the term “defeatist,” which pretty much solidified that word in the vernacular of every blue dog Democrat who loves using political buzzwords. Instead of calling it the “gun control debate,” perhaps we should resort to calling it the “War on Defeatists,” since such catchy phrases like that seem to rule the discussion.

The term bothers me so much because there’s such a depth of arrogance and ignorance behind it. First, to call → Read More

Rules of the Madhouse Part Two: For Republicans

Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States!

Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States!

Don’t think that Republicans are going to escape my critical eye. No one here can ever call me a partisan after this. On Sunday, I will have Part Three posted on my blog at Christian Fearing God-Man, and part three will basically explain the idea behind these posts as a whole in case the meaning is lost on anyone.

Prepare yourselves! The Rules are coming for you!

Rules of the Madhouse for Republicans

1. Democrats are inherently evil: This is rule number one because you have to know exactly who your enemies are. The Democrats–vile creatures who hate God and everything white–will stop at nothing to destroy America and subjugate every freedom-loving person → Read More

Rules of the Madhouse Part One: For Democrats

Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States!

Ladies and gentlemen of American Politics, meet your new warden!

A few days ago I wrote an article on my blog, Christian Fearing God-Man, detailing the 10 rules that every American should follow when they decide to get involved in American Politics (shameless plug). It doesn’t matter how you get involved, because the rules are still the same whether you run for office, blog, or serve as an activist in some way. The rules are in jest because I’ve been told that we need to have an “adult conversation” about the troubles facing our nation, and I realized a long time ago that an adult conversation is just a dream.

This counts for both sides, Democrat and Republican. I’ve noticed that many disciples → Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Iran

I don’t think anyone is comfortable with the idea of nuclear proliferation, especially when it has to do with perceived enemies. Is Iran an enemy to the United States? Perhaps in some sort of loose, philosophical sense. Iran has not made any attempt to attack the United States despite our continued presence in the Persian Gulf. Perhaps the government has sponsored anti-American terrorists, and Iran does not show up on the list of American well-wishers.

Yes, Iran has explicitly stated the desire to see Israel, the “rotting corpse,” of the Middle East, wiped off the map. I guess in a way they’re our enemy, if we estimate our ties to Israel to be that strong. And yes, they threaten to shut down the Strait → Read More

The Democrats Want You to Be Disenfranchised

I came to the realization the other day that I have a deep mistrust of people and their intentions. It’s hard for me to believe that any human is capable of being truly altruistic let alone believing that a politician can be selfless. So when I see all the masses of disenfranchised Americans–minorities, families living at or below the poverty line, etc.–I can’t help but laugh at just how snowed they’ve been by the people they elect to champion their various causes.

The Democrats want people to be disenfranchised, because those people will continue to vote for them so long as the Democrats maintain the facade that they’re trying to help them. The primary goal for most (not all) politicians is to get re-elected. → Read More

Occupy Wall Street – Brave New Trash Heap

I’ve said for some time now that irony is what makes the world more bearable. That may sound a little odd, because more often than not, if there’s some sort of irony in play that means there’s likely a negative condition attached to it. But if you’re willing to look at it without the doom-and-gloom lens, if you’re willing to take life a little less seriously, then you can actually find quite a lot of entertainment in human interaction.

The other day, Harrison over at Capitol Commentary wrote an interesting article about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) people and their motivation for what they’re doing. He’s been following this movement, and a few weeks ago he wrote a very enjoyable article about the irony → Read More

Mitt Romney: The Last Best Hope for Beating Obama?

Mitt Romney

By now you should all know me to be a pragmatist and a bit of a Machiavellian. I look at politics politically, meaning that I view politics in terms of people forming strategies to accomplish their goals. Every living soul in Washington DC knows that their principles will only get them so far, and if they want to gain any sort of ground, they have to work around the competing interests of their colleagues. So when I say that Mitt Romney is probably the Republican Party’s best shot at beating Obama, know that I say it out of a sense of strategy rather than conviction.

If I had my ‘druthers, I’d probably throw my support to Ron Paul. Myself being a moderate, supporting Paul → Read More

The Luxury of Principles

St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More

I think it’s safe to say that most Americans don’t look too kindly upon “flip-floppers,”—those politicians who seem to toss aside their principles in order to please the people. America has a two party system, and with such a political arrangement comes the consequence that districts are almost always going to be divided fairly close down the middle. Most American politicians, therefore, are faced with the challenge that nearly half of their constituents are going to hate them no matter how they vote.

It seems to me that there are three notions to consider here: pragmatism, representation, and ideological consistency. We generally want our politicians to be pragmatic; certainly we don’t want them passing legislation that simply doesn’t work, nor → Read More

What about “Natural” do people not understand?


Natural Rights theory isn’t exactly a current events item, but it’s discussed often enough in present day discourse that I feel it warrants an entire post. For those ravenously craving current events topics, you’ll have to forgive me for taking us back to the realm of ideas.

I always get frustrated when people talk about “where natural rights come from.” As per usual in American politics, there seems to be two ideological camps on this one, and both I think have it wrong. Liberals–many of whom love taking God out of any possible equation–assert that natural rights come from man, while Conservatives generally argue that natural rights come from God.

I’m sorry, but natural rights come from neither God nor man. Refuting the man-given → Read More

The War on Drugs: Should we admit defeat?


There’s a lot of talk lately about the War on Drugs. Both Ted and I wrote articles about it, and both of our articles gave mention to a recent international panel that was convened to assess the effectiveness of the War on Drugs. Just the other day, my other esteemed colleague, Larry, wrote a piece about Operation Fast and Furious, a completely abject failure in said war, and the subject of legalization came up.

If human nature was such that the people at large could control themselves and not allow drugs to destroy their lives, then yes, legalization might work. The efficacy of legalization also hinges on human nature being less violently competitive. But because humans seem to have a habit of forming addictions, → Read More

Ideological Inconsistency: Representation in American Government


I frequent Crooks and Liars nearly every day, sometimes to my benefit, but more often than not to my great detriment. Apparently, Crooks and Liars is the second most clicked-on Liberal website on the net, so I guess that means I’m getting the “mainstream” liberal sentiment there.

There are some smart people on Crooks and Liars. Many of them are very well educated, and I’m guessing that a lot of them likely have graduate degrees. For all that education and wealth of knowledge, most of them lack two important things: consistency and philosophical basics. That’s a fairly tall charge on my part, one man calling into question the intelligence of all of them, but I’ll use only one specific example to prove my point. → Read More

The NY Special Election: Budget Referrendum? Survey says . . .



The Democrats seem to be taking this whole special election in NY as a huge victory for them. They’re claiming that this is a referrendum on the Republican budget plan, specifically the proposed Medicare solution from which many Republicans are trying to distance themselves.

When you look at the results of the election however, this election is clearly not a mandate and is politics as usual. All you need to do is look at the percentages. Kathy Hochul received only 47% of the vote over Jane Corwin’s 43%. Where did the other 9% of the vote go? It went to a third-party Tea Party candidate.

My reasoning should seem clear at this point, but in case it hasn’t I won’t leave it at → Read More

Obama and Israel: The Political Perspective

I heard Obama’s speech on my car radio when I was listening to NPR on my lunch break, and when he dropped his Israel bomb I already knew the reaction that he would receive from the conservative world. Many of you have expressed deep reservations–at times even anger or disbelief–about this new policy direction, and I understand that. On the surface, it looks like Obama is abandoning Israel as our ally and taking the side of the Palestinians. Some of you have hinted, others have plainly asserted, that Obama hates Israel, wishes to see it destroyed, and is serving his “Arab masters.” There is also talk that this policy stance will somehow induce more violence in the region in the form of all-out war. → Read More