So God Made a Lawyer


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted here (a long, long story I choose not to tell), but I put together a short Youtube audio I thought the readership here would get a kick out of. It’s based on an old story called “So God Made a Farmer,” which Dodge used in a Super Bowl commercial last month. It came to mind because I took my family to a breakfast hosted by local farmers last Saturday, and they had the story printed on the paper placemats. Anyhow, as one who is focusing his blogging increasingly on the legal industry, I was motivated to extend the story to lawyers. I hope you enjoy!

And on the 8th day God looked down on → Read More

A Sad Farewell


I have been contributing here at Political Realities for over a year and a half, and it has been a wonderful experience. Larry invited me in part because I am a libertarian, and he wanted some different perspectives on this predominately conservative site. So I have focused my political writing on subjects where libertarians and conservatives differ to provoke debate, and the readership here has not disappointed! Through excellent debate I have learned a great deal from those who have commented on my pieces, and I am honored that you took time out of your life to read them.

But this is my last post at Political Realities (at least for a while), and it is part of a larger restructuring of my life. → Read More

Swing State Ohio and the “I Don’t Care” Election (Conclusion)


Yesterday I began this article with anecdotal observations that the state of Ohio—a crucial “swing state” in which voters are typically engaged politically—seems to have checked out of politics this year.

So why have Ohioans have become so disengaged with politics?

I believe the answer is that Ohioans are fed up with the Democratic and Republican parties and their utterly worthless (or worse) candidates. Let’s do a quick rundown.

For president we have a failed extreme leftist president squaring off against a former failed Governor with no principles, plan, or message, other than to increase the deficit, treat gays as second-class citizens, and invade Iran. The third candidate, Governor Gary Johnson, has been stifled by the media and most polling outlets, and I can → Read More

Swing State Ohio and the “I Don’t Care” Election

Political signs are a rare sight in Ohio this election cycle.

Political signs are a rare sight in Ohio this election cycle.

Ohio has long been known as a “swing state” in American electoral politics, and for good reason; throughout much of the state the average Democrat is a conservative Christian gun owner who supports unions, while the average Republican is a conservative Christian gun owner who may or may not. But while the distinction between the two major parties may be remarkably thin in the Buckeye State (even more so than nationwide), the loyalty tends to be as hot as for the local high school football team, but it’s a pretty even split.But this year—with control of the White House and Congress on the line—the response in Ohio has been, well, crickets chirping. → Read More

The Republican Convention and the Primaries that Never Happened

Republicans who have gone to the Convention have wasted their time and money. They don't matter.

Republicans who have gone to the Convention have wasted their time and money. They don’t matter.

The Republican Convention continues today in Tampa, and it is a three-ring circus that is a testament to how far America has fallen. Paul Ryan will be nominated as Vice President, even though not a single Republican cast a vote for the career politician and budget-buster with a resume that makes Barack Obama look experienced. Sad to say, it is a farce to say we have a representative Republic.

But what about Mitt Romney? Was he “elected” to be the Republican nominee? He has had the money and the media behind him—along with the pollsters and other accoutrements of being the establishment favorite. → Read More

On My Mother’s Name, I’m Done With Democrats and Republicans


This post has been a long time in the making. Years ago I abandoned our two major parties for the Libertarian Party, but have left the door open for a Big Two candidate to earn my vote if they could. In this particular presidential election, I want to note that I was a vociferous opponent of Barack Obama long before most Americans had heard his name, and he has been worse than even I had feared.

But in spite of years of failed leadership and philosophically leaky administration (to be polite), the GOP has given us . . . Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan as the option??? Yikes.

So on Saturday I made a solemn vow on my mother’s memory that I would never vote for → Read More

Paul Ryan as VP Candidate Ends Romney’s Presidential Aspirations

Paul Ryan

When Congressman Paul Ryan’s name surfaced as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney surfaced I thought to myself “that would end Mitt Romney’s chances at becoming president.” As many of you may know, I am a harsh critic of Ryan’s record.

Lest you think I am alone in this conclusion, when he was introduced as the GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Facebook immediately lit up with commentary blasting the choice (for a great many excellent reasons). One such person was Roger Stone, a political consultant who has worked with every Republican presidential candidate from Nixon to McCain (he has given up on the GOP as hopeless)—and in every Republican administration during that period:

Paul Ryan. Smart guy. Too easily caricatured. Not electable. GOP death → Read More

The Baby Formula Nazis Cometh

Dad with son, March 2007

Dad with son, March 2007

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched his most recent assault on people with his new program called “Latch on NYC.” Under the program baby formula will be sequestered in hospitals, and new mothers will have to give a sufficient reason for not breastfeeding to be allowed access to formula. Call it an addition to the lengthy list of reasons I hope I never set foot in the Big Apple again.

This is a personal issue with me, and perhaps the story of my son’s birth will help explain why.

My wife and I decided to start a family rather late in our productive years (38). I was in my office in downtown Miami when she called to → Read More

Happy 100th, Milton Friedman!


If Milton Friedman were alive, today would be his 100th birthday. Normally I would post this tribute on Thursday (my economics day), but given the president’s recent scandalous (and patently absurd) “you didn’t build that” comment, I decided to share this video of Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman debating capitalism with Phil Donahue on my politics day because Dr. Friedman explicitly refutes Obama’s comments, using Alfred Einstein and Henry Ford as examples.

Ever since the country began its statist drift around the turn of the century, I have been amazed how we are heading back toward the 1970s—precisely the wrong direction as Dr. Friedman noted while he was still alive. How I wish I could get this video into President Obama’s head!

Anyhow, I have → Read More

How the Republicrats Use Polls to Maintain the Political Duopoly

CNN Blackout

Anyone who follows American politics understands that we have a political duopoly, with very little difference between the two major parties. For example, the House of Representatives controls the purse strings, and yet deficits have continued to grow even after the GOP took control of the House a year and a half ago with the promise of fiscal responsibility.

Consequently, Congress has a well-deserved approval rating of 17% (although it should be 0%), and more Americans call themselves political independents than identify with either of the major parties. (Anecdotally, my oldest brother was a lifelong Republican and is a 15 year resident of Wisconsin, and recently gave up on the GOP because of Governor Scott Walker’s iron boot politics that my brother describes as → Read More

Why Are Conservative Christians Opposed to Marriage Equality?


At first blush, many readers will wonder why I am asking a question for which the answer is so blindingly obvious. Yes, I understand that homosexuality is a sin forbidden in several places in the Bible. But that doesn’t fully answer the question. (I know this is a theological question, but it has political implications. That’s the direction I’m ultimately heading.)

The reason I say the question isn’t fully answered is because is there are several Christian denominations that perform same sex marriage ceremonies, and the Episcopalian Church leaves the decision to individual Bishops. These theologians would not perform such a ceremony if they them to be sinful. So apparently there is a dispute among Christian religious thinkers as to whether homosexuality is a → Read More

Romney Is Running a Worse Campaign than McCain


Given Obama’s extremely poor record over the last 3-1/2 years, this should be an easy election for a Republican to win. But Mitt Romney has had tremendous difficulty putting any polling distance between himself and the president. The reason? He’s running an absolutely dreadful campaign.

Conservative HQ recently did an informal poll asking its readers to rate Romney’s campaign, and here were the top two choices:

45% Bad so far—but salvageable. He can still win against Obama if he shapes up.

29% Very bad—he’s giving President Obama a victory he shouldn’t have.

That means nearly 1/3 of the conservative readers are convinced that Romney has botched his campaign so badly that he has already handed Obama victory even with unemployment at 8.2%.

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Republicrats Commit Highway Robbery—Again


I spent the majority of last week in the north woods of Michigan at the family retreat that my father has put up for sale. It was a wonderful but sad time reliving my carefree youth with my father, brothers, son, and nephew.

One of the main reasons it remains a place of relaxation is that cell phone and internet access are sporadic at best, so it’s one of the last places I know of where you can truly “check out” from the real world (whatever that might be), and truly connect with family and nature.

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and when I returned to the “real” world, the very first bit of news I encountered was an → Read More