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Anthony Weiner Needs You To Ignore Him

Anthony Weiner is a tired man.  He is exhausted from having to keep his public persona one step ahead of his personal life.  But you understand the exhaustion is exhilarating to him.  He needs public notoriety in order to gratify and feed his bizarre impulses that consume him.

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He’ll lie, cheat, manipulate and even grovel if he must to remain relevant.  He’ll use his wife as a human shield and will think nothing about publicly humiliating her over and over.

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Anthony Weiner is the type of man to Google his own name and count the search numbers.  He’ll do it again the next day and note the changes.  Depending on the rise or fall of those numbers determines his mood.

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Anthony Weiner is the type of man to create online nicknames for seedy chat rooms to see what some may be saying about him.  If the conversation isn’t raw enough, Anthony will chime in to get the conversation moving.  He may even recommend his favorite Weiner photo to elicit feedback.

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And those pictures?  He’s proud of them.   Sure it is unfortunate they got out beyond his base, but it was a small price to pay if millions now know what he looks like shirtless with an erection.  Men like Weiner will take anything they can get.  Get the guy drunk and he’d brag about his good fortune.

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Anthony Weiner is the type of man who can take a painful public flogging and come back for more.  Not because he is brave or stubborn or relentless, but because he is sick, simple, and small.  He owns nothing.  He has no talents to speak of, nothing to offer anyone, and wouldn’t offer it if he did.

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What Weiner put his wife and himself through would be enough to drive any man to seclusion or worse.  Not Anthony.  The whole thing was flattering and he never considered for a moment that his public life was over.  He’s incapable of that.  In fact, the thought of being deprived of the public is the only thing that would trouble him, the only thing that would pull at his emotions.  It’s the only thing that would keep him up at night staring a hole through his ceiling.

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Weiner’s addiction to the public is similar to one’s addiction to crack.  Take an addict’s shoes away, and he’ll consider it a setback.  After all, he can still walk and can still find crack.  Take away his crack, and he’ll become a raging mania, then ill and depressed.  Even though it would be the best thing for him, the addiction is too strong.  He’ll sink to the lowest lows if he can only have access to his drug.

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Anthony Weiner is the type of man who will ask for a second chance seventy times seven.  Not because he is sorry, but because he was caught.  Not because of his conscience, he doesn’t need your forgiveness for his own sake; he needs your charity.  Weiner will not think twice to use the decency of others against them.  He’s a common conman.  Worse, he’s a sociopath, a narcissistic predator who should be kept far away from any public office and any position of influence over others.

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Anthony Weiner is the type of man who would give your wife the creeps.  You wouldn’t let him babysit your children or be around your teenage daughter.  If that isn’t plain enough, consider that Weiner actually brings shame to an already shameful profession.  He made his fellow House members blush.

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In spite of all these things, Anthony Weiner is beating the campaign trail, asking for that second chance, asking for forgiveness.  He is telling everyone that those things are behind him, and that there is more to Anthony Weiner than sex messages and lewd photos.  He’s a man with wonderful intentions; yet flawed like the rest of us.

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Anthony Weiner is no riddle.  He’s a joke.  He’s not complex.  He’s a reptile.  That’s all anyone needs to know about Anthony Weiner.

Anthony Weiner doesn’t care about being Mayor of New York.  He has no vision.  It is all a means to an end for him.  He’s been without his drug for too long.  He’s chasing after another fix.

For the sake of his life, his marriage, his young child, and the next obscure, future Facebook cutie to receive an autographed picture of his penis, someone needs to tell Anthony Weiner to stop.

The man doesn’t need support.  He needs an intervention.


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  • Great post and thank you for your service. I think you are spot on, he needs and craves the attention and he just cannot live without it.

    • JasonBradley

      Thank you Steve, it was my pleasure.

      The guy really does have a problem and arrogance and narcissistic behavior he is showing on the campaign is below, I think, even a NYC mayoral race!

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  • Anthony Weiner is a sick individual and the last person that should be seeking public support for any kind of public office. I heard him on the radio the other day, as he was trying to justify his continued campaign. His arrogance and audacity amazed me.

    • JasonBradley

      he’s delusional like most in his condition are. yet people who supposedly care for him allow him to go out and harm himself. power and greed…must be tough.

  • I don’t care about Weiner but I like this blog layout a LOT better!

    • Thanks, Fred. I am trying to make Political Realities as user friendly as possible. Disqus really fits into place with this layout. Now, if I can just get the importing of previous comments to queue up and finish, it will be perfect.