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ldjackson22Blogging is one thing I didn’t think I would ever be interested in, but I have to admit I enjoy sharing my thoughts. The topics may be serious or light hearted, at times. I am not so much interested in politics as I am concerned about the direction our great country is headed. To be honest, I think both political parties share the blame in this. It may not be equal blame, but there is plenty of blame to go around. There is always plenty of current events to write about, especially with Barack Obama in the White House as our country’s first African American President.

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What I write is always my opinion of how things are and I understand I may not always have it right. I do have a sense of fair play about me and that is why I try to treat the politicians I disagree with fairly with my writing, even when I am disagreeing with them. I suppose you could say I want to treat them better than they treated George W. Bush and at least give them a chance to do their jobs.

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I suppose that is one reason why I may come across as somewhat of a moderate when I write. Even though I was not blogging at the time, I spent eight years of watching and listening as the liberal Democrats took every opportunity to bash and otherwise poke and prod our President. By doing so, they showed the ultimate disrepect to the highest office in our country.

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Make no mistake, I am a conservative, and I find myself becoming increasingly so as I watch the direction our country is being taken by President Obama and the rest of the liberal Democrats. That is not the direction I wish to see America go and I intend to state that on this blog. Indeed, this is the Political Realities we are seeing in our country right now.

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