New York Government Tries To Force Christian Farmers To House Same-Sex Marriage

Liberty Ridge Farm

We have covered this issue before on Political Realities. Our government seems insistent on forcing the homosexual agenda down our throats at a rapid pace. We have seen this happen, time after time. Homosexual couples want to get married. They then proceed to accost Christian business owners, attempting to force them to participate in their perverted version of marriage, providing services to a wedding they can not agree with, in good conscience. We are told that this is not really happening, but OK Politechs has a list of several times this has happened. We can now add one more instance of Christian business owners being sued, fined, and otherwise punished for acting on their beliefs. It comes to us from New York.

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Bill Whittle – Ferguson And The Real Race War

Bill Whittle - Firewall

I never cease to be amazed at how Bill Whittle is able to cut to the chase of any issue. He is a master at digging through the mud and dirt and reaching the crux of any situation. In other words, the truth.

Such is the case with the recent riots, looting, and otherwise all kinds of mayhem in Ferguson, MO. After the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, it began to look as if the Trayvon Martin affair was finally being eclipsed by something more sinister and nefarious. While that may be the case, it is also true that the aftermath of the death of Michael Brown had little to do with the actual shooting, or the facts of how this young → Read More

Liberals Focus On Conservative Money, Ignore George Soros

George Soros

This is not something new. Liberals are fond of pointing out everything they perceive conservatives are doing wrong, but conveniently ignore the “sins” that are glaringly apparent in their own backyard. This is especially true since the Citizens United decision was handed down by the Supreme Court. It chaps liberal skins all the way from Washington, down to the state and local level. They can’t stand it because they don’t have access to the information that would tell them who is spending how much in each election cycle.

Now, these liberals would have us believe that allowing outside groups to spend more money to promote the issues that are important to them has been bad for our system of elections. Countless studies have been performed, → Read More

ISIS Sends Obama a Message. Obama Goes Golfing [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES]


How many more Americans and others will die before Obama gets serious about this plague of evil?

You may have heard the usual litany from those who want us to refrain from acting to counter the ISIS monsters currently on a killing spree in Iraq and Syria. It’s none of our business they say when Christians and Yazidis are slaughtered in a genocidal rampage.

James Wright Foley is the first American to fall victim to this plague of evil. He was beheaded in a gruesome video (WARNING GRAPHIC). I challenge those who say we should not do anything to counter ISIS to watch that video and realize that unless we stop these monsters they will be coming here to the U.S. Notice that the killer → Read More

Officer Darren Wilson – Tried And Convicted Before The Facts Are Known

Governor Jay Nixon

I did not intend to write about what is happening in Ferguson, MO so soon, but this question needs to be asked. Why has Officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot Michael Brown, already being tried and convicted before the full facts are known about what happened on August 9? No, a trial has not been conducted, but a grand jury will soon be convened. No, Officer Darren Wilson has not sat in a trial before a jury of his peers, but he has already been convicted in the court of public opinion. That public opinion seems to run as high as the Governor of Missouri.

You can watch the video of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s statement below, but let me include a quote of → Read More

Has Barack Obama Made #Ferguson Worse?


I have yet to write about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, for one simple reason. I have not felt like wading into the mud that seems to be getting thicker every day. Even with Missouri National Guard now helping the Missouri Highway Patrol police the area, Monday night was still dangerous on the streets in Ferguson. Dozens were arrested and two people were shot by the protestors. We do not know how this is going to end up, but I believe I can safely say, it will not be good.

Simply put, the situation in Ferguson is a total mess. There is no real reason for it, even if it comes out that the officer had no real reason to shoot → Read More

As Facts Emerge, Shooting in #Ferguson Takes on Different Look

race card

Not that this will make the slightest difference to those intent on looting, violence or promoting a political agenda!

UPDATE: Attorney General Holder sends 40 FBI Agents to Ferguson to investigate! Meanwhile, in Chicago last weekend 7 were killed and 28 wounded in shootings. No FBI to track down their killers.

UPDATE 2: More than a dozen witnesses support police version of events. Audio of radio caller gives Policeman Darren Wilson version.

UPDATE 3: Democrats erect voter registration booth near Brown Memorial. Tell me this isn’t all about politics!

Autopsy results as well as other information have come out in the past few days that paint a different story from the one being promoted in much of the media. I’ll → Read More

From The EPA - Shame On Texas For Polluting Illinois

EPA Texas

Some things defy reasonable explanation. In the vernacular from the Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas region, that means some things just don’t make sense. Such is the case with the latest from the wonderful government agency charged with making sure you and I do not kill our planet with pollution. I really thought they could get no worse than trying to regulate runoff water from rainfall or bovine flatulence, but the EPA may have just outdone themselves. They are accusing Texas of polluting Illinois. Go figure that one out. Now that you have picked your jaw up off the floor, let us examine, as best we can, this latest batch of stupidity from the halls of big government.

The EPA has the authority, as granted to → Read More

ObamaCare May Not Raise Enough Money To Pay For Itself

Affordable Care Act

Again this morning, I want to pivot away from Israel, Hamas, and the rest of the world that is in turmoil because of Islamic terrorists. Instead, I want to focus on another of President Obama’s prime achievements. According to him, that is. I would be speaking about ObamaCare. It is the monstrous legislation that only exists because the Democrats rammed it down our throats and Chief Justice John Roberts changed Webster’s Dictionary so he could vote to uphold the tax/penalty. I believe there is ample proof that the bill is a disaster. Nothing in it has worked as designed. From the website down to the tiniest detail, it is a colossal failure. And that’s before it is even fully implemented yet.

There were two main → Read More

Pope Francis Calls for Stronger Action in Iraq Than Obama!

Pope Francis

At least the Pope understands the grave nature of the crisis and understands the need for concrete action not talk!

As he does in so much else Obama continues to dither on what to do about the unfolding genocide in Iraq. His confused policy of limited air strikes, which even his own Pentagon spokesman admits won’t stop ISIS is an embarrassment.

By contrast Pope Francis speaks with absolute clarity. In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon concludes:

The violent attacks that are sweeping across Northern Iraq cannot but awaken the consciences of all men and women of goodwill to concrete acts of solidarity by protecting those affected or threatened by violence and assuring the necessary and urgent assistance for the many displaced people → Read More

Obama's Economy - Not So Much Of A Recovery

Obama's Economy

This is somewhat off the beaten path of the news that is garnering more attention, but it is more than newsworthy. Every once in a while, it helps to insert a dose of reality into the rhetoric that we hear every day. Such is the case with what some people call the Obama economy. Mr. “I won the election” President likes to tout his economic achievements, telling us constantly how the economy has recovered. Of course, that only started taking place after he finally ran out of excuses to blame President Bush. At any rate, he has no problems reminding us of the recovery we are in. Trouble is, the reality tells us Obama’s economic recovery isn’t so much of a recovery. Even President Obama’s → Read More

Freedom From Religion Foundation - How Far Will They Go In Their Attack On Christianity?

Freedom From Religion Foundation

I know this isn’t a popular view to hold in today’s America, but it seems to me religion is under an ever-increasing pressure and attack in America. Specifically, Christians are under attack. I know some atheists will deny that statement, but I believe it can be upheld by looking at the facts. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is running rampant with the lawsuits it is filing. Not necessarily in this order or in order of importance, the FFRF has decided the IRS hasn’t been doing its due diligence when it comes to policing churches. They also have decided that a discount being offered at Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, NC was violating someone’s civil rights. You see, the diner gave everyone who prayed over → Read More

Chris Christie And Barack Obama - Two Peas In A Pod

Chris Christie w/Obama

There will always be questions that beg to be pondered. We could start with two that are similar in comparison. Why does President Obama not make the small effort it would take to use his influence with the Mexican government to free U.S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been sitting in a Mexican jail for almost five months. His plight seems to be on the ignore list for the Obama administration. Nary a word from a President who bragged that we did not leave our people behind when he was espousing the virtues of trading five Taliban prisoners for Bowe Bergdahl. The man is likely a deserter from the United States Army, but President Obama moved a lot of hell and high water to → Read More