Liberals Lie About CDC And Ebola Vaccine

CDC Funding

Well, I guess there is one thing you can say about liberals. They are consistent in their agenda, working at every turn to achieve what they want. That consistency also requires them to lie to the American people, which they are more than a little adept at. The latest of these lies has to do with the reason an Ebola vaccine is not available. The fact that I am not surprised that they are blaming it on the Republican Party and their efforts to cut spending speaks volumes. The only thing that does surprise me is that they haven’t tried to blame it on George W. bush. But, I suspect that is coming in a few days.

To what am I referring, you → Read More

Judicial Supremacy - Should We Stand Down And Let It Rule The Land?

Judicial Supremacy

There seems to be more than a little confusion about a trend we see developing across America. That trend is the false theory that the Judicial Branch is superior to the other two branches that make up the government of the United States. This trend is not one that has just cropped up out of nowhere. Instead, it has been in the works for decades. Once the Supreme Court rules, everyone just bows down and accepts what they have ruled as gospel. Never mind how nonsensical the ruling may be. We need to keep something in mind. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the Judicial Branch, but that does not mean they are the last word on any given issue. Here is → Read More

Same-Sex Marriage Approved By The Courts - What Is Next?

Supreme Court Marriage Test

By now, most of us know the United States Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of states like Oklahoma, who have legally banned same-sex marriage by a vote of the people. It seems to matter little what the people of our individual states want, the courts seem to determined to push this perversion upon us all. The agenda of the militant homosexuals is marching ahead nicely, at least for them. The rest of us may be destined to stare their perverted choice of sexual lifestyle in the face for the rest of our days.

Looking back in time, it was not so long ago that the homosexual lifestyle was looked upon as perverted. None of the glamor that we see associated with → Read More

Here's All You Need to Know About Senate Dems Up for Re-Election: They ALL Support Obama!

Murdock, 2014-10-10, graph

Despite the fact they are all trying to tell you something different, their records speak for themselves!

Deroy Murdock at National Review Online has quotes from vulnerable Senate Democrats up for re-election. To a man, or woman, they all make a similar weasley claim to be independent, even critical of Obama. Yet when it comes time to cast their vote in the U.S. Senate they march in lockstep with Obama and Harry Reid.

This chart says it all:

And while these Dems try and claim this election isn’t about Obama, Obama said it was:

“I am not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them,” Obama → Read More

With Friends Like These.... Michelle Obama Repeatedly Screws Up Name of Iowa Senate Candidate


And they called George W. Bush a dunce?

Barack Obama’s not welcome in Iowa where the Democrat, a Congressman, pretends he’s got nothing to do with the current mess in Washington. But he’s in a close race, with a Republican challenger who happens to be a woman (imagine that!) so he calls in Michelle Obama for help. Michelle arrives, stands in front of a HUGE sign bearing the candidates name and repeatedly (not once, not twice, not three, not four… I lost count) mispronounces the candidates name. Watch:

Joni Ernst, the Republican challenger, a woman, grandmother, Iraq War veteran and hog farmer has a slight lead in the polls. Michelle’s performance might just put her over the top!

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Mapping Obama's Failure in Syria and Iraq


Pinprick bombing does little to stop ISIS!

As a follow up to this earlier post we have these two charts from the BBC showing the intensity of U.S. airstrikes against ISIS:

Hardly a shock and awe bombing campaign it’s been called “shock and yawn.” Contrast the above with more serious U.S. war efforts in the past where hundreds of strikes would take place in the first few days of an air campaign. Is it any wonder this air campaign is having little effect? Analysis by the Associated Press concludes that Obama’s strategy has “hardly dented the core of the Islamic State group’s territory.”

This week the Pentagon predicts that ISIS will take control of the Syrian city of Khobani putting tens of thousands of → Read More

The Lies Of The Obama Administration Continue

Obama's Lies

By my count, we have about 27 months remaining of the most open, honest, and transparent administration in American history. That is President Obama’s description, not mine. In January 2017, he will leave the White House and his successor, whomever that may turn out to be, will take over. The history of the Obama administration will begin to be written and only time will tell how it will be described. It is almost guaranteed that his Nobel Peace Prize will be mentioned. I’m still unable to wrap my head around that one, but I guess that’s because my conservative mind just can’t grasp the liberal lunacy of awarding someone who has virtually no experience with the Nobel Peace Prize.

It really does remain to → Read More

ObamaCare To Force Thousands Out of Health Care Plans With New Cancellations

ObamaCare Cancellations

If I had the time to do so, I could point you to countless posts, both on this blog and on others, warning Americans of the “unintended” consequences of the monstrosity known as ObamaCare. The biggest consequence came in direct contradiction of the lie repeated, ad nauseam, by President Obama that if you liked your health care plan or your doctor, you could keep your health care plan and doctor. That has already been proven to be false, but as I write this post, there are plans to make it even more so. Thirteen states and the District of Columbia will be announcing shortly that the health care plans they offer, that do not meet the “high standards” of ObamaCare, will be canceled.

You → Read More

Kentucky Christian Business Owner Ordered To Attend Diversity Training

Hands On Originals

Once again, we have the militant homosexual crowd winning their fight against Christian business owners. For me, I fail understand why they insist on trying to do business with businesses who clearly stand against their homosexual agenda. The only legitimate reason would be to push said homosexual agenda and force their twisted and perverted choice of sexual lifestyle onto the rest of America. Here are the particulars of this specific case.

Hands On Originals is a Christian business that makes T-shirts and other apparel. In 2012, the LGBT organization in Lexington, Kentucky wanted to purchase T-shirts to promote a gay pride event in Lexington. Instead of choosing a business that would not care to print the T-shirts, they chose Hands On Originals. The owners → Read More

The Federal Debt Is Alive And Kicking

Federal Debt

It has been some time since this topic has been discussed. You see, 2014 has been a year of changed focus. Much of the year has gone by with us focused on the very real threat of Islamic terrorists who seek to do us harm. And on the rest of the Middle East, Israel, Palestine, etc. Ebola has commandeered its fair share of news coverage with the deaths it has caused and even coming to the United States, and rightfully so. All of these are serious issues that need to be discussed. They affect each and every one of us. But in changing the focus of our attention, something has been lost in the shuffle. The federal debt is still alive and kicking.

Oh, → Read More

Bill Whittle – A Beheading In Oklahoma

Bill Whittle - Firewall

There is not a lot I can add to the latest Firewall from Bill Whittle. Suffice it to say that, once again, he has hit the nail on the head. His description of the beheading that took place in Moore, Oklahoma and why it is being labeled as “workplace violence”, instead of terrorism, is completely accurate of how the Obama administration has conducted itself over the past six years. Couple that with the refusal of the mainstream media to report the news, instead of repressing it, and you have the obvious.

We are seeing an America that is rapidly being overwhelmed by a wave of political correctness that refuses to call a spade a spade, or describe evil as evil. No wonder so many → Read More

Amnesty Is Coming

President Obama Amnesty

If there is one thing that can always be depended on, it is this fact. Liberals never lose sight of their goals. They may hide those goals from the American public and they may have to delay them until the time is right, but they are always focused on getting what they want. It has served them well for decades. Thus, we see the changes they have brought to our country reaching fruition. They have slowly, surely been changing America, and not for the better, for a very long time. Just so you know, in case you don’t realize it by now, President Obama is one of those liberals and he hasn’t lost sight of his goals.

What do you suppose are those goals? → Read More

Secret Service Not So Protective

Secret Service

Everyone is familiar with this sight. Men and women in professional looking suits, dark sunglasses, and a cord coming out of their suit jacket to a communication device in their ear. And if you look closely, you may see a suspicious looking bulge on their hip or under their arm. That would be the weapons they are carrying to make sure the people they are protecting are safe and sound. We’ve all seen the sight on the news and on movies. These are the people of the Secret Service and they are charged with protecting the President of the United States and his family, as well as the Vice President and family and other high-ranking officials in the United States Government.

If there is → Read More