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Obama Caves To Environmental Groups, Keystone Pipeline Delayed Indefinitely

Running Out Clock On Keystone Pipeline

If you care to do so, you can search the posts I have previously written about the Keystone Pipeline. In doing so, you will find a common theme in them all. I have said all along that Keystone will never be approved while Barack Obama is President of the United States. My reasoning is simple. There are a few issues that Obama can not stray from. His ideology will not allow him to depart → Read More

More Proof That Lois Lerner Lied

Lois Lerner Lied

Hmmm, whatever in the world happened to “not a smidgen of corruption” in the story about the possible targeting of conservative groups by the IRS? Hasn’t Jay Carney and President Obama been telling us all along that this was a “non-story”, not a real scandal? As it turns out, more information is coming to light that tells us it is a real story, that there is, at least, a smidgen of corruption involved, no → Read More

Detroit - Should Federal Money Be Used To Bail Out Union Pensions?

Welcome to Detroit

This is a subject that is sure to be sore for a lot of people. From my observations, unions are usually loved or hated; there seems to be no in between. At issue is Detroit, MI and their financial failings, of which there are many. There are myriad of reasons why Detroit has filed bankruptcy and is no longer the city it once was. Many of those reasons can be traced directly back to → Read More

Feds Massive Overreaction at Bundy’s Nevada Ranch Makes Me Wonder What Obama Has in Store for the Rest of Us?


Specifically, why is the federal government buying billions of rounds of ammunition for domestic agencies?

Whatever you think about Cliven Bundy’s refusal to pay grazing fees on land his family has ranched on since 1880, did it really justify the government’s massive show of armed force at the Nevada ranch last week? Were hundreds of heavily armed officers, attack dogs, tasers and helicopters really necessary to round up a few hundred cattle or is → Read More

As Ukraine Crisis Escalates, Obama Losses Another Week of Opportunity to Avoid War


Instead, he devoted his time to start a range war in Nevada and a race war in New York!

Massive escalation of the crisis in Donetsk region of Ukraine over the weekend.

Obviously, Obama sanctions and statements have no effect. Details at the BBC.

Over the weekend Russia stepped on the gas in it’s plan to seize more of Ukraine. All of this was predicted, by me, after the seizure of Crimea. In a → Read More

IRS May Tax Work Perks

IRS Shakedown

Is there nothing sacred to the IRS? Is there nothing they will not pursue to make sure the federal government gets “their fair share” of taxes? Evidently not, for there is a new tactic they are looking at to make sure all taxes are paid. Has your employer ever provided you with a free lunch or dinner? Are there any other perks they provide to show you they appreciate your hard work? If so, → Read More

Sharyl Attkisson – Obama’s Aggressive Campaign To Shut Down Journalists

Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson is a journalist who was formerly with CBS. She no longer resides with that network because she felt the network was not defending some of the stories she ran that were critical of President Obama and his administration. Funny thing, that. Coming from the man who declared his administration would be the most open and transparent in American history. As it turns out, that is not so much the case. Especially when → Read More

United Nations Cries Wolf On Climate Change

Global Warming Myth

As if this will come as a surprise to anyone, but the United Nations is once again crying wolf about climate change. I suppose you have to give them credit for effort, but it’s clear they are not about to give up their mantra that climate change is real and brought on by global warming. Never mind that the Earth warms and cools in cycles that can be tracked, if only they would → Read More

T.W. Shannon – Don’t Be Bullied By Obama Administration, We Are Citizens, Not Subjects

T.W. Shannon

T.W. Shannon is making waves as he runs for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Tom Coburn. He started off behind James Lankford, in terms of name recognition, but he is rapidly closing that gap. In this interview on Fox and Friends, he addresses the actions and words of Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama. It’s not at all hard to see exactly why so many Oklahomans like T.W. Shannon.

The main → Read More

President Obama – More Lies About Voter ID And Voting Rights

President Obama/Al Sharpton

This really should be classified under “more of the same” from President Obama. Anyone who is surprised that he is going on the attack against GOP efforts to require identification before a person can cast a vote can not have paid attention for the past five years. The man is falling back on one of his favorite tactics. When in doubt, accuse your opponents of something and let the media help you make → Read More

Eric Holder – When In Doubt, Act Like A Thug And Play The Race Card

Eric Holder-President Obama Race Card

Eric Holder is one of those people who are so predictable, it’s stopped being fun trying to “guess” what he will do. Whenever he is confronted by his transgressions, of which there are many, he always plays the race card. We all know how he crossed verbal swords with Louie Gohmert. When faced with the truth about his actions from the Texas Representative, Holder warned him “you don’t want to go there, buddy”. → Read More

Elijah Cummings – Who Does He Think He is?

Elijah Cummings

If you have paid attention to the news, you know the investigation into the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups is still ongoing. In spite of the efforts by Elijah Cummings to hinder the investigation at every turn, as well as the loud protestations of liberals and progressives that this is nothing more than a witch hunt, a true scandal does exist. Darrell Issa has uncovered ample evidence, much more than a mere suggestion, → Read More

Big Government Is Not Just In Washington – The Case of Andy And Ceil Barrie And Eminent Domain

Barrie Eminent Domain

If you have read even just a few of the posts we have on Political Realities, you will know one of the things that we rail against the most is the overreach of the federal government. I, as well as most of my coauthors, believe the federal government has far overstepped its boundaries, as established by the United States Constitution. The people in Washington, D.C. that run our government need to be reined → Read More